Best beauty Shopify themes

Best beauty Shopify themes
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When it comes to cosmetics, skincare, and other beauty products, all of the famous brands are online. And many of them, like Kylie Cosmetics, ColourPop and Jeffree Star Cosmetics, use Shopify for their stores.

If you’re looking to start your beauty business on Shopify or just want to give your current store a new fresh look, we have got you covered.

In this article, we list 10 best hand-picked beauty Shopify themes, talk about how we chose them, and what criteria should matter to you when choosing a theme for your business.

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What to look for in a Shopify theme for beauty stores?

What elements are the most important if you’re looking for a theme for your beauty and cosmetics store? Here’s our criteria:

  1. Mobile-optimized. More than a half of all online shoppers shop on mobile devices. Make sure the theme you’ve chosen is fully responsive and works well on desktop, tablet, and phone. Usually, if the theme is 100% responsive, it’s added to the features list, so you won’t miss it.
  2. Attractive design. It’s beauty, after all, so great design and aesthetics are incredibly important.
  3. Sales-focused features. From quick-buy to sales labels on products, it’s important to take advantage of all elements that will help you increase conversion rate.
  4. High resolution images. If you want to sell your products, you have to make sure potential buyers see them in the best possible quality. Carefully look at all theme demos to see if everything looks just the way you want to.
  5. SEO-friendliness. There are lots of metrics that contribute to a website’s organic performance. Some of those metrics can strongly depend on a theme you choose, for example, fast loading time, intuitive user experience, customizable metadata, multi-language support.

There's a great selection of Shopify themes. All of them vary in design, features, and layout. Checking the demo stores and features offered will help you to choose the perfect one for your beauty business.

10 best beauty Shopify themes in 2024 – our detailed list:

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what you should look for in Shopify themes for beauty, let’s get into our list of the 8 best themes:

  1. Booster – powerful Shopify theme with beauty store presets
  2. Maker – bold and unique beauty theme
  3. Sense – free Shopify theme for beauty products
  4. Atlantic – minimalist theme for beauty industry
  5. Prestige – luxury beauty theme
  6. Startup – modern Shopify theme
  7. Wokiee – versatile beauty theme
  8. Kala – fully customizable theme
  9. Lezada – multipurpose theme
  10. Retina – sleek and polished theme

1. Booster – conversion-focused Shopify theme with presets for beauty stores

Booster theme banner

Theme styles:

50+ design templates



Main features:

40+ marketing tools, fully customizable

Try theme:

Booster Shopify theme is one of the best themes on the market, with 50+ pre-designed templates, including ones for beauty and health stores. Not only that but it also has 40+ marketing tools that will help you maximize sales and save money on third-party apps.

Booster is fully customizable, with movable sections, which will make it easier for you to stand out in a very competitive beauty industry. We mentioned marketing features, and some of the best ones that Booster offers are upsell and cross-sell, recently-bought notifications, a countdown timer, and different cart options, to name a few.

This theme is on a more expensive side so it might not be the best choice for those just starting out. But if you have a budget to spare, we recommend Booster just for its abundance of tools, tons of design options, and fast performance.

What makes Booster a great theme for beauty and cosmetics stores:

  • 40+ marketing features
  • Presets for beauty, cosmetics and health stores
  • Automatic image optimization
  • Modular JavaScript making your website load faster
  • Optimized for SEO

2. Maker – Shopify theme for beauty brands with bold imagery

Theme styles:

Fashion, Bloom, Luna



Main features:

Editorial-based layouts, before/after image slider

Try theme:

Maker Shopify theme has an editorial-based layout with bold typography and showy hero sections. This theme is meant to be bold, it is meant to stand out.

Maker boasts powerful promotional features with sales and discount displays, featured product sections, and more. It’s designed to increase sales and boost discoverability. While the design in itself is not minimal, the entire layout still feels tidy and intentional. If your intention is to be bold and colorful, Maker is an excellent choice.

