Best Shopify blog examples

Best Shopify blog examples
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When you’re running a Shopify store, you want people to find your website without investing all of your budget into advertising. A blog is a proven marketing strategy that helps to increase traffic to your website long term as it’s more steady and reliable than advertising campaigns. As you keep publishing well-researched articles on topics in your niche, you increase your visibility and website authority, reaping rewards long after those blog posts have gone live.

Keep in mind that, although a blog can help you increase sales, its primary function is to boost brand recognition and establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

From the SEO perspective, having your blog posts rank high in search results will also boost the domain rating of your entire website, making it more relevant and, therefore, more favored in the eyes of search engine bots.

In this article, we’re going to look at some great Shopify blog examples and talk about what makes them successful.

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1. Urban Beardsman by Beardbrand

Latest articles section on the Beardbrand Shopify blog

Beardbrand Shopify store sells grooming products for men, especially focused on facial hair care.

Their blog – Urban Beardsman – is not only used for facial hair grooming tips. They branch out to related categories as well. Those categories include hair care, skincare, lifestyle and personal growth, product guides, and articles from the founder of Beardbrand himself.

Looking at their organic traffic statistics, the top performing articles are all related to grooming. The blog confidently establishes itself as a reliable source for male facial hair care.

Touching a little bit on the design, Urban Beardsman immediately meets you with several blog categories to choose from. The blog looks stylish and is easy to navigate. The design is consistent in its color palette and layout, making it effortless to get around and find what you’re looking for.

Blog categories on the Beardbrand Shopify blog

When you start looking at what they post about, you can see a wide range of topics – as we’ve already mentioned. However, the main focus remains on beard, mustache and hair care.

You can find articles on the best beard and mustache styles, tips on growing facial hair, various hair product usage guides, and even the history of viking beards.

Their blog traffic has a stable flow of around 200k monthly visitors – and the number has increased almost four times since 2019. A successful feat for sure!

A quiz integrated in the Beardbrand Shopify blog article

What makes the Urban Beardsman blog successful

  • Balance between evergreen and hot topics. Urban Beardsman covers timeless topics about beard-care while not forgetting what’s trending.
  • Keeping the content fresh. Sharing the best beard styles for the current year makes the blog post seem fresh and incentivizes people to click on it.
  • Heavy topic coverage. They have over 400 in-depth articles which allows them to establish themselves as experts in the niche.
  • They engage the reader. Including a quiz on what kind of Beardsman you are is a fun way to engage the reader and make them feel part of the brand.

2. The Luxy Hair Blog by Luxy Hair

The Luxy Hair Blog

Luxy Hair Shopify store sells clip-in hair extensions and related accessories.

While their products are strictly related to hair extensions, the Luxy Hair Blog doesn’t limit itself to that niche only. The topics range from general hair care to bridal hairstyles – but doesn’t stop at that. We like that the blog has categories so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

The design of the blog is fairly simple and well-structured. As you enter the blog page, you’re met with the featured blog posts. As you scroll, you can see and click on the blog categories, then come trending posts, and, finally, the latest posts. You can also use the search function to find what you’re looking for quickly and effectively.

The Luxy Hair blog categories

And what you find is a wide range of hair-related articles. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s not just about hair extensions but the haircare itself. You can find hair advice, see what hairstyles or hair colors are trending, and even pop culture articles focused on hair.

We personally like that Luxy Hair Blog articles are extensive and professional – you can tell how much research and care went into the writing process. They also include videos, images,

related posts, quizzes, and their own products in the articles, which can help increase engagement.

The Luxy Hair blog article with a video

Their blog’s average organic traffic has remained stable at around 120k/month for quite some time, which is definitely an indicator of a successful blog.

What makes the Luxy Hair Blog successful

  • Visually engaging content. Hair care is all about visuals, therefore, including a lot of examples is important for the reader.
  • Providing useful information. Rather than hard selling their products, Luxy Hair provides extensive articles with professional advice.
  • Knowing their target audience. Their content is fun and reads like a light magazine on a beach. The writing style is very human and relatable – perfect for this kind of niche.

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3. Mindful Matter by Holstee

The Mindful Matter Shopify blog by Holstee

Holstee Shopify store sells beautifully designed posters and cards that help people practice gratitude and mindfulness.

