Best Shopify themes for custom products

Best Shopify themes for custom products
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Shopify is a great platform for selling personalized products, as it has powerful built-in features, excellent customization, and hundreds of apps to supplement your business. Whether you’re selling custom apparel, engraved jewelry, or personalized home decor, the first step is choosing the best Shopify theme for personalized products.

And if you know anything about Shopify, then you’re most likely aware that this website building platform offers hundreds if not thousands of themes. This is where we try to make your life a little better by helping you choose.

In this article, we’ll review the best Shopify themes for custom products. In addition to that, we’ll talk about what to look for in a Shopify theme and how we chose this particular top 10. At the end of the article, we’ll also cover what else you need to create the best store for customized products. Be sure to read that one!

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What to look for in a Shopify theme for custom products?

  1. Customizable design. Your custom product website might also take advantage of several excellent item customization apps. Pick a theme that’s easy to edit and isn’t overloaded with elements: so you can customize and improve it yourself.
  2. Powerful product pages. This is where the magic of customization happens. Shopify offers plenty of first and third-party tools to make product customization simple – but a good theme will also offer you excellent, well-designed product pages that will include a lot of features from the start.
  3. Simple, buyer-friendly navigation. Let’s be blunt: your goal here is to sell. Make sure your site’s navigation and purchasing path are simple and easy to understand, on all devices. We picked out the themes which do exactly that.

10 best Shopify themes for personalized products:

These right here are the best Shopify themes for custom product stores:

  1. Booster – best overall Shopify custom product theme
  2. Retina – flexible and modern Shopify theme for custom product stores
  3. Startup – excellent mobile Shopify product customization
  4. Pacific – top theme for large custom inventories
  5. Responsive – image-focused Shopify custom product theme
  6. Expanse – custom product theme with extensive product display options
  7. Expression – custom product theme with powerful storytelling features
  8. Highlight – Shopify custom product theme with excellent design
  9. Rubix – custom product theme with 20+ demos and dozens of elements
  10. Debutify – fully customizable Shopify theme with powerful features

Now, let’s take a deeper dive and see them in detail:

1. Booster – powerful theme that allows you to customize everything

booster shopify theme banner

Great for:

Powerful customization

Theme styles:

70+ presets

Compatible with Shopify 2.0:


Try theme:

Booster is one of the most impressive Shopify themes on the market. Its powerful customization features make this theme incredibly versatile, which is important for stores selling personalized products.

Booster offers the Smart variants features which will help you make your custom product store easier to tailor to the personalized product industry. Besides that, this Shopify theme boasts many marketing and sales features which will save you money on third-party apps. Learn more in our Booster theme review.

Booster product page demo

You can get Booster for $238/year. It’s far from cheap but since it covers so many useful features, you’ll save money in the long run by not installing additional Shopify apps.

What makes Booster a great Shopify theme for custom products:

  • 40+ conversion-optimized marketing tools;
  • customize everything in your store;
  • loads fast and doesn’t lag.

2. Retina – flexible and modern Shopify theme for custom product stores

Retina theme banner

Great for:

modern brands, flexible customization

Theme styles:

Austin, Melbourne, Montreal, Amsterdam

Compatible with Shopify 2.0:


Try theme:

Retina is a modern and stylish Shopify theme that allows you to showcase your products with bold imagery and chic styling. Flexible customization makes this theme great for stores selling custom products.

Since Retina is a Shopify 2.0 theme, you can utilize the features it offers. Using Shopify metafields you can add custom fields to your product pages in order to allow customers to customize the items. For example, they can upload a pattern they want to add to a mug. And with tons of sales boosting features, you’ll be able to sell your products more efficiently.

retina shopify theme for custom products demo store

What makes Retina a great Shopify theme for custom products:

  • mobile-friendly design;
  • user-friendly theme editing;
  • focus on bold imagery;
  • upgraded product page layouts.

3. Startup – Shopify theme great for custom products and small catalogs

Startup Shopify theme for stores selling personalized products

Great for:

small catalogs, direct-to-consumer brands

Theme styles:

Travel, Cloth, Home, Tech

Compatible with Shopify 2.0:


Try theme:

Startup is a great Shopify theme for those selling personalized products because it’s focused on smaller catalogs with curated products. When it comes to product personalization, you don’t need a huge catalog – customers pretty much make the products themselves.

