Recommended image sizes for popular Shopify themes

Recommended image sizes for popular Shopify themes
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The two main reasons why image sizes are very important in a Shopify store are:

  1. Loading Speed – the smaller the images, the quicker your store loads and your customer can get what they want.
  2. The Visual Appeal Factor – images larger than the recommended size for a theme will be cropped out. This can make your store look not the way you expected and even lead customers away.

Most Shopify themes are easy to implement and make your store stand out. However, each of them lays out images differently. Ensuring the subject of the image is close to the center will avoid any cropping of the important parts of the image. And below you'll find the recommended image sizes for some of the most popular Shopify themes.

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According to Shopify, stores should never have images that are too small or large. While Shopify allows users to upload images up to 4472px X 4472px, image sizes of 2048px X 2048px are highly recommended. Read on for the best image sizes to compliment your store's theme.

Shopify Dawn Theme Image Sizes

Image Type Width Height Aspect Ratio
Product Image 700px 700px -
Collection Image 550px 550px 1:1
Slideshow Image 1600px 1050px -
Blog Post Image 720px 1080px -
Text Overlay Image 1600px 1050px -

Image Sizing Tips for Dawn Theme

  • Use the adapt to size feature for the Text Overlay Image to ensure the text neatly aligns with the image

Shopify Impulse Theme Image Sizes

Image Type Width Height Aspect Ratio
Product Image 1065px 1420px 3:4
Collection, Slideshow and Hero Images 2880px 1620px 16:9
Slideshow Image(Mobile) 800px 800px 1:1
Blog Post Image 2880px 1410px 4:3
Mega Menu Image 510px 234px 17:8
Videos (.mp4 or YouTube) 1920px 1080px 16:9

Image Sizing Tips for Impulse Theme

  • Recommended Aspect Ratios for product images are 3:4, 1:1 and 2:3
  • JPG images are better for correctly sized images to favor load time. PNG images, though high in quality, have large file sizes. If you have captured images or created designs in PNG format, several tools are available to resize the images.
  • Mega Menu images are taken from images that you have uploaded for your collections.
  • For product videos, use the product image size specifications.

Shopify Prestige Theme Image Sizes

Image Type Width Height Aspect Ratio
Product Image 1800px 1800px 1:1
Hero Image 1200px 1700px -
Collection image 600px 500px -
Slideshow Image 1600px 600px -
Blog Post Image 800px 700px -

Image Sizing Tips for Prestige Theme

  • Ensure that the focal point/point of interest of the images are aligned for intended viewing, as some cropping of the top/bottom and sides may occur

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Shopify Empire Theme Image Sizes

Image Type Width Height Aspect Ratio
Product Image 2800px 2800px -
Collection Image 2000px 2000px -
Slideshow Image 2880px 2880px -
Logo Image 200px 80px -
Highlight Banner Image 50px 50px -
Shoppable Image 1200px 600px -

Image Sizing Tips for Empire Theme

  • Reduce any cropping in slideshow images by changing the slideshow height or keeping the original aspect ratio
  • Square 1:1 aspect ratio images are best for mobile displays with the Empire theme

Shopify Testament Theme Image Sizes

Image Type Width Height Aspect Ratio
Product Image 1500px 2000px 3:4
Slideshow, Parallax and Banner Image 2880px 1920px 16:9
Blog and Collection Images 1600px 1200px 4:3

Image Sizing Tips for Testament Theme

  • Maintaining the aspect ratio of images is crucial as it ensures the grid layout of the testament theme is maintained
  • While square images are preferred for product images and collection images, it is not a steadfast requirement

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Shopify Refresh Theme Image Sizes

Image Type Width Height Aspect Ratio
Product Image 1000px 1000px 1:1
Collection Image 750px 750px 1:1
Slideshow Image 2048px 1024px 2:1
Blog Post Image 2048px 867px 16:9

Shopify Sense Theme Image Sizes

Image Type Width Height Aspect Ratio
Product Image 2000px 2000px 1:1
Collection Image 540px 720px 3:4
Hero Image 760px 640px 16:13
Blog Post Image 2048px 1300px -
About Us Page Image 550px 695px -

Shopify Studio Theme Image Sizes

Image Type Width Height Aspect Ratio
Product Image 2000px 3000px 2:3
Collection Image 560px 620px -
Slideshow Image 1800px 1000px 9:5
Blog Post Image 2048px 1365px 3:2

The recommended image sizes above are a good indication of what works with popular Shopify themes. For example, some themes look best with square images, while some are great for image tiles of different sizes. Depending on the type and style of your store, the images will need to be formatted, aligned, and resized using some basic CSS scripts. You can use third-party bulk resizing Shopify apps if you have a massive collection of images that you need to resize.


It is important to give your customers a complete real-feel experience when they enter your Shopify store. The image sizes recommended for the themes play an important role in giving your store a professional and authentic outlook. Along with the image sizes, the quality of the uploaded images is vital for authentication.

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