Best SEO Apps for Shopify

Best SEO Apps for Shopify
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The best SEO app for Shopify is essential if you want to increase your store's visibility, receive more traffic, and make the desired profit.

Like other must-have Shopify apps, SEO applications are meant to save your time and ease ongoing store management processes. With them, you receive dedicated features for improving metadata, fixing broken links, boosting the page loading speed, and other aspects that make your Shopify store rank high.

The selection of seemingly good SEO apps is extensive but not all of them are truly functional. Hence, we’ve tested and selected the best 10 SEO apps for Shopify to rank high and constantly grow traffic flow. Read on, and select the top app for your store.

Best Shopify SEO apps: short overview

  1. TinyIMG- best overall Shopify SEO app
  2. SEO King - SEO app for effective product descriptions
  3. SEO Manager - Shopify SEO app with the most features
  4. AVADA - powerful Shopify app for SEO
  5. Booster SEO - Shopify app for automatic SEO fixes
  6. Smart SEO - SEO app for improving link-building strategy
  7. Tapita - Shopify SEO app for better page loading speeds
  8. SearchPie - beginner-friendly Shopify SEO app
  9. Schema Plus - best for specialized schema implementation
  10. DropInBlog - best app to focus on Shopify blog SEO

Keep reading for in-depth reviews and feature analysis of these Shopify SEO apps that truly stand out.

How can a great SEO app help your Shopify store?

Inherently, Shopify is an SEO-friendly eCommerce platform. However, a lot of technical, mundane, or time-consuming SEO tasks have to be handled manually, and no one wants that.

A good Shopify SEO app will help you with three main things:

  • Improve store speed with image compression, lazy loading, asset preloading, script control, and other features.
  • Increase visibility on Google with metadata, alt text optimization, structured data implementation, and more.
  • Save time with various automations, SEO reports, and bulk edit features.

All that leads to better rankings on Google, more clicks on your listings, better user experience, and, ultimately, more sales.

Now let’s take a detailed look at the apps that will help you do that.

10 best SEO apps for Shopify: in-depth reviews

1. TinyIMG – best overall Shopify SEO app




1734 reviews
tinyimg banner
Free – $19.99/month
Speed, image, and metadata optimization
Shopify App Store

TinyIMG is the best SEO app for Shopify overall, and the ‘Built for Shopify’ badge only proves it. Known for excellent site speed optimization capabilities, this app also helps you compress images and win over higher positions in search.

The TinyIMG app for Shopify ensures your visitors are being sent to the correct pages if they bump into 404 errors. You can generate and share SEO audit reports indicating your store’s strengths and weaknesses. Plus, the app includes JSON-LD to implement structured data effortlessly. And when it comes to images, TinyIMG noticeably reduces the image size while maintaining high image quality.

TinyIMG pros

  • Checks the page’s metadata and gives suggestions for improving it
  • Runs complete SEO audits and pinpoints the issues to fix in detailed reports
  • Compresses images without losing quality
  • Fixes broken links throughout your Shopify store
  • Has an excellent free version

TinyIMG cons

  • The free app version doesn’t fix broken links

Whether you’re only beginning to make sales on Shopify or already are one of the best merchants in your field, TinyIMG is the SEO app for you. With it, you get the free version that optimizes up to 50 monthly images, improves SEO Alt texts and filenames, audits your store, and also speeds it up. The premium plans cost from $4.99 to $19.99/month, giving you access to other top-notch tools.

Try TinyIMG for free today with 50 free image optimizations

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2. SEO King – AI-driven SEO app for profitable product descriptions

SEO King



1077 reviews
seo king banner
Free – $14.99/month
404 errors fix, JSON-LD, keyword research
Shopify App Store

SEO King is a powerful Shopify application that uses AI to help you generate converting texts, whether it’s a product description or blog post. Moreover, the app translates the content on your store, helping you target international markets.

Aside from the text on your web store, this app scans your website for various SEO issues, such as 404 errors or ineffective metadata. Once the problem is spotted, SEO King offers quick fixes, including image compression or Alt text optimization.

