A Beginner's Guide to Getting Started with TinyIMG

A Beginner's Guide to Getting Started with TinyIMG
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TinyIMG is an intelligent image and optimization tool for Shopify stores. With it, you'll improve the SEO of your e-shop, and rank better in search engines.

Currently we offer image optimization, JSON-LD, ALT tag optimization, Webp conversion, Site Audit, SEO metadata optimization, and a tool to fix your broken links.

Some of the benefits our customers acquired by using TinyIMG:

In this guide, we’ll explain how to use our app and improve your Shopify store - just like our current customers have already done.

#1 Setup process

To get started with TinyIMG, complete a short set up process:

How to setup TinyIMG

In this first step, choose .jpg format for your images.

Afterward, select resizing:

  • Image resolution option if you have product image zoom-in feature active-> 2048x2048(Recommended by Shopify)
  • Image resolution option if you don’t use product image zoom-in feature -> 1200x1200(Recommended by Tiny)

Lastly, set up the ALT Tag settings. If the images are already optimized for SEO, simply skip this step.

Image optimization with TinyIMG

After completing these steps, choose your payment method.

#2 Purchase TinyIMG

When it comes to the pricing, we offer the following five options:

  1. 1 month plan ($9,99/mo)
  2. Special offer plan ($19,99/mo)
  3. 24-month plan ($1.99/mo)
  4. Enterprise plan ($39.99/mo)
  5. Pay as you go (price depends on your needs)


Here’s what you get with each of them:

1 month plan

This plan will allow you to optimize 300 free images per month. After reaching this limit, each image would cost you 2 cents.

You’ll also get to resize and compress your images without a loss in quality. And, in case, you’ll change your mind, you’ll be able to restore your images in 30 days.

Moreover, with this place you’ll get a SEO checklist and a Home page audit.

This plan will cost you $4. 99 / month.

1 month special offer plan

With this plan you’ll get everything the regular plan users get, plus some more.

This plan will allow you to optimize 1500 free images per month. After reaching this limit, each image would cost you 1 cent.

You’ll also get to use a Site Audit feature, as well as SEO metadata edit and JSON-LD.

This plan will cost you $9.99 / month.

24-month plan

This plan will allow you to optimize 3000 free images per two years. After reaching this limit, each image would cost you 1 cent.

You’ll also get to use a Site Audit feature, as well as SEO metadata edit and JSON-LD.

This plan will cost you $21.36, and you’ll be billed every 24 months.

Enterprise plan

With this plan, you’ll get everything Special offer users get, plus the following features:

  • 5000 FREE images per month
  • Optimization price 0.8¢/image
  • SEO & speed consultation
  • Dedicated manager
  • Site Audit
  • SEO Metadata edit
  • Compress images without quality loss
  • Excellent Customer Support

This plan will cost you $19.99, and you’ll be billed every month.

Pay as you go

You also have an option to pay as you go.

In this case, you get to enjoy 50 free optimizations per month. If you exceed the optimization limit, you get charged extra.

Pay as you go featue for TinyIMG

You can activate the plan from the Shopify payment window.

Please note that after you exceed your image optimization limit, the optimizations will not stop!

How to approve TinyIMG subscription

#3 Dashboard: automatic and manual image optimization - assets preloading

After approving the subscription you will be redirected to Dashboard.

As seen in the image below, you can hit “refresh” to scan your store images or hit “start” to optimize all the images.

How to review TinyIMG optimizations

Moreover, on the same page you are also able to activate asset preloading to improve your store page speed. For more information, explore this resource:

Preloading critical assets to improve Shopify performance

To see optimization results, click on Details:

How to review recent TinyIMG optimizations

To compare original and optimized version image, press on selected image icon:

How to automatically optimize images with TinyIMG

There are 4 parametres to compare original and optimized image:

  • Image size
  • Resolution
  • ALT text
  • File name

Compare optimized images with TinyIMG

Optimize images manually

TinyIMG can optimize images which are uploaded to products, collections, assets and main article images.

If some images are not found by our app, optimize them manually. In this case, we talk about the following images:

  • Banners.
  • Hero images (main store front image).
  • Slideshows.
  • Images from other apps.

To optimize such images manually, simply drag and drop them as seen in the example below:

How to optimize images manually with TinyIMG

#4 TinyIMG app interface overview - Settings

Let’s now take a look at the Settings category.

This first section is Automatic optimization. TinyIMG automatically takes care of compressing and optimizing your new Product, Collection, and Asset folder images as soon as you upload them.

Go to TinyIMG settings to optimize images

In the Filename optimization section you are able to edit ALT texts, file name and resizing templates.

how to optimize filenames with TinyIMG

With TinyIMG, you can manually optimize your filenames. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings on the menu bar
  2. Choose the Filename Optimization section
  3. Select the variables
  4. Click Save

You can also optimize ALT texts by following similar steps:

  1. Go to the Settings on the menu bar
  2. Choose the ALT Text Optimization section
  3. Select the variables
  4. Click Save

After optimizing Filenames and ALT texts, try out our Advanced image reduction function:

  1. Go to the Settings on the menu bar
  2. Choose Advanced image reduction
  3. Choose 2048x2048 image resolution if you have an active product image zoom function (recommended by Shopify)
  4. Choose 1200x1200 image resolution when not using the product's image zoom function (recommended by TinyIMG)

how to reduce images with TinyIMG

You can choose how often you’d like to receive a report on the broken links on your Shopify store. You can choose between:

  • weekly report;
  • monthly report;
  • no report at all.

how to receive broken links report with TinyIMG

When you are done with the Broken links report setup, move to the file format optimization:

how to convert png to jpg with TinyIMG

Here you can change file format from PNG to JPG. However, keep the following in mind:

  • PNG files are heavier than JPG.
  • PNG files support a transparent background. Therefore, if file conversion is activated TinyIMG will add white background for transparent images as JPG files do not support this feature.