Since the brand is focused a lot on design, their Mindful Matter blog has Q&As with various illustrators. And while their goal is obviously not just keyword-optimized content, their best performing articles are the ones that sit in the first page of search engine rankings for various keywords.

They also write members-only content so if you’re a fan of Holstee, you can support them financially and get exclusive articles in return.

The design of the blog is quite simple, presenting articles in a form of cards – a very common design decision for blogging.

Mindful Matter Shopify blog article

When it comes to articles themselves, they write about stoicism, sonder, gratitude, and other related topics. There’s also quite a lot of life advice on their blog, e.g., how to foster new friendships, how to live on purpose, what it means to be happy, to name a few.

The Mindful Matter blog averages around 50k monthly traffic which is a really good result for the type of blog that doesn’t just write for SEO’s sake.

What makes the Mindful Matter blog successful

  • Sharing real life advice. A lot of people turn to the internet to get answers to life’s most pressing questions about purpose and meaning. Everyone wants to read what real people have to say – and Holstee provides them with that.
  • Different monetization avenues. If you manage to drive a lot of traffic to your website, there’s a high chance that a good portion of the readers will be willing to pay for exclusive, high quality content.

4. Field Notes by Brightland

Field Notes Shopify blog by Brightland

With a range of oils, vinegar, and honey from the heart of California, the Brightland brand is all about living off the earth.

The Field Notes blog by Brightland is designed to provide readers with a newfound culinary experience. Unlike other recipe websites, the Field Notes blog focuses on educating readers.

When people visit Field Notes, they are greeted with a featured post and other popular posts. The blog's structure is broken down according to the target audience's interests.

Field Notes Shopify blog by Brightland

Field Notes publishes curated posts to inspire its readers. With blog post lengths ranging from 2 to 3-minute reads, the posts are simple with a heavy focus on the brand's products.

Field Notes readers will find interviews, how-to guides, and buying guides on the blog. Posts about different oils available on the market and the most recommended oils for different uses are organic traffic magnets.

With an average monthly traffic of 95k, this Shopify blog establishes itself strongly among its peers in a very competitive culinary blogging market.

Field Notes blog article with a CTA

What makes the Field Notes blog successful

  • Tips from the experts. Whether it’s an interview with a nutritionist or an opinion of an in-house foodie, Brightland focuses on its authors to assure you that what they offer is unique and genuine.
  • Naturally incorporated products. The Field Notes blog proves that you can give readers a high-quality read and advertise your own products – and do it organically.
  • Focus on a niche. Since the cooking niche is so broad, you can’t win it all. The Field Notes blog team has been writing specifically about cooking oils, vinegar, and honey, which allowed them to establish themselves as a reliable source of information on the topics. And search engine algorithms favor those kinds of blogs.

5. Made In blog by Made In

The Made In Shopify blog

The Made In Shopify store sells all things kitchen. You can find cookware, bakeware, knives, plates, glasses, and some more.

The Made In blog is designed for everyone who has questions about buying and using cookware.

Blog design is simple, easy to navigate, and professional. It also feels very modern and stylish – you can tell there’s a lot of care put into the presentation. As you enter the blog, you’re instantly presented with articles that you can scroll through – there’s no noise or distractions.

The Made In blog article layout

The articles themselves are very well-structured, with images supplementing the content and CTAs, inviting readers to shop at Made In. Most of the blog posts are about cookware but you can find recipes and tips about other kitchen tools here and there.

Made In blog averages around 140k monthly organic traffic, inspiring others who want to achieve similar blogging goals.

The Made In blog article with a product placement

What makes the Made In blog successful

  • Regular posting schedule. The Made in team publishes a lot of articles – and their continuously growing traffic clearly shows the strategy is working.
  • Featuring products. This is an excellent tactic for shops in beauty, cookware, and interior design niches. If you share a recipe, makeup tutorial, or home redesign – highlight the products!

6. Coffee Talk by Death Wish Coffee

Coffee Talk Shopify blog by Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee targets true coffee fans around the world. By selling the world’s strongest coffee with a bold statement, the brand uses unique ideas to lure a true coffee fan.

Coffee Talk is Death Wish Coffee's blog with topics covering all things coffee, from best coffee making tips to the history of brews. The blog is also the platform used by the brand to highlight product launches and different ways to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Coffee Talk Shopify blog article layout

The blog design is dark, bold, and well-structured. There are no categories you can browse through but rather just scroll the articles and see what peaks your interest.

