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Key members

CEO Tomas

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CTO Eligijus

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CMO Nikoleta

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Advisor Marius.

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Lead developer Viktoras

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Lead developer
Support lead Pavel

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Support lead
Support lead Edgaras

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Support lead
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What we believe in

How we got here || TinyIMG

Customer-first mindset

How we got here || TinyIMG

Fast business growth

How we got here || TinyIMG

Strong brand

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Who we are

TinyIMG was born as a way to help store owners do more with less, grow faster and convert better. It is our way of helping quality products reach audiences they deserve.

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What we do

We help improve rankings and boost conversions with state-of-the-art store optimization possibilities and customer support that wants to see you succeed.

What we do || TinyImg

How we got here

We started off with a single developer and superstar customer support. Fours years later, we’re a team of 18, determined to constantly come up with new solutions.

Optimize your Shopify store images

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