Best TinyPNG alternatives for image optimization

Best TinyPNG alternatives for image optimization
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TinyPNG is a popular online image optimization tool, but sometimes you just need an alternative.

Why? Reasons vary.

Some people tend to seek TinyPNG alternatives because its free plan doesn’t allow uploading images larger than 5MB. Another thing might be that TinyPNG only supports three main image formats: PNG, JPEG, and WebP.

We’re here to make the search for other options easier for you by providing a list of the best alternatives to TinyPNG.

The good news is there is an extensive choice of online image compression tools. So we’ve compiled a list of the best TinyPNG alternatives based on their popularity and features.

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Best alternatives to TinyPNG: shortlist

  1. TinyIMG - free online image compressor and a Shopify app
  2. - lossy, lossless, and expert modes of compression
  3. Optimizilla - fast online image optimizer
  4. Compressnow – optimization tool for images in four different formats
  5. Gumlet – perfect for both image and video files

15 best TinyPNG alternatives: overview

1. TinyIMG

tinyimg optimization tool as a tinypng alternative

TinyIMG features a free online, easy-to-use image compression tool with the trending drag-and-drop functionality to upload images. Complete with a user-friendly interface, TinyIMG uses a smart algorithm to reduce the file sizes of images. Similar to TinyPNG, TinyIMG compresses JPG and PNG files.

  • Images can be uploaded in bulk
  • Once the compression is complete, users can see the compressed size of the images
  • Download compressed images either individually or as a single .zip archive
  • This tool requires no technical knowledge or expertise, making it suited for personal use.

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kraken io optimization tool as a tinypng alternative is famous for its fast and efficient features, explicitly built for optimal image compression. Used by some of the best companies like Microsoft, Dell, and Tesla, is one of the most popular plugins available online and worth the mint.

  • Both paid and free plans are available to cater to different target audiences
  • supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF files
  • Users can optimize images by directly uploading them from Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Images can also be optimized by uploading them through a URL entry
  • The compressed images can be downloaded as a single ZIP file

3. Optimizilla

optimizilla image optimization tool as a tinypng alternative

Considered as one of the fastest and most popular optimizers, Optimizilla boasts a single webpage hosting the compression software. In addition, the free online tool supports the simple drag and drop function to upload images. In terms of supported file formats, Optimizilla is similar to TinyPNG, supporting both PNG and JPEG files.

  • Users can upload and download bulk images of different formats
  • Supports compression of up to 20 images at the same time
  • Features a slider to change the level of compression
  • Once processed, you can view the level of compression applied to the uploaded images
  • Files can be downloaded both individually or as a single .zip archive

4. Compressnow

compressnow image optimization tool as a tinypng alternative

Compressnow is a web-based software that allows users to control the level of compression during image optimization. One of the reasons Compressnow is an excellent alternative to TinyPNG is because it supports four file formats. Furthermore, similar to Optimizilla, Compressnow allows for bulk import and compression of images.

  • The supported file formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF, and JPEG.
  • The total file size of bulk images is limited to 9MB.
  • Allows for the compression rate of images to be controlled by percentage.
  • It uses the nifty drag-and-drop method of uploading images.
  • Supports the upload of up to 10 images at the same time.

5. Gumlet

gumlet image optimization tool as a tinypng alternative

Gumlet is a good image compression software that saves server space for images and speeds up load times. Unlike many alternatives, Gumlet allows both videos and images to be compressed. This unique software applies six optimization steps to compress files up to 65% of their original size. As a freemium software, Gumlet offers both a free version and the option to upgrade to the premium plan.

  • Easy to integrate without the need for any technical expertise
  • Images and videos can be compressed to WebP/AVIF formats
  • Gumlet features a function that resizes and optimizes images according to the screen size of the user’s device, effectively reducing load time
  • Gumlet does not have a browser version like TinyPNG; instead, an easy-to-integrate plugin is available

6. ResizePhotos

resizephotos image optimization tool as a tinypng alternative

ResizePhotos is a free application that is far more functional than TinyPNG. This online tool can change image dimensions, with the option to compress them using the quality settings. It also features special effects that can be added to individual images. ResizePhotos supports an extensive range of image formats. The only drawback to this free application is that it lacks the bulk import feature, only allowing individual uploads at a time.

  • The image file formats supported on ResizePhotos are JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and PSD
  • The quality of the image can be changed and adjusted using a slider
  • Additional effects such as borders, captions, shadows, etc., can be applied to images

7. Free Image Optimizer

free image optimizer image optimization tool as a tinypng alternative

The Free Image Optimizer compression software is a popular alternative because of its simplicity. The featured online version of this tool allows users to resize images and change the file quality. Users can compress image files in three different formats. With a simple user interface, this optimizer focuses on catering to the basic user. The disadvantage of this optimizer is that the maximum image size you can upload is 2.56MB.

  • Perfect for beginners and basic use
  • Supported file formats are JPG, PNG, and GIF
  • Bulk uploads are not supported

8. Image Recycle

image recycle image optimization tool as a tinypng alternative

Featuring the trending drag-and-drop function to upload images, Image Recycle does a great job at image compression. This image optimizer compresses both images and PDF files, unlike TinyPNG and some other similar tools. Image Recycle offers a free plan and a paid option for long-term users.

