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TinyIMG is an image and SEO optimization tool designed to improve your store speed and search engine rankings. TinyIMG can compress, resize and add ALT text to your images, significantly improving website load times. It also has integrated SEO features, such as metadata, broken link detection, bulk redirects and more.

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Why Shopify Leaders Prefer TinyIMG

TinyIMG is a reliable solution aimed at solving the most common SEO issues. What is more, we work closely with other experts and agencies on Shopify. Our partners can also earn revenue share as they scale their client base with TinyIMG.

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Joint marketing effort
Joint marketing effort

You’ll be a part of our marketing initiatives, sponsorships, and networking events.

Joint marketing effort
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If you bring us a new customer, we will reward you with a revenue share.

Joint marketing effort
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You’ll be able to generate leads through our partner marketplace. What is more, you’ll be entitled to prioritized leads anytime we have a customer that could benefit from your services.

Joint marketing effort
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Our live support team is ready to answer your questions and offer you all the help you need.

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