Best Shopify clothing themes for fashion stores

Best Shopify clothing themes for fashion stores
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Choosing the right Shopify theme for a clothing store is more than just finding a beautiful design – it’s also about getting product and conversion-focused features and excellent performance.

However, the market is filled with themes claiming to be the best for fashion brands. So, to help you make the right decision, we tested over 50 themes created specifically for clothing.

In this article, you’ll find the best Shopify themes for clothing stores in terms of features, performance, reviews, and more – tested and reviewed.

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Top 13 Shopify themes for clothing stores

As promised, here’s our shortlist of the best Shopify themes for the fashion industry:

  1. Booster – feature-rich Shopify theme with 40+ marketing tools
  2. Mavon – versatile and modern theme that caters to the needs of online stores
  3. Blum – fashionable, quick-setup theme made for exceptional experiences
  4. Avone – clothing store theme that’s rich in features
  5. Ella – multipurpose Shopify theme for clothing that’s beloved by thousands

We tested more than 50 themes focused on clothing brands and their features, price, and rating. Our ranking also depended on the PageSpeed Insights performance score, which measures the performance of a page from 0 (poor) to 100 (good) based on different metrics, including Core Web Vitals. With all that in mind, here are all 13 Shopify themes ranked based on our evaluations:

1. Booster – best Shopify theme for clothing stores

Booster shopify theme banner




$248/year or $398 one-time

Performance score:


Try theme:

Booster is the best Shopify theme for clothing stores because it’s performance-oriented and has over 40+ conversion-optimized marketing tools. The feature variety ensures you won’t have to fill up your website with additional third-party apps that slow down your website.

This theme is very highly flexible, and you get a lot of options when it comes to different layout elements.

booster shopify theme product page demo

Some of Booster’s features include:

  • Mega menu
  • Multiple swatch options
  • Recently bought notifications
  • Facebook messenger chat
  • Promotion timer
  • Optimized product filtering
  • GDPR cookie bar
  • Currency converter
  • Conversion-focused features, such as people watching, upsell pop ups, stock left bar, delivery estimator, dynamic checkout, and more

In terms of performance, an example website of Booster received a 99 PageSpeed Insights score on desktop and 92 on mobile, making it a great catch.

Overall, if there’s one Shopify theme that truly includes everything, it’s Booster. While the price tag is hefty, it’s completely fair considering it eliminates the need to buy many additional apps for your store.

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2. Mavon –  versatile and modern theme for online stores

Mavon shopify theme




From $280

Performance score:


Try theme:

Mavon is a versatile and modern Shopify theme that caters to clothing brands. It ensures high speeds, focuses on conversion rates, offers flexibility, and reduces the number of additional apps you may need.

The theme has a 100% positive rating on the Shopify theme store and costs you nothing until you publish the website, letting you explore if it’s the right option for you for as long as you wish.

Mavon shopify theme screenshot

Some of the main features of Mavon include:

  • Lookbooks
  • Color swatches
  • Product reviews
  • Unlimited free trial
  • In-store pickups
  • Feature collection
  • Shop look slider
  • Shop the look feature
  • Logo list

As for performance, expect a high score on the desktop website. The demo store of Mavon received a 93 score on PageSpeed Insights.

To summarize, with its user-friendly interface and advanced features, the Mavon theme is great for both big and small clothing businesses. It’s even great as a theme for single-product stores.

3. Blum – mobile-optimized Shopify clothing theme

Blum shopify theme




From $170

Performance score:


Try theme:

Blum is a modern and mobile-first Shopify theme designed for fashion. If you're looking for a clean design that's easy to customize, super-fast, and has excellent support, Blum will be a great choice for your store.

The theme has 43 reviews which result in a 100% rating, ensuring it’s exactly what it claims to be. It’s also rich in features, including:

  • Quick setup
  • Sticky cart
  • Blogs
  • Product reviews
  • Countdown timer
  • Color swatches
  • Product videos
  • Mega menu

This theme also has an impressive page speed score on Google PageSpeed Insights – 96. Such a result ensures an excellent user experience for potential customers and better SEO.