  • The software also features an option to safely backup all compressed images for a monthly fee
  • Background compression of image files can be executed with Image Recycle’s WordPress plugin or Magento extension
  • Upgrading to the paid plan unlocks advanced features (users can try them out with a 15-day free trial)


jpeg io image optimization tool as a tinypng alternative is powered by the popular image optimization site, Like other popular image optimization software, supports numerous file formats. It allows users to convert compressed images into JPEG format from nine different image formats. In addition, this application uses the drag-and-drop feature that enables import from multiple sources.

  • This application can optimize files such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, SVG, PSD, TIFF, EPS, and WebP
  • Images can be uploaded from Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box
  • Allows for bulk importing of images

10. Imagify

imagify image optimization tool as a tinypng alternative

Imagify is an application available in two forms – a plugin and an online web version, making it an excellent choice for quick optimization needs. Imagify supports resizing images by height, width, or percentage on both the online and plugin versions. In addition, Imagify allows direct uploads from your desktop, making it an efficient and straightforward software.

  • Three degrees of compression can be applied to image files
  • The free version features a maximum file upload limit of 2MB
  • Bulk file upload with the application's easy-to-use drag and drop feature.
  • Formats supported are JPGs, PNGs, PDFs & GIFs


compressor io image optimization tool as a tinypng alternative

Offering two different compression methods: lossless and lossy, is an image optimization platform that supports five image file formats. The lossless compression method reduces file sizes up to 20% and is suited for users who want to store the file for print purposes. The lossy compression method reduces file sizes by up to 95% making it perfect for websites.

  • The maximum uploading file size limit is 10MB
  • The versatility of this software is widely renowned, allowing users to save hundreds of kilobytes in each compressed image
  • Supports JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF, and WEBP file formats
  • There is no bulk import feature in this software; hence all images must be uploaded individually

12. JPEGmini

jpegmini image optimization tool as a tinypng alternative

JPEGmini reaches the expectations of any designer, developer, and maker in the industry. Like most image-optimizing tools, JPEGmini is an image optimizer renowned for its ability to retain quality during image compression. However, JPEGmini is an application that can only be accessed and used to its full potential when used in its PRO edition.

  • Allows for fast upload of high-resolution images and maintaining their quality and resolution
  • The user interface is simple in appeal and easy to use
  • Allows the user to compare the quality of the images before and after compression
  • It offers users a free trial period to try the great features available on the PRO edition

13. Cloudinary

cloudinary image optimization tool as a tinypng alternative

Cloudinary is one of the handiest image optimizing software around. It is a video and image optimizing software that assists users with their compressing requirements. This tool is perfect for video sharing requirements. It also provides rich content to improve the overall media experience.

  • Through CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), Cloudinary provides rich media content quickly
  • Offering a load time reduction of up to 60% is one of the application’s most significant selling points
  • Features a media management API for enhancing websites and mobile platforms

14. Bulk Resize Photos

bulk resize photos image optimization tool as a tinypng alternative

Bulk Resize Photos is an easy-to-use online tool known for its batch processing features. It can compress images quickly and efficiently with little to no effort. This online tool also features resizing capabilities that can be adjusted through dimensions, percentage scaling, and file sizes, allowing a more tailored fit to specific requirements.

  • It features the drag-and-drop mechanism to upload images in bulk
  • It is 100% free and can be accessed through a web browser
  • This compressor can convert images into JPEG, PNG, WebP file formats

15. ImageOptim

imageoptim image optimization tool as a tinypng alternative

ImageOptim is a freemium image optimization software that allows users to scale the compression level as required. The focus of this tool is not just to reduce the file size of images but also to aid in search engine optimization requirements.

  • ImageOptim online tool can compress PNG and JPG images
  • The quality and resolution of uploaded images are kept to high standards
  • The API removes any metadata associated with the image for safety
  • Several formats and sizes of conversion are available
  • The software features an online web compressor, a Mac app, and an API

Why do I need an alternative to TinyPNG?

Most users are comfortable with TinyPNG. However, as requirements for image compression rise and fall, the limitations of TinyPNG become a nagging highlight. Knowing the best alternatives to TinyPNG, especially when dealing with multiple file formats, can be more valuable than you can imagine. Here are the top reasons why you may need an alternative to TinyPNG.

  • TinyPNG is only one application in the plethora of new software available.
  • TinyPNG can only compress file formats such as WEBP, JPG, and PNG, whereas other compression software can optimize an extensive range of file formats. For example,
  • TinyPNG has a file size limit of 5MB per image, which places a damper on those who require bulk compression of images.
  • Other software such as and are more renowned in the image optimization arena as they feature several file formats at higher levels of quality.
  • The software may be challenging to use for some individuals, leading to the need for simpler alternatives.
  • Some image compression software offers both lossless and lossy methods of compression suited for both print and web use.
  • TinyPNG has a reputation, according to online forums, for focusing more on the image size reduction and less on the final quality of the image.
  • Lastly, with new technology being introduced frequently, knowing the best options available for image optimization is always good.


Each of the listed alternatives is unique. You can find some online image compression tools very similar to TinyPNG, free and paid, and other applications will offer additional functionality.

For example, TinyIMG offers an app for Shopify stores to automate image compression and improve SEO performance, and ResizePhotos allows adding special effects to photos. Website owners might find TinyPNG alternatives with API or a plugin for their CMS.

So whether you’re just browsing for more options or know exactly what you need, we’re sure you’ll find a tool like TinyPNG, only better.

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