Best Shopify Product Customization Apps

Best Shopify Product Customization Apps
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A dedicated product customization app is an excellent alternative to the built-in Shopify product personalizer, which only offers basic customization settings. With a dedicated app, you can engage customers more effectively by allowing them to personalize their items extensively.

If you aim to offer a better customer experience and increase sales, then this is another crucial Shopify application to install. Continue reading to find a list of the top 10 Shopify product customization apps and tips on how to choose the one for your store specifically.

What is a product customization app in Shopify?

Shopify product customization app is a tool that allows your customers to change and personalize your product design or components.

The functionalities of Shopify product optimization apps range from simple color swatch selection and custom textbox to basically designing products from scratch.

Some apps also offer advanced technology for live previews, social share buttons, build-a-box options, and other handy features.

These apps are bread and butter for stores that depend on product customization, such as print-on-demand services. However, a Shopify product customizer app will benefit any store that wants to offer a variety of product options to their clients.

How we selected these Shopify product customizers

Here, you can find the criteria we followed to pick out the top Shopify apps for customizing products:

  • Features. The first aspect that our attention was dedicated to was the feature suite. When selecting the best Shopify product customizers, we looked for extensive customization options, price add-on features, support for file uploads, and more.
  • Performance. An offer of numerous features is good but what’s better is when those features function properly. Therefore, we went through each app separately, making sure they offered consistent and reliable performance.
  • Ease of use. In every Shopify product customizer, we looked for user-friendly interfaces that wouldn’t complicate your experience and allow you to improve your customer engagement effortlessly.
  • Price. When using a Shopify app, it often requires multiple third-party applications resulting in high expenses. Therefore, we looked for product customizers that ensured fair price-to-quality ratios.

Top Shopify customization apps: our shortlist

  1. Avis Product Option – the best overall Shopify product customization app
  2. Product Options & Customizer – product personalizer with a focus on revenue growth
  3. Variant Option Product Options – affordable yet powerful product customizer
  4. Kickflip – advanced Shopify app for custom products
  5. Zepto Product Personalizer – product personalization app with live previews
  6. Angle 3D Configurator – 3D Shopify product customizer
  7. Inkybay – Shopify product customizer with dynamic price generation
  8. Mighty Image Uploader – product customizer for merchants that work with visuals
  9. Custom Price Calculator – Shopify product personalizations with prices calculated individually
  10. Neon Sign Customiser – Shopify app for selling custom neon signs

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Top 10 Shopify apps for product customization: in-depth review

We reviewed highly rated product customizer apps Shopify app store has to offer and selected 10 that stand out:

1. Avis Product Option

Avis Product Option



945 reviews
avis product option banner
Free - $149/month
Custom product bundles, in-cart editing
Shopify App Store

Avis Product Options is by far the best Shopify product customizer determined to conquer the Shopify app store. Launched at the end of 2019, this app boasts an impressive range of functionalities that are mostly for free.

The application provides you with all product customization essentialities, including conditional logic, upcharges, and product bundles, among numerous product personalization options your customer receives. Additionally, Avis Product Options carries the “Built for Shopify” badge, so you can rest assured that the app will perform consistently.

Avis Product Option pros:

  • Many features come with the free plan
  • Various customization options (date, text box, checkbox, color swatches, etc.)
  • Conditional logic to display only relevant options
  • Product bundle for upsells
  • Upcharge option
  • Build-a-box option

Avis Product Option cons:

  • File uploads available only with the Premium plan

Avis Product Option is a go-to Shopify customizer for any level of experience with managing a Shopify store. The app is filled with features, but the user interface remains intuitive. You can use features, like image/color swatch, quick view of a featured product, and over 20 option types free of charge. For more features, you’d need to go premium, starting at only $9/month and reaching $149/month.

Here is a build-a-box product page for candies made with AvisPlus:

Build-a-box candy selection product page created with AvisPlus Shopify product customization app

2. Product Options & Customizer

Product Options & Customizer



1685 reviews
Product options & customizer banner
Free - $99.99/month
Upcharges for premium options, combos of variants from different products

Product Options & Customizer will give your customers extensive product personalization freedom. The app comes with features, such as a color swatch picker, text boxes, a combination of variants from different products, and more.