SEO King pros

  • Uses AI to generate content optimized for SEO
  • Optimizes and backups unlimited images
  • Translates texts on the website automatically
  • Offers a decent free version

SEO King cons

  • The customer support team may be unprofessional
  • The free version helps with one type of product

SEO King is exceptionally good for single-product stores, as the free plan provides you with single-product updates on all tools, runs shop scans, fixes broken links, and more. The paid plans start from $9.99 to $14.99/month, each subscription type has the same features but works with a different number of products per store.

3. SEO Manager – Feature-packed Shopify SEO app

SEO Manager



1725 reviews
seo manager banner
Free – $59/month
Image optimization, schema, SEO reports
Shopify App Store

SEO Manager is one of the most powerful Shopify apps for SEO that boasts over 20 SEO features. Although feature-rich, the app is straightforward, making it a suitable option for both beginners and advanced users.

This is one of the very few apps that integrates with Google Trends and Analytics – easy to discover potential keywords and track actual results. SEO Manager also provides you with already seen but no less important features, such as performance scans, broken links repairs, or AI content generator.

SEO Manager pros

  • Works with Google Trends and Google Analytics
  • Helps create redirects from broken links
  • Analyzes targeted keywords
  • Has the Google Result Simulation functionality

SEO Manager cons

  • The customer support team can be unresponsive
  • The app could be more eye-catching

Due to the extensive list of functionalities the provider offers, SEO Manager is a great choice for Shopify merchants who have no or little knowledge of SEO. There’s a great free plan available, where you will find SEO monitoring, Google Result Simulation, image optimization, and other features. The paid plans start from $29 to $59/month and unlock features, like AI-driven content generation or advanced Google integrations.

4. Avada – SEO app for advanced Shopify merchants




6262 reviews
avada banner
Free – $99/month
Alt optimization, SEO Audit, speed optimization
Shopify App Store

Avada is an all-in-one solution for experienced Shopify business owners. With it, you can optimize unlimited images, making your store load faster and staying on the peak of the search engines’ result pages.

Aside from the images, this Shopify app can optimize meta tags to help you rank higher in the search. Similarly to other top SEO apps, like TinyIMG, Avada detects and fixes 404 errors, preventing loss of traffic over broken links. And you also receive reports to stay aware of existing SEO issues on your web store.

Avada pros

  • Optimizes unlimited images with the paid plan
  • Has an extensive selection of SEO features
  • Uncomplicated app usability
  • Free users are eligible for 24/7 customer support

Avada cons

  • Expensive subscriptions
  • Some clients claim that the app broke their sitemap

While Avada’s feature range is impressive and it’s trusted by many Shopify merchants, the downfall is their all-or-nothing approach to pricing. The free plan offers few useful features, pretty much all real benefits come with their pricey Pro plan, making it a suitable choice for already thriving stores. The pricing starts from $34.95 to $99/month.

5. Booster SEO – Autopilot Shopify SEO app

Booster SEO



6395 reviews
booster seo banner
Free – $69/month
Autopilot SEO fixes, metadata and image optimization
Shopify App Store

Booster SEO is a widely-known Shopify app among merchants who want to do less manual work to stay visible on Google result pages. With the help of an AI, this application continuously monitors for other SEO issues.

Similarly to TinyIMG, Booster SEO optimizes images for better loading speeds, improved customer experience, and higher positions in SERP. Moreover, it looks for broken links and fixes them on autopilot, so you don’t lose potential customers due to 404 errors.

Booster SEO pros

  • Optimizes URL keywords
  • Has the automated image optimization
  • Includes an automatic JSON-LD
  • The free app audits the site for new images every week

Booster SEO cons

  • The free version works only for image optimization

Booster SEO is a good SEO app for beginners who need to optimize their images and an excellent app for thriving Shopify stores that want to quickly catch all the SEO issues. With its free app, you can optimize Alt texts and have your images checked each week. Paid plans start from $39 to $69/month, providing you with autopilot SEO fixes, metadata optimization, and more features.