And when it comes to features, the Startup theme offers a customizable testimonials section allowing you to build trust with your audience. You will also be able to customize product variants in order to prepare your store for custom products.

startup shopify theme product page demo

Startup is free to try on Shopify: if you go live, that’ll cost $240.

What makes Startup a great Shopify theme for custom products:

  • customizable product variants;
  • focus on smaller catalogs with curated products;
  • customizable testimonials to build brand trust.

4. Pacific – excellent theme for large Shopify custom product stores

Great for:

complex websites, extensive customization

Theme styles:

Bold, Warm, Bright, Cool

Compatible with Shopify 2.0:


Try theme:

Pacific, a theme by Pixel Union, offers excellent pre-made product pages and extensive options to edit them to your preferences. It’s a great all-around theme that works perfectly with just about any type of product: and this includes custom items.

The multi-tier sidebar menu makes even the most complex websites look simple and ordered. Modular design lets you mix and match various elements to build a site fully to your specifications, and support for Shopify 2.0 gives you additional options for editing each page to the tiniest detail. That includes pages for your custom products as well.

pacific shopify store

Pacific costs $240 – a decent investment for an excellent all-around theme.

What makes Pacific a great Shopify theme for custom products:

  • modular design;
  • multiple product pages;
  • many options to optimize product pages;

5. Responsive – custom product theme, focused on the images

Great for:

Attractive, modern designs

Theme styles:

New York, San Francisco, London, Paris

Compatible with Shopify 2.0:


Try theme:

Responsive is an excellent Shopify theme for personalized products. It was created by Out of the Sandbox – a design company, known for its visually striking themes. This one is no different. Responsive focuses on detailed, full-width imagery: which is an excellent choice when selling clothing, jewelry, or printed items.

With powerful image gallery and zoom options as well as hero videos, you can make sure that your visual content looks as good as it can. Plus, you have various options for layouts, typography, and promotions – making sure that your website is as custom and unique as the things you’re selling.

responsive shopify store

Responsive is free to try: if you wish to publish your website, it’ll cost $240.

What makes Responsive a great Shopify theme for custom products:

  • custom typography and promotions;
  • image display options;
  • focus on high-quality imagery;
  • powerful image gallery.

6. Expanse – custom product theme with powerful display options

Great for:

larger inventories, dropshipping

Theme styles:

Classic, Modern, Contemporary

Compatible with Shopify 2.0:


Try theme:

Expanse offers an expansive list of business tools that are made for increased sales and growth. With excellent cross-sell features, promotion screens, and extensive product editing options, it’s a great option for any larger store which wishes to sell custom products.

The theme offers a large range of sales and design tools. There are multiple ways to display your media (slideshows, galleries, lookbooks), and the product page is super powerful – offering product videos, tabs, and options. Plus, adding full optimization with Shopify 2.0, you get plenty of editing opportunities.

expanse shopify store

Expanse is free to try: if you decide to use this theme to go live, it’ll cost you $360.

What makes Expanse a great Shopify theme for custom products:

  • extensive product editing;
  • full Shopify 2.0 customization;
  • wide range of tools for increased sales;
  • different ways to display media.

7. Expression – great custom product theme for blogs and stories

Great for:

custom design, editorial content

Theme styles:

Innovate, Oxford, Naturale, Ocean

Compatible with Shopify 2.0:


Try theme:

Expression is the best Shopify theme for custom products with a story to tell. This is an excellent option if you are looking to pair your original items with some original thoughts: using the fully modern blog section.

The versatile sections on this theme include custom sidebars, as well as small editorial-style text and image columns. This way, you can showcase your content in all its glory. Fully translated in 5 different languages, it’s also an excellent option for multi language selling. With a customizable product page and full Shopify 2.0 support, it can handle your custom product needs with ease.

expression shopify store

Expression is free to try – if you choose to publish a site with it, it’ll cost $280.

What makes Expression a great Shopify theme for custom products:

  • solid blogging tools;
  • easily customizable pages;
  • loaded with tools for promotions, SEO, and more.

8. Highlight – visually stunning custom product theme

Great for:

stunning visuals, small inventories

Theme styles:

Modern, Single, Art

Compatible with Shopify 2.0:


Try theme:

Highlight is a theme which aims to wow: with an impressive parallax vertical slider, and asymmetrical product grid, it succeeds. This theme is probably the most unique option from the ones available on this list. If you’re looking for something that sets you and your products apart and highlights your media, this is a great theme to pick.