The app is also perfect for those in a rush or without prior experience. That being said, Product Options & Customizer has product tagging and bulk action options to save you some time as well as an informative in-app Setup Wizard to help guide new users.

Product Options & Customizer pros:

  • Add-on upcharge feature
  • Conditional logic to show and hide product options
  • Possibility to create templates and apply the same variants to multiple products
  • Date and font picker
  • Outstanding customer support

Product Options & Customizer cons:

  • Add-on upcharge and conditional logic come only with the Premium plan
  • Free plan allows only one product customization

Product Options & Customizer offers a decent price-to-quality ratio, especially if you don't need all the advanced features but still want basic product customization options for your store. With the free plan, you can sell only one customized product, but the $19.99/month plan lets you sell an unlimited number of customized products. For additional features, you'll need to subscribe to a plan that costs between $49.99 and $99.99 per month.

Here is a product page for paint with multiple product customization options:

Product page of paint in 4 different colors created with Product Options and Customizer

3. Variant Option Product Options

Variant Option Product Options



1016 reviews
variant option product options banner
Free - $19.99/month
File uploads, price add-ons, conditional logic
Shopify App Store

Variant Option Product Options is another great alternative product customizer due to feature abundance, quality performance, and affordability.

With this app, you can customize your product pages to the tiniest detail, including infinite variants, options, conditional logic to manage out-of-stock or sold-out products, and much more.

Variant Option Product Options pros:

  • Checkboxes, color swatches, buttons, file uploads
  • Conditional logic
  • Add-on upcharges for different product options
  • Used directly in Shopify
  • Multiline text boxes

Variant Option Product Options cons:

  • Free plan only for Shopify store with the Developer mode
  • No date selector

It’s a tried-and-tested app that’s been helping improve product options on Shopify stores since 2017. Very competitive pricing, superstar customer support, and intuitive app UI will come a long way for anyone starting out with Shopify product personalization. The price makes it a suitable option for e-commerce beginners as well, as you can get it for as low as $9.99/month with only price add-ons and conditional logic excluded. The free plan is available for Shopify development stores only.

Here is what a highly customizable jersey product page made with Variant Option Product Options looks like:

Customizable black jersey product page featuring size, color and personalized text box selection created with Variant Option Product Options app

4. Kickflip




120 reviews
kickflip product customizer banner
Free (2.19% per successful sale) - $49/month
Text and image personalization, multi-component customizations
Shopify App Store

Do you want to offer your customers the freedom to design their perfect product? Kickflip Product Personalizer allows you to take that one additional step and provides software for full product personalization with real-time preview.

Kickflip offers the option to not only fully customize product design but also components. Your customers will also have access to numerous additional features, such as finished design social sharing and you will be able to view order and design data.

Kickflip pros:

  • Possibility to add/remove product components (e.g. shirt sleeves)
  • Social sharing buttons for customers
  • Supports numerous currencies and languages
  • White label option
  • Pricing upcharges
  • Mobile-compatible product design software

Kickflip cons:

  • Free until the first sold custom product
  • Unlimited product plan is very expensive

Kickflip is an eye-catching Shopify product customizer that offers a comprehensive yet pricy set of features. The app is free to use if you don't sell any personalized items. However, if you do make a successful sale of a personalized item, the app will charge you a fee of 2.19% of the selling price. If you want to go straightforward without testing the app, the subscription costs $49/month.

Here is what a product page of fully-customizable sneakers made with Kickflip would look like:

Sneakers with tongue and lace color customization options from Kickflip Product Personalizer app

5. Zepto Product Personalizer

Zepto Product Personalizer



943 reviews
zepto product personalizer banner
$9.99 - $49.99/month
Live previews, price add-ons, unlimited options per product
Shopify App Store

Zepto Product Personalizer offers everything you would expect from a powerful Shopify product customizer. On top of that, it has a rare live product variation preview feature that allows your customers to see what the product variations actually look like and make fully informed orders.

The customers also appreciate their user-friendly application and a professional customer support team, which is also what we must agree with.

