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You will earn a 50% commission for the 1st month and a 30% commission next 11 months.
TinyIMG affiliate program
50% Earn 50% of the commission*
25% 25% conversion rate
30d. 30 days cookie duration
24/7 24/7 Professional support team
$50 $50 payouts threshold

Discover the benefits of a thoughtfully designed partner program

TinyIMG affiliate Industry-leading commissions

Industry-leading commissions

TinyIMG offers 50% revenue-share for the first month and 30% 11 months after it.
TinyIMG affiliate revenue-share

Visibility on partner directory

Each partner will be listed on our directory on the website to bring more visibility to your business.
TinyIMG affiliate affiliate manager

Personal Account Manager

Get help via sales and integration tips to drive your success.
TinyIMG affiliate program

TinyIMG affiliate program details

Technical details you need to know about our TinyIMG affiliate program:
Affiliate program detail
50% revenue-share for the first month and 30% 11 months after it.
Affiliate program detail
Affiliate cookie duration - 30 days
Affiliate program detail
Minimum payout threshold $50
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Questions & answers

As an affiliate partner with TinyIMG, you are part of a lucrative commission structure:

  • In the first month, you earn a 50% commission on TinyIMG's revenue generated from any paid plan that your referral starts.
  • For the next 11 months, your commission is set at 30% of the revenue from these referrals.
Please note:
  • Shopify's services incur a 20% fee, which is deducted from the standard pricing before your commission is calculated.
  • You will receive your payout when your total earnings reach at least $50.

The affiliate link for TinyIMG comes with a 30-day tracking cookie. Here's how it works:

  1. Use Your Link: Always use your unique affiliate link for tracking purposes.
  2. Cookie Activation: When a visitor clicks on your link, a tracking cookie is stored in their browser.
  3. Conversion Tracking: If the visitor installs TinyIMG and upgrades to a paid plan within 30 days of clicking your link, this conversion is recorded on your Partner’s Dashboard.

Important to note:
  • The tracking cookies do not work in Incognito mode. For accurate tracking, ensure the link is used in a standard browsing window.
  • Tracking cannot be done via the Shopify Partner Dashboard. However, you can create a development store, install TinyIMG using your affiliate link, and then transfer ownership. Upgrading the plan in this manner is not bound by the 30-day limit.
Payments for each successful referral will be paid out via PayPal.