In this section you can disable automatic image optimization after exceeding the free image optimization limit:how to optimize images with TinyIMG

In case you run out of credit, you can stop image optimization by disabling recharge. To do so, contact our Support team. You can contact our support team on the right side of the app. Support team is available 24/7.

Subscription plan settings

With TinyIMG you can also track your subscription settings. As seen in the image below, here are the parameters you can check:

  • Your current plan
  • Remaining optimizations
  • Plan reset date
  • Extra image optimization price
  • Extra image optimization charges

how to choose subscription plan with TinyIMG

To upgrade your plan, go to the Settings and at the bottom of the page you find the “Subscription plan” section. Press on the “Change plan” button. Once you click on It, you can select any other plan you like.

#5 TinyIMG feature - ALT text optimization for Shopify page

To optimize ALT texts for your Shopify store images, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the choose the Alt texts section in the menu bar.
  2. Choose one of the following optimization categories: Product, Collection, Article, and click View.

On a Product page with a filter section, you can choose between two options:

  • All
  • With errors.

In the Status section you’ll be able to see how many errors there are on your product page.

To change ALT texts, click on Edit. To complete, click Update.

how to optimize ALT texts on TinyIMG

In the product ALT texts section, you can:

1 - Select to preview all images or only those with errors.
2 - Search specific images.

3 - Edit selected image.

how to optimize product ALT texts on TinyIMG

Once you choose an image to edit, here are the editing options you have:

1 - Preview/hide original image ALT text.

2,3 - Generate ALT text button will open an ALT text template which can be updated by selecting each image (3).

4,5 - Compare original, optimized alt text and update current alt text field if it’s above 125 characters (5).

how to optimize ALT texts on TinyIMG

#6 TinyIMG helps to improve your page’s SEO

SEO-friendly Shopify store is key for overall success.

To conduct a SEO edit, follow these steps:

  1. Select SEO edit on the menu bar.
  2. Select one of these pages (Product, Collection, or Article), and click View.
  3. To make changes, click on Edit.

Now, you’ll see all the SEO-related data on your TinyIMG dashboard. We’ll provide you with personalized tips on how to improve your metadata.

On the right, you’ll see the score of your meta title and meta description and some tips on how to improve it. Moreover, we’ll share your most common keywords.

Lastly, you’ll be able to preview how your optimized meta tags will look like on Google’s search page.

how to optimize SEO metadata on TinyIMG

Browse or search the selected product page to edit metadata.

how to optimize SEO metadata on product pages with TinyIMG

1 - Meta titles should be short. It is best to keep them under 60 characters (spaces included). We recommend to describe what the page is about in the beginning of the title and add the name of a website or company at the end.

2 - A meta description should not be longer than 160 characters, spaces induded. It should describe what the page is about and include at least one keyword used in the corresponding title of the page.

3 - Metadata preview

4 - Metadata score

5 - Targeted and most common keywords.

how to optimize SEO metadata on TinyIMG

Metadata score criterion:

See metadata score with TinyIMG

#7 TinyIMG helps you conduct a site audit

To conduct a Site audit for your Shopify store, go to the menu bar and click on the Site audit section.

how to do site audit with TinyIMG

With the “Site audit” feature you can scan the following pages for technical issues:

  • Homepage
  • Product page
  • Collection
  • Article
  • Custom pages

To see all the issues:

  1. Click on Get report.
  2. Choose one of the products and click View report.

If you choose to do a Homepage scan:

1 - Scan, re-scan the page to check if the issues have been resolved or share site audit with developers.

2 - Site scan will show page errors, warnings, notices, passed and information.

3 - Preview the issue and click “?” or “Learn more” for detailed information regarding the issue.

how to do site audit with TinyIMG

When you click on the “View report”, TinyIMG will show you all the SEO and speed errors, as well as warnings on your Shopify store.

We’ll list them in the easy-to-understand reports and practical recommendations.

We also provide tips and tutorials on how to improve SEO on your Shopify store.

Click “Learn more” on the issue you are trying to solve.

#8 TinyIMG will help you set up JSON LD for your Shopify store

To set up JSON-LD for you e-shop, go to the menu bar and click on the “JSON LD” section.

With TinyIMG you’ll be able to update all the information on your Shopify store.

When you are done, click “Activate” or “Update” if it is already activated.

how to do JSON-LD with TinyIMG


To see the list of your Shopify store’s broken links, go to the menu bar, and choose the “Broken links” section.

After clicking on the Broken links, you'll get to see the whole list. Once you press edit, you'll be able to decide on redirects.

how to fix broken links with TinyIMG

Bottom line

So here is how you would use the TinyIMG app!

To get the most of what TinyIMG has to offer, save this guide for future reference. With it, you’ll be able to improve the overall SEO of your Shopify store, optimize images and increase the loading speed.

Would you like to improve your Shopify’s store SEO? Get TinyIMG today!

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