Zepto Product Personalizer pros:

  • Live product variation preview
  • Wide product customization options (text area, color, custom font)
  • Monogram with customizable design and font size
  • Conditional logic editor
  • Upcharge feature
  • Bulk actions

Zepto Product Personalizer cons:

  • There’s no free plan
  • 3 out of 4 subscription plans limit the number of customized products you can sell

Zepto Product Personalizer is one of the most rationally priced Shopify product customization applications, as the prices start from $9.99/month allowing you to sell up to 50 custom products per month. Even though there’s no free plan, you’re allowed to test the service risk-free for 15 days. Therefore, it’s a good option for both beginning and thriving Shopify stores.

Take a look at this fully customizable pillowcase product page with monogram created using Zepto:

Orange pillowcase highly customizable product page made with Zepto Shopify product customizer

6. Angle 3D Configurator

Angle 3D Configurator



128 reviews
angle 3d configurator banner
$39 - $199/month
3D customization options, product bundling
Shopify App Store

If you sell clothing or furniture, 3D product customization and visualization could do wonders for your sales. Consider Angle 3D Configurator as one of the top Shopify apps for fashion merchants.

This Shopify app is perfect for integrating custom products which on top of all expected functionalities supports real space visualization using powerful augmented reality technology.

Angle 3D Configurator pros:

  • Powerful 3D modeling
  • Augmented reality to view products in 3D space
  • Customizable design to match store theme
  • Wide customization possibilities (custom text, color, and more)
  • PDF export for finished designs

Angle 3D Configurator cons:

  • Quite expensive
  • No free version of the app

Angle 3D Configurator is a Shopify app for merchants who want to go the extra mile with their clothing stores. The app doesn’t have a free plan, but there’s a 14-day free trial. The prices start from $39 to $199/month, but the cheapest plan allows selling only up to 10 custom products; hence, this app isn’t the right fit if you’re tight on budget.

Take a look at this product page of a handbag that you can customize and preview from every angle in 3D space:

Light brown handbag product page with multiple dropdown customization menus and 3D preview

7. Inkybay - Product Personalizer




276 reviews
inkybay product personalizer banner
$19.99 - $249.99/month
Dynamic price generation, live custom product preview
Shopify App Store

Inkybay is another great Shopify app for custom products with a pretty specific target audience – print-on-demand stores. Using their advanced custom Shopify product design software, your customers can choose from an array of font and clip art options as well as upload their own designs, add text, graphics, and more.

What’s more, the app allows real-time customized product reviews and it also generates prices for them dynamically based on selected colors, designs, and other elements.

Inkybay pros:

  • Customers can design their products fully
  • Huge clip art library for quick designs
  • Mobile-friendly design software
  • Generates prices based on product customizations automatically
  • 21-day free trial

Inkybay cons:

  • Premium pricing
  • No free plan

Inkybay is an all-in-one product customization app for Shopifiers that run print-on-demand businesses, but due to an extensive list of functionalities, the app is also pricy, making it a better choice for thriving stores. You receive a 21-day free trial for a tryout, and then the prices start from $19.99 to $249.99/month. The cheapest plan gives you only up to 10 custom products and up to 30 custom monthly orders.

This is what Inkybay product customization software looks like (pretty impressive!):

Inkybay product customization software with a fully customizable phone case

8. Mighty Image Uploader

Mighty Image Uploader



203 reviews
Mighty Image Uploader banner
$14.99 - $19.99/month
AI Image enhancer, unlimited image uploads
Shopify App Store

If you sell stickers, phone cases, photo slates, or any other product centered around photos, Mighty Image Uploader might tick all the boxes for you.

This Shopify app for custom products gives your customers the functionality to upload, crop, rotate, and add text to images of their choice to create a product with a personal memory or preferred design. Moreover, the app has a built-in AI-driven image enhancer, allowing your customers to receive quality products.