6. Smart SEO – SEO app for better link-building strategy

Smart SEO



1269 reviews
smart seo banner
Free – $29.99/month
Meta tags generator, JSON-LD, broken links detection
Shopify App Store

Smart SEO is a reliable Shopify app for improving your website’s SEO with a powerful linking strategy, as well as well-optimized images and fast loading speeds. The app helps you find and fix onsite, external, or even visited links automatically.

If you’re worried about coming up with profitable meta titles or descriptions, then this app is perfect for you, as it also generates metadata with the help of ChatGPT-4 Turbo. You can also benefit from JSON-LD to make your Shopify store more visible on result pages.

Smart SEO pros

  • Provides you with backlinks reports
  • Effectively fixes broken links
  • Optimizes images for better loading speeds
  • Customer support is very helpful

Smart SEO cons

  • Complicated subscription plan structure

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Shopify store owner, Smart SEO can help you increase your sales. You can start optimizing your store with Smart SEO's free plan, which includes the ability to optimize up to 50 images, fix 100 broken links, generate 10 metatags, and more. You can also choose one of the premium plans starting from $9.99 to $29.99 per month, which will allow you to use features like JSON-LD and optimize more details.

7. Tapita – Shopify app for better SEO and loading speed




1781 reviews
tapita banner
Free – $49.99/month
SEO audit, schemas, one-click speed optimization
Shopify App Store

Struggling with SEO and slow page loading speeds is common yet fixable with the correct apps like Tapita. With this app, you will speed up your Shopify store and make it rank higher using such features as one-click speed optimization, advanced JSON-LD schemas, and more.

To stay notified about the gaps you need to improve, you will be able to run either general or on-page SEO audits. Afterward, the app will fix broken links automatically, help you optimize images, and look for high-ranking keywords.

Tapita pros

  • Even free users can optimize up to 900 images/month
  • One-click speed optimization feature is included
  • Runs on-page and general SEO audits
  • Helps to research for keywords

Tapita cons

  • Complicated pricing
  • Very limited keyword research allowance

Tapita is a versatile SEO app for all-level Shopify merchants. It’s easy to use but can get pricey quite quickly, as its pricing increases depending on a Shopify plan you’re on. There’s a free version of the app that allows you to optimize up to 900 images per month, add SEO schemas, run audits, and more. Premium plans start from $9.99/month, unlocking one-click speed optimization and other advanced features.

8. SearchPie – Top beginner-friendly Shopify SEO app




3531 reviews
searchpie banner
$39 – $99/month
SEO reports, speed optimization, broken links detection
Shopify App Store

SearchPie can pride itself on how well it caters to beginners. There are no complicated technical SEO terms, the interface is intuitive and their Auto Features will have your store optimized in just a few clicks.

Plus, this is the only app offering AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) implementation - a known way to optimize for mobile performance (although with questionable store design sacrifices). It also helps you fix long URLs and broken links, so you will constantly improve users’ experience too.

SearchPie pros

  • Helps optimize website’s performance on mobile devices
  • Compresses images without affecting their quality
  • Generates product descriptions using AI
  • Detects and fixes long URLs

SearchPie cons

  • Doesn’t have a free plan
  • It’s quite expensive

While SearchPie’s app is user-friendly, the cost may make it less appealing to beginners. The app doesn't offer a free version but you can take advantage of a 7-day free trial to see if it's a good fit for your needs. After the trial ends, you can choose from two subscription plans that cost either $39 or $99 per month. The more expensive plan unlocks additional features like AMP and unlimited image compression.

9. Schema Plus for SEO – The best SEO app to add schema

Schema Plus for SEO



388 reviews
schema plus for seo banner
Complete schema
Shopify App Store

If you’re looking to dominate Google pages with rich snippets, Schema Plus could be a worthwhile option for you. Designed by Google employees who decided to switch their focus to Shopify, this app implements top-notch Shopify structured data on all pages of your store and helps capture rich snippets.