With product videos, tabs, and options, a lot of the customization features are already in place. There are also additional product information options, letting you customize a specific product’s page with extra notes and features for buyers to note. With full support for Shopify 2.0, there’s even more you can do – without even counting in Shopify’s extensive app store.

highlight shopify store

Highlight is free to try – with a $280 fee if you decide to use it to go online.

What makes Highlight a great Shopify theme for custom products:

  • striking and unique design;
  • additional product information;
  • a lot of customization features.

9. Rubix – custom product theme with plenty of demos

Great for:

full site customization

Theme styles:

20+ different demos

Compatible with Shopify 2.0:


Try theme:

Rubix is a theme, offering 20+ different demos, covering several varying niches. It’s a theme loaded to the brim with exciting features and possibilities: while you couldn’t possibly use them all, there’s definitely something that might catch your eye, and make your custom product store seriously exciting.

Rubix theme offers 3D and AR product previews – if you have the required files, you could give your visitors the best possible look at your items. 5 different types of product pages are available, too – so you can pick out the option that suits your customization preferences the best. With color, size, and material swatches built-in automatically, there’s plenty of customization your visitors will be able to do right out of the box.

rubix shopify store

Rubix costs $69: a relatively low price, compared to many other premium Shopify themes for custom products.

What makes Rubix a great Shopify theme for custom products:

  • 3D/AR product display;
  • custom product pages;
  • 5 types of product page layout.

10. Debutify – fully customizable Shopify theme with powerful features

Debutify theme banner

Great for:

boosting conversions, flexible customization

Theme styles:

1 preset, 50+ built-in add-ons

Compatible with Shopify 2.0:


Try theme:

Debutify offers a powerful builder, allowing you to customize your store to your liking. Flexibility and customization is also important in order to sell custom products since you’ll have to put more effort into building your product pages.

You’ll find conversion-boosting add-ons that other Shopify themes usually don’t offer. That means, you can save money on third-party apps that have the same features. The features include cart maximizers, conversion triggers, loyalty builders, shopping enhancers, and shop protectors.

Woof Palace uses the Debutify Shopify theme for their custom product website.

woof palace custom product store built with debutify shopify theme

What makes Debutify a great Shopify theme for custom products:

  • highly customizable;
  • 50+ built-in add-ons;
  • focused on user experience;
  • regularly updated.

How did we choose Shopify themes for a custom-products store?

For this article, we’ve researched dozens of the most popular Shopify themes – as well as looked into Shopify themes used by some of the popular custom product stores. Here are the main things we found to be important:

  1. Powerful product pages. A product page has to look good, and be fully editable to include your customization options. Each theme here has either several great product pages, or at least offers expansive editing options.
  2. Modern, responsive design. Each of the themes here works perfectly for custom products: on both mobile and desktop devices. With extensive product pages, mobile interfaces can get cluttered. Themes on this list solved this issue handsomely.
  3. Simple buying process. You’d imagine every store would make it as simple as possible to pick out a product, customize it, and pay the money. Well, you’d be surprised. Luckily, each theme here offers a simple and straightforward user experience: from first visit, to a happy review.

What else do you need for a personalized products Shopify store?

Here are some of the things you will still need to put together and launch a successful Shopify personalized product store:

  1. Your customization solution. Shopify, together with the themes on this list, is plenty powerful enough to offer solid customization for the products. By choosing to add “Variants” in the product editing interface, you can set up pretty much everything. However, there are apps like Product Options & Customizer, or Variant Option Product Options which can help you do even more.
  2. Technical considerations. We want to offer our customers the world: but can we? Make sure to set realistic boundaries, fulfillment times, and hard limits on what you can and can’t do. It’s better to offer less and deliver, than offer more – and don’t.
  3. Futureproof business plan. It’s a good headache, but a headache nonetheless. Custom product turnaround time is notoriously large. In order to make your store profitable, you might need to set up a process on how to deal with larger requests – so your success doesn’t turn into a big issue. Business process automation is key to improving sales and increasing customer satisfaction.

Final words

Building a personalized products Shopify store can be a tricky task – there are so many things to consider along the way. But, using the best Shopify theme for custom products that suits your preferred style can solve a lot of the issues.

Keep in mind that you will need a Shopify app to make the personalized product functionality possible. If you choose a Shopify theme with great product pages, you’re half-way there.

With simple and clean design, fully customizable pages, and excellent tools for increased sales, these themes here are ready-made to help you make a top-notch site. So get to it, and start customizing!

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