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Will the compressed JPEG file keep its quality?

Certainly! JPEG compression with TinyIMG tool ensures your files remain of highest quality. Take a look for yourself at these before and after JPG images:

Comparison image
Not compressed 22.2 KB
Comparison arrow
Comparison image
Compressed 8.53 KB
Optimizer explanation
How does TinyIMG JPEG compressor work?

Using lossy compression algorithm, TinyIMG JPEG compression ensures optimal results. Your JPG file size gets reduced to the maximum with no quality loss! All image qualities, such as color and dimensions, remain the same after compression.

Why compress?
How much will compression reduce JPEG file size?

JPEG compression is a powerful image optimization method. TinyIMG online JPG compressor specifically can reduce your image size up to 70%! How much your JPG images will be reduced exactly depends on your original image size.

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