To sum up, Blum is great for Shopify merchants who want to create a positive shopping experience for users on all devices, including mobile.

4. Avone – feature-packed Shopify theme for streetwear





Performance score:


Try theme:

Avone is a powerful and easy-to-use multipurpose Shopify theme with extensive functionality suitable for clothing brands. With over 1000 customization options, you can choose any style for a header, footer, typography, logos, colors, layouts, and more.

Flexibility is also reflected in product pages where you can add and rearrange blocks to your liking. You can make changes and see them immediately in real time using the Shopify theme customizer.

You definitely get your money’s worth thanks to the myriad of customization options and many useful eCommerce features, including:

  • Mobile-optimized design elements
  • Flexible layout sections
  • Built-in mega menu
  • Integrated mini shopping cart
  • Shopify theme customizer
  • Quick shop
  • Dynamic product labels

The performance score of the Avone theme is also great, coming at 97 on PageSpeed Insights. This helps create an excellent user experience for all potential buyers.

5. Ella – feature-rich Shopify theme for clothing brands





Performance score:


Try theme:

Ella is a Shopify theme for clothing stores that’s filled with useful features. This includes upsell and cross-sell elements, quick shop for easy checkout, and an effective “Before you leave” popup that lures customers back to the store with an enticing discount offer.

Plus, the theme is flexible and gives you enough design freedom to create a beautiful and highly functional online fashion store.

ella shopify fashion theme quick view feature demo

Some of Ella’s features include:

  • Lots of layout options
  • Quick shop
  • One-click checkout
  • Flexible sections
  • Sticky Add to Cart button
  • Multiple currencies
  • Newsletter popups

Plus, the performance score doesn’t disappoint. We tested Ella using PageSpeed Insights and found that it received a 96 result on desktop devices.

Contemporary, colorful, yet neat and organized – that’s probably the best way we can describe Ella. With 20+ gorgeous layouts, you’re bound to find a great design for your clothing store.

6. Multifly – lightweight yet flexible fashion store theme




From $89

Performance score:


Try theme:

Multifly offers customizable Shopify templates for your fashion store. With an in-built Shopify visual builder, you can make your own layout with no coding involved.

multifly shopify theme image with text overlay example

Plus, the theme has a high 98% rating on Trustpilot, with many reviews praising not just the theme but its amazing support team. It doesn’t lack features and includes some interesting ones, including:

  • Responsive layouts with all devices
  • Full customization of the entire store
  • Shopify visual builder
  • Color and size swatches
  • Dropshipping-ready theme
  • Google web fonts

Since Multifly demo stores are password protected, we couldn’t perform a PageSpeed Insights test. However, we couldn’t identify any comments complaining about the speed, and the providers promise perfect scores.

Overall, with its full flexibility in customization, Multifly is a great theme for building a unique store that would reflect your fashion brand.

7. Retina – luxurious Shopify theme perfect for fashion stores

Retina theme banner





Performance score:


Try theme:

Retina is a highly customizable Shopify theme with a lot of features focused on elevating your clothing brand and increasing sales. It’s also mobile-oriented, ensuring an excellent shopping experience on all devices.

By using the Shopify theme builder, with this theme, you can create a luxurious shopping experience that your customers will appreciate.

Retina Shopify theme colthing store example

With this theme, you can add beautifully made testimonial sections, features product callouts, back-in-store alerts, and other features. Some of the best features it has to offer include:

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Simple setup and customization
  • Quick buy
  • Back-in-store alerts
  • Promo banners and popups

However, according to our tests, the performance could use some improvements. We found that the performance score on PageSpeed Insights is 79.

With so much competition in the fashion industry, a professional theme like this can help you stand out, but keep in mind that you might need to optimize your store’s speed.

