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How does the TinyIMG PNG compressor work?

To compress a PNG image file, our PNG size reducer uses a lossless compression method. Compression happens in several stages. That ensures that your PNG image quality remains the same, and all alpha transparency is preserved.

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How much will the PNG file size be reduced?

How much your PNG file size will be reduced depends on compression level and type. The recommended PNG compression method to preserve transparency, similar colors and quality is lossless. However, you can still end up with a relatively large file size. If you wish to reduce your PNG file size drastically, you might need to use lossy compression.

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Will the compressed PNG file keep its quality?

It depends on your chosen PNG compressor. Lossless PNG optimizer will retain very high quality of your PNG images because it only compresses image metadata and re-compresses the file. Using lossy compression might mean that you will lose some of your image properties, such as transparency.

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