All of that is also perfectly captured in the KraveBeauty online store, which sells skincare products in style.

maker shopify theme used by kravebeauty skincare store

What makes Maker a great theme for beauty and cosmetics stores:

  • Fully responsive
  • Speed-tested and approved
  • Optimized for longer-form text sections
  • Designed for large product catalogs
  • Perfect for visual storytelling

3. Sense – free Shopify theme for selling beauty products

sense shopify theme banner

Theme styles:

1 style



Main features:

Testimonials, videos, flexible design

Try theme:

Sense is a free Shopify theme that enhances your beauty store’s look with its fresh and bright design. The theme is fairly minimal but not a single space feels wasted. Intentional sections and great design create a harmony that’s ideal for businesses in the beauty industry.

Product pages look clean and allow you to include all necessary information, including ingredients, how-to-use guides, and videos. Sense also supports recommended products and cross-selling to help you increase revenue. Speaking of revenue, you can also add promo banners to advertise new products or sale items on the homepage.

What makes Sense a great theme for beauty and cosmetics stores:

  • Fully responsive
  • Lookbooks
  • Comprehensive product page
  • Cross-selling & recommended products
  • Ingredients information

4. Atlantic – minimalist and stylish Shopify theme for beauty stores

Theme styles:

Chic, Modern, Light, Organic



Main features:

Smart product discovery, quick buy

Try theme:

Atlantic is optimized for longer-form text sections, which is great for brand-building through storytelling. The theme itself is minimal and clutter-free, making it sleek and modern.

This Shopify theme doesn’t overwhelm you with big homepage menus – it keeps the navigation simple. You can add products to the cart straight from the homepage or buy anything instantly with the quick shop function. High-resolution images allow you to display beauty and skincare products in all their glory, while the minimalist layout and modern typography make the store look fresh and stylish.

Thrive Causmetics store that sells make-up and skincare products use the Atlantic Shopify theme, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

atlantic shopify theme used by thrive causmetics beauty store

What makes Atlantic a great theme for beauty and cosmetics stores:

  • Fully responsive
  • High-resolution images
  • Newsletter pop-up
  • Speed-tested and approved
  • Perfect for large product catalogs

5. Prestige – luxury Shopify theme for high-end beauty brands

Theme styles:

Allure, Couture, Vogue



Main features:

Luxury aesthetic, 30+ sections

Try theme:

Prestige lives up to its name as it’s created for luxury high-end aesthetics. This Shopify theme is great for visual storytelling and editorial content, which allows you to highlight your brand’s appeal.

Prestige offers tons of upselling features, like “shop the look” section, promo pop-ups, and in-menu promos. You can also take advantage of its highly versatile media display options, like image stacking, carousels, videos, and more.

Glow Recipe, skincare and beauty product brand, uses the Prestige Shopify theme, as showcased in the screenshot below.

prestige shopify theme used by glow recipe beauty and skincare store

What makes Prestige a great theme for beauty and cosmetics stores:

  • Fully responsive
  • Accessibility-focused
  • Versatile product media display options
  • Optimized for longer-form text sections
  • High-resolution images

6. Startup – modern Shopify theme for small product catalogs

Theme styles:

Tech, Home, Cloth, Travel



Main features:

Customizable testimonials, perfect for small catalogs

Try theme:

Startup is a modern Shopify theme perfectly fit for beauty brands that sell internationally. The theme is easy to set up, so it won’t take long until you can fully launch your store.

This theme is quite minimal, you can choose two types of navigational menus: overhead menu or an expandable one. Generally, everything about this theme screams modern and fresh. You can highlight customer testimonials, showcase product details from the homepage, and customize the layout perfectly to your liking.

To give a real-life example, Herbivore Botanicals uses the Startup Shopify theme for their natural, vegan, cruelty-free skincare products.

startup shopify theme used by herbivore vegan skincare store

What makes Startup a great theme for beauty and cosmetics stores:

  • Fully responsive
  • Created for direct-to-consumer brands
  • Perfect for small stores
  • Quick setup and launch
  • High-resolution images

7. Wokiee – multipurpose and feature-heavy Shopify theme

Theme styles:

80+ demos



Main features:

Dynamic filtering, flexible layouts

Try theme:

Wokiee is one of the most popular and best rated Shopify themes. It’s versatile and offers over 80 homepage demos to choose from. No surprise that it’s also great for cosmetics, skincare, and other beauty-center brands.