8. Responsive – minimal Shopify theme for trendy fashion brands

Responsive shopify theme banner





Performance score:


Try theme:

Responsive is a great Shopify theme for clothing brands that puts the products front and center and everything looks smooth and sleek on any screen.

One of the things that sets Responsive apart is its clean and clutter-free design. They made it extremely easy for customers to find what they’re looking for, thanks to its minimal navigation.

the zany store using responsive shopify theme for their minimal clothing brand

When it comes to features, you’ll find powerful product filtering and sorting options, promo banners, back-in-stock alerts, custom product badges, stock counters, and more. Here are some of the most important features of Responsive:

  • Fully responsive
  • Focus on visuals
  • Highly customizable
  • Quick view
  • Stock counter

We ran the Retina theme website through PageSpeed Insights and found a 90 score in terms of performance. It’s close to the “Needs improvement” results but still fits into the “Good” evaluation of Google’s, which is the best one.

9. Goodwin – fashion-oriented Shopify theme with bold layouts





Performance score:


Try theme:

Goodwin offers lots of useful eCommerce features and bold, colorful, yet tidy templates for your clothing store.

It’s a mobile-friendly theme that offers more than 10 header and footer options, advanced add-to-cart buttons, a mega menu visual builder, and much more.

goodwin shopify theme for fashion stores product page demo

Goodwin already has multiple clients with successful stores in various industries – including fashion. It offers a variety of features, with some of the most important ones being:

  • Advanced Add to Cart button
  • Product reviews
  • Flexible visual builder
  • Dynamic checkout buttons
  • Mega menu visual builder

The only drawback we’ve found is the 88 performance score on PageSpeed Insights, which could use some improvements.

That being said, Goodwin is a true and tested Shopify theme for fashion stores that will certainly give your site a new, professional look.

10. August – stylish and well-optimized Shopify templates





Performance score:


Try theme:

The August theme is made for stylish and trendy clothing stores on Shopify. It has a simple admin panel, so it’s easy to get around and set up your store.

For better SEO, this theme offers a clean and structured code base optimized for Google’s rich snippets. In terms of design, August focuses on visual storytelling with different sections for bold imagery.

august shopify theme for fashion stores visual sections demo

August is attractive and packed with all the features you need to set up a functional and optimized Shopify store, including:

  • Several header & footer options
  • Convenient product filtering
  • Testimonial
  • FAQ pages
  • Smart mega menu
  • Lookbook

During our tests, August showed a 92-point score on PageSpeed Insights, ensuring excellent SEO-friendly performance at all times.

Overall, with August, you get everything in one Shopify theme package – live search feature, product filter systems, user-friendly mega menu, and more.

11. Elessi 3.0 – modern theme focused on customer experience





Performance score:


Try theme:

Elessi 3.0 highlights the importance of customer shopping experience with user-oriented features. This includes unique product filtering, unique compare, wishlist, product quick view, one-click installs, and more.

The theme has a perfect 5-star rating and 209 reviews, with many praising the effective work of customer support and feature availability.

elessi shopify theme fashion product page

From layout designs and excellent product pages to features and section placements, this theme was smartly built to help you increase conversion rates. Other features include:

  • In-built mega menu
  • Color, label & image swatches
  • Product filtering
  • Drag & drop page builder
  • RTL support

The demo store performance store came out to be 72 on PageSpeed Insights, which could use some improvements.

However, this theme is easy to use, powerful, customer-focused, and very good-looking. Just keep in mind that you may need to improve some speeds.

12. Testament – Shopify clothing theme for visual storytelling





Performance score:


Try theme:

Testament is a Shopify clothing theme focused on conversions and made for visual storytelling. It’s also fully optimized for mobile users and highly focused on improving conversion rates with features like a countdown timer, promo banners, trust badges, and more.

