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What is WebP and how does it differ from .jpg and .png?

WebP is an image format designed for the web by Google. It supports both lossless and lossy compression with superior results. WebP images are much smaller in size than .jpg and .png files. Take a look at the examples below which show a standard .jpg file and one that’s been converted to WebP. The WebP file is around 30% smaller - can you tell?


Original: 3 MB


WebP: 371 kB


JPG: 539.0 kB

WebP image format for Shopify stores

Shopify will soon be introducing the WebP image format into its platform.
TinyIMG will support WebP image files when this feature becomes available within Shopify.
If you decide to use TinyIMG, you’ll be able to convert your images to WebP for free using the app.


Advanced WebP image reduction

Advanced WebP image reduction

TinyIMG can further reduce your WebP images by three quarters to make them even smaller in size. Changes to visual quality are virtually invisible.
 WebP image conversion

WebP image conversion

Need help converting your images to WebP format for your Shopify store? The TinyIMG app will do this for you automatically.
Optimize your images for SEO

Optimize your images for SEO

Boost your search engine rankings with TinyIMG! The app generates alt tags and filenames for your images automatically.
Best image file format analysis

Best image file format analysis

With TinyIMG, you can easily choose the best image file format to fit into your website for optimum performance and quality.
30-day backup available

30-day backup available

TinyIMG offers a 30-day backup for peace of mind. So if you need to restore your images to their original format, you can (as long as you don’t uninstall the app).
No technical knowledge required

No technical knowledge required

Get going with TinyIMG with just a few clicks. No technical expertise is needed and we’re here 24/7 in case you run into problems.

Why worry about your image sizes?

While large images look great visually, they have a negative impact on your Shopify website’s page loading times. By optimizing your WebP images with TinyIMG, you can benefit from a faster site, without comprising on the quality of your images.
Optimizer image 1

How does TinyIMG - Image Optimizer work?

TinyIMG automatically compresses the size of your WebP images and generates alt tags and filenames for them at the same time. The app then uploads the optimized versions to your Shopify store. You can restore your images to their original state at any time within 30 days.
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Many Shopify stores are already seeing an improvement in their site speed and
SEO efforts after optimizing their images with TinyIMG. Will you join them?

Fitness Fam

We love the compression of images. It allows our site to load much faster, giving our customers a better user experience.

Simple T-Shirt

A very useful tool with file rename for SEO. Customer service is over the top. The pricing is fair. 100% recommended.


Great app to reduce file sizes. Also, you can reduce manually for the files that shopify doesn't allow to accewss via API.

Picnic in the yard?

I love the fact that TinyIMG works in the background without disturbing me when I am working in my shop. It is important that the pictures aren´t to big. It makes the uploading of the shop slow.