This Shopify theme includes a lot of great features like megamenu, quick view, compare products, wishlist, and more. Wokiee is great for large product catalogs but it also has layouts for single product stores. Needless to say, this theme has flexible customization options, so you can make your store as unique as you please.

What makes Wokiee a great theme for beauty and cosmetics stores:

  • Fully responsive
  • Optimized for dropshipping
  • Dynamic filtering
  • Optimized for dropshipping
  • Advanced megamenu
  • Color, size, material swatches

8. Kala – customizable Shopify theme for all beauty-focused products

Theme styles:

40+ demos



Main features:

50 pre-designed demos, powerful customization

Try theme:

Kala is a fully customizable Shopify theme that allows you to build your store however you like with its flexible sections builder.

This theme offers several header and footer layouts, as well as collection and product page layouts. Kala is a mobile-first Shopify theme, but it’s fully optimized for all screens, whether you like to browse on a computer, phone or tablet. The theme is fully optimized for SEO with integrated micro data structures, Google rich snippets, and more.

What makes Kala a great theme for beauty and cosmetics stores:

  • Fully responsive
  • Flexible sections builder
  • Lots of sections for unique store design
  • Newsletter pop-up
  • Ajax wishlist
  • Quick shop pop-up

9. Lezada – minimal and creative multiuse Shopify theme

Theme styles:

225+ demos



Main features:

Easily customizable, 200+ homepage demos

Try theme:

Lezada Shopify theme offers beautiful homepage demos that are perfect for an online beauty shop of all sorts.

This theme is loaded with features that will help you create the best eCommerce store. Some of the features include a responsive megamenu, RTL support, Ajax cart pop-up, a timer, and other promotional, sales-focused elements. And with a drag & drop page builder you will be able to easily design your store to ideally reflect your brand.

Lezsda is also fully optimized for search engines, so you’ll be able to boost your organic traffic and conversions.

What makes Lezada a great theme for beauty and cosmetics stores:

  • Fully responsive
  • 3D models and AR
  • Megamenu
  • Instagram shop
  • Quick view
  • Fit for affiliate marketing

10. Retina – sleek and polished Shopify theme for beauty products

retina shopify theme banner

Theme styles:

Austin, Montreal, Melbourne, Amsterdam



Main features:

Optimized for large images, seamless UI

Try theme:

Retina invites you to showcase your products with bold imagery and refined styling. The minimal and professional design makes Retina a great Shopify theme for selling beauty and skincare products.

The theme is optimized for editorial content without over-cluttering the layout. Retina also offers a lot of sales-boosting features like back-in-stock alerts, countdown timers, promo banners and popups, product videos, and much more. Theme developers also keep it very simple with a small navigation menu that doesn’t overwhelm customers.

retina shopify theme for beauty stores

What makes Retina a great theme for beauty and cosmetics stores:

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Focus on increasing conversions
  • Simple setup and customization
  • High-resolution images

How did we choose these beauty Shopify themes?

This is how we decided to choose the 10 Shopify themes on this list:

  • User reviews & ratings – in order to see what people are saying
  • Mobile optimization – so everyone can shop no matter the screen
  • Aesthetic appeal – there would be no beauty stores without beautiful design
  • Promotional features – we looked at the themes with features that will help you sell
  • Diverse design options – for all of our minimalists and maximalists alike
  • Flexible customization – so your store’s design is unique to your brand

Final words

The beauty industry is demanding, so we understand that choosing a theme for your store is a careful and slow process.

Even though all the themes on this list are great, we have a couple of favorites. Maker is perfect for those seeking bold and unique designs for your makeup or skincare brand, while Sense – a free Shopify theme – can offer a great start for newly baked entrepreneurs entering the beauty industry. While free, Sense has all needed features for marketing, design, and product discovery.

All in all, every Shopify theme on our list is easy to set up and launch, so whatever you choose, you’ll be ready to go in no time!

Frequently asked questions

There are many Shopify themes that are great for cosmetics, skincare, and other beauty products. For example, Maker is a Shopify theme created specifically for beauty-focused brands.

Yes, Kylie Cosmetics was built using Shopify.

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