Even though this app isn’t about detecting broken links on your website or compressing images, you will definitely become more visible. Schema Plus integrates with most Shopify product review apps. Plus, their team will dedicate time to an onboarding call.

Schema Plus for SEO pros

  • Ex-Google employees Offer advanced schema technology
  • Provides you with excellent customer support
  • Affordable subscription price

Schema Plus for SEO cons

  • There are no additional SEO features
  • Only one subscription plan option

Schema Plus isn’t a regular Shopify SEO application that thoroughly optimizes your website. But it’s a perfect choice if you want to help Google understand your store through schemas more effectively. It comes at a flat $14.99 fee, and you can test the app using a 7-day free trial first.

10. DropInBlog – The top Shopify SEO app for blogs




209 reviews
dropinblog banner
$24 – $49/month
SEO post analyzer
Shopify App Store

If you seek to have a compelling and popular Shopify blog, then DropInBlog is essential for you. The app noticeably improves native blogging functionalities and helps you optimize your website’s SEO with the as-you-type SEO analyzer.

Speaking of SEO, DropInBlog ensures your URLs fits both search engines’ and customers’ need, making them short and accurate. As for blogs, this app provides you with responsive templates and allows you to embed your products, so the sales get to happen more frequently.

DropInBlog pros

  • Has a built-in as-you-type SEO analyzer
  • Optimizes URLs for SEO
  • Offers responsive templates for maintaining the brand look

DropInBlog cons

  • Not many dedicated features for SEO
  • No free app version

DropInBlog is a great app to help you deliver high-quality Shopify blogs. However, it may not be the best option for beginners because it doesn't offer a free version and its starting price is $24/month. Nonetheless, you can take advantage of a 14-day free trial to test the service and determine if it meets your requirements.

How we chose top SEO apps for Shopify

To ensure you’re looking at the Shopify app store’s finest, we handpicked these Shopify SEO apps based on a rigorous selection process.

Our criteria for a top Shopify SEO app include:

  • Price and free plan. Ideally, the app offers a free option. If it’s paid, the features must be worth the price.
  • Rating and customer reviews. Only those rated 4.7+/5 on the Shopify app store made it to our list. Also, on top of our own tests, we took the comments of those who reviewed the app into account. We looked for apps that helped numerous users achieve tangible results improving website speed and rankings.
  • Ease of use. We were aiming to list apps that are beginner-friendly. That being said, each one of these is suitable for an SEO guru running a Shopify store.
  • Customer support. We offer only those Shopify SEO apps that provide live chat or otherwise excellent customer support.

Is having a Shopify SEO app enough?

A great Shopify SEO app is necessary, but it’s not everything. To follow the best SEO practices, you must have a comprehensive strategy in place.

We have compiled some resources for you. Read over them and combine that with the functionalities of your chosen SEO app for Shopify to take your store to the next level:


By now, you know all the best Shopify SEO apps available on the Shopify app store: TinyIMG, AVADA, SEO King, SEO Manager, and Booster SEO. We have listed their basic functions, reviewed exceptional features, pointed out shortcomings, and considered their value for money.

We hope that you can make an informed decision when choosing which Shopify SEO app to install. Now let’s work on those rankings!

Frequently asked questions

Overall, we recommend TinyIMG, Avada SEO, and SEO King as the top 3 Shopify SEO apps. However, read over our criteria, reviews, and suggestions to choose one that suits your needs best.

Yes, you should definitely use a Shopify SEO app. It will help you automate and simplify a lot of technical and tedious SEO tasks, improving store performance and saving time.

Shopify stores have some basic built-in SEO tools, such as title or metadata editing. However, to ensure top SEO performance, you should use a Shopify SEO app.

Although most Shopify SEO apps have some version of a free plan, most don’t offer their full feature range. TinyIMG, SEO King, and SmartSEO offer the best free plan options.

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