With this theme, you can also take advantage of the testimonials section that you can connect to the reviewed product, which could be a great boost in brand trust for potential customers.

testament shopify theme testimonials section demo

But that’s not all – here are some of the most important Testament features:

  • Store locator
  • Mega menu
  • Color swatches
  • Quick buy
  • Cart notes

During our tests on PageSpeed Insights, the theme turned out to be quite fast, receiving 88 points for performance. However, it’s still 2 points away from reaching the “Good” score instead of the “Needs improvement” one.

To summarize, Testament is a great theme for visual storytelling that’s also going to help you increase sales with useful features.

13. Icon – perfect Shopify theme for image-focused content





Performance score:


Try theme:

Icon Shopify theme is great for creating large clothing catalogs and high-volume stores with a quick setup.

Icon gives you a lot of space for visual expression as it focuses on image-heavy clothing stores. So, it’s not just suitable for selling but could also work as a fashion photography theme. There’s a drag-and-drop feature to build custom blocks and sections, helping you create a brand that stands out.

While quite minimal, Icon also offers great sales features like upsell and cross-sell, quick view, stock counters, product badges, promo banners, and more.

icon shopify theme product page demo

Here are some of the most important functionalities you can find:

  • Quick buy
  • Back-in-stock alert
  • In-menu promos
  • Animation
  • Color swatches

After we tested Icon on PageSpeed Insights, we found that the performance was way above average – it received 96 points. It’s quite impressive considering the theme is image-focused.

In short, while not overfilled with features, Icon is a good fit for those looking to tell a story through images.

How to choose the right Shopify theme for clothing stores

When choosing a theme specifically for clothing stores, you need to keep a few things in mind aside from the design. Here’s how we tested and picked the best themes and what to keep in mind when choosing one for your store:

  • Product page features. Since clothing isn’t usually a one-size-fits-all solution, a good theme should include swatch options, size charts, videos, and other necessary customization features useful for the buyer.
  • Upsell features. Considering the primary purpose of a clothing store is to sell, getting a theme with features like countdown timers, promotional banners, or trust badges, is highly useful to make more sales.
  • Visual storytelling. Visual storytelling is an art form that communicates your brand’s messages through visuals to leave a lasting effect on viewers. It’s especially useful for clothing stores to demonstrate sustainability, sportswear in use, or any other narratives.
  • Performance. Fashion stores require a fast user experience considering that even the load time going from 1 to 3 seconds can cause a 32% bounce rate according to Google/SOASTA Research. So, make sure you pick themes that ensure high PageSpeed Insight results.
  • Customer reviews and ratings. Customer reviews can tell you a lot about a theme that developers may not mention in their descriptions. Make sure you read through the positive and negative reviews to know what the actual Shopify clothing merchants have to say.


Finding the best Shopify theme for your clothing store can be challenging considering it’s not just about the design. You also need to pay attention to the conversion rate, marketing, and product page features, performance, and customer reviews.

Our best recommendation is the Booster theme. It’s focused on guaranteeing exceptional performance and is filled with features specifically for clothing stores (like multiple swatch options, recently bought notifications, and promotion time).

Whichever theme you end up choosing, make sure you customize it in a way that it wouldn’t be just a copy of the demo store or other merchant stores with the same theme.

Frequently asked questions

The best Shopify theme for clothing stores is Booster. Its arsenal is filled with useful features for optimizing your sales, including upsell pop ups, delivery estimator, currency converter, dynamic checkout, and more.

The most used Shopify theme is Dawn because of its minimalist design and focus on visual storytelling. It’s great for fashion, apparel, and other clothing brands and enables you to portray your products using large visuals.

Since the Vogue theme by Out of the Sandbox was discontinued, Kylie Jenner uses a custom beauty store theme that isn’t available on the Shopify theme store.

Yes, many clothing brands use Shopify, including Love Luna, Fashion Nova, Killstar, Gymshark, Naked and Famous, Goodfair, and more.

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