Mighty Image Uploader pros:

  • Possibility to upload images from mobile
  • AI image enhancer
  • Optional text with every uploaded image
  • Post-upload crop and rotation
  • Supports multiple image uploads for one product

Mighty Image Uploader cons:

  • Limited to niche businesses
  • No free plan

Mighty Image Uploader is an excellent choice for any merchant that works with image-focused business – it’s user-friendly and fairly affordable. Although there’s no free version, you get a 7-day free trial to see how the app works before committing. The subscription prices vary from $14.99 to $19.99/month, giving you access to HEIC to JPG conversion, paid product options, priority support, and more options with a pricier plan.

This is what a grid display with multiple images would look like in Personalized Image Upload:

9-image grid with custom image uploads created using Personalized Image Uploader Shopify app

9. Custom Price Calculator

Custom Price Calculator



216 reviews
Custom Price Calculator banner
Drag-and-drop formula builder, real-time custom price calculation
Shopify App Store

Do your products already have all the needed selections and all you want is to charge differently for them? The Custom Price Calculator app will personalize your product pricing options.

With Custom Price Calculator you can add multiple pricing variables and display custom prices as the customer navigates your product selections. The drag-and-drop formula builder ensures that even beginners can benefit from accurate price calculations.

Custom Price Calculator pros:

  • Any variable option (size, volume, color, material, etc).
  • Multiple input option
  • Convenient drag-and-drop builder
  • Possibility to add custom CSS

Custom Price Calculator cons:

  • Only one and a pricy subscription plan
  • Styling section is a bit limited, might require custom CSS to match your store design

Custom Price Calculator is a fairly easy-to-use application that may work as a great addition to your Shopify store with custom product variants. There’s no free plan, only a 10-day free trial, and the price is $19.99/month, which is quite a lot, considering that this isn’t fully a product customization-focused Shopify app.

This is what a different-size print price calculator made with this Shopify app looks like:

Custom Price Calculator generated price calculator for stickers using size and quantity variables

10. Neon Sign Customiser

Neon Sign Customiser



45 reviews
Neon Sign Customiser banner
Free – $99/month
Neon, Acrylic, Metal, LED, 2D, and 3D custom signs
Shopify App Store

Our last suggestion provides a very niche yet interesting solution - your customers can create their own unique neon, LED, metal, acrylic, 2D, and also 3D signs.

Within each custom-produced sign, the price is generated automatically based on the number of letters and the material the sign is made of. The app has a built-in currency exchanger and translator, allowing you to sell worldwide.

Neon Sign Customiser pros:

  • Size, font, and color customization
  • User-friendly design software
  • Built-in translator and currency exchanger

Neon Sign Customiser cons:

  • Limited to a very specific niche
  • Free plan is only for the setup process

Due to product-category limitations and premium pricing, Neon Sign Customiser is a better fit for Shopify users who have an extra budget for investing in a new niche. To try the app in the first place, you can use a free plan that allows you to set up the store. The prices start from $49 to $99/month, unlocking features, such as unlimited sign customizers, custom design forms, and more.

Curious to see what the sign customizer looks like on the inside? Here it is:

Neon Sign product design software UI with green neon letters and product customization options on the right

How to choose the product customization app for Shopify

We’ve taken a lot of legwork out of your research process - all apps you see here are reliable, have good reviews, outstanding customer support, and all features required for a functional Shopify product customization app.

Yet how do you settle on one?

These are a couple of additional aspects to consider when choosing the Shopify product customization app:

  • Decide what features you need. Before you even begin the selection process, you need to look at all of your products and come up with a list of features that require customization. It will help you understand if you need an advanced app, or perhaps one with very basic features will do just fine.
  • Don’t save on what matters. If your store requires product customization, you don’t want to settle for the cheapest option. Make sure the app has all the functionalities you need, it will pay off in the long run.
  • Consider how fast your store will scale. Migrating from one product customization app to another might not always be easy. We suggest picking an app that offers sufficient plan upgrades to cover your product customization needs in the foreseeable future.

Final thoughts

You learned that using a third-party Shopify app for product customization can enhance your customer experience and boost your revenue. And with the right application, you can achieve these outcomes without having to put in an excessive amount of effort.

After going through our in-house research, we found that Avis Product Option is the best Shopify app for product customization overall, due to its affordability and quality performance. For a slightly more premium option, we recommend hitting Variant Option Product Options or Kickflip.

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