As of right now, the blog isn’t very active, with no clear posting schedule, and it evidently shows in the decrease of organic traffic. Despite that, the blog still ranks in the top 10 for a lot of coffee-related keywords, reaping rewards of the work they did in the past.

Coffee Talk blog article

What makes the Coffee Talk blog successful

  • Unique tone of voice. It’s always refreshing to see a brand that has its own voice and doesn’t overdo it. Instead of appearing too try-hard, Coffee Talk seems cool and effortless.

7. The BURGA Reading List

BURGA is a brand where fashion meets mobile gadgets. Proudly proclaiming to bring the trendiest designs to your portable device cases and accessories, the BURGA brand stands out.

The BURGA Reading List – BURGA’s blog site focuses on answering all possible questions on phone and AirPod cases. Taking the approach of a troubleshooting site, the BURGA Reading List ranks high on Google’s search results.

The top-ranking posts feature answers to AirPod devices’ and mobile cases’ usage questions.

BURGA Reading List does not have categories of blog posts readers can choose to read. The design of the blog is clean and minimalist.

The articles are both long and short in length, depending on the topic they cover. Problem-solving articles like how-to guides are usually long-form, while news articles are short. Other popular articles on the BURGA Reading List are “Best-of guides”.

The blog averages around 25k monthly organic traffic. Even though there’s been some inactivity in the blog, BURGA still remains top of the search rankings for many niche-related keywords.

What makes the BURGA Reading List successful

  • Sticking to a specific topic. The blog features lots of articles covering everything related to cases. This way, they establish their brand as a good source for all queries and questions related to this phone and AirPod accessory.

8. The Path blog

The Path Shopify blog

Path offers photo-editing services for a small fee. The services include background removal, clipping path, image masking, shadow addition, ghost mannequin, color change, to name a few.

The Path Shopify blog mostly focuses on how-to guides, tutorials, and tips for Photoshop and photography enthusiasts, as well as entrepreneurs. The articles aim to aid people who upload product photos in online stores.

The design of the blog is extremely simple and neat, with blog categories listed above the articles. It’s easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

The Path blog article headline and subtitle

The articles are extensive and clear, with images supplementing heavy tutorial content. The table of contents sits on the left side of the blog, making it easy for the readers to navigate and quickly jump to any part of the article.

Inside the articles, the Path team includes stylish CTAs, encouraging you to read other tutorials or try out Path services for free.

The Path blog article with a CTA

What makes the Path blog successful

  • High-quality guides & images. Tutorials are extensive, with supplementary screenshots, making them easy to follow and understand.
  • Giving people what they want. The Path blog focuses on highly searched topics that perfectly match their niche and services they provide.

9. The Depology bog

The Depology Shopify blog

Depology Shopify store sells a variety of skincare products, from serums to cleansers. It’s a competitive niche these days, and while we don’t know what their revenue is, we can look at how their blog is doing.

The Depology blog aims to cover a very broad spectrum of topics related to skincare. They share tips, benefits of using certain skincare products, talk about various skin problems, and how to fix them, as well as offering best skincare products for different occasions.

The Depology Shopify blog article list layout

The design of the blog is as simple as it gets, with no intricate design details and – seemingly – stock photography.

The blog posts themselves are extensive and include a lot of product placement from their own store. It’s a simple formula but when done well it works like magic.

The Depology blog article with a product placement

Well-structured articles, trendy topics, and the simplicity of it all has earned the Depology blog an average monthly traffic of 28k – and it’s growing everyday!

What makes the Depology blog successful

  • Trending topics. Skincare has been trending ever since the Covid pandemic, and it’s not stopping. Following trends can be a risky business but sometimes you come out on top.
  • Lots of articles. The Path team writes a lot – and that contributes to their success in continuously growing organic traffic.

Does every Shopify store need a blog?

Are you wondering if your Shopify store needs a blog to rank and increase traffic? The answer depends on some factors.

Consider creating a Shopify blog if these apply to you:

  • Your brand caters to a niche audience
  • There are many questions on your niche that you can address
  • You have the time and knowledge to write your blog, or
  • You have the money to outsource a writer

You may not need a Shopify blog if:

  • You have a general store
  • You don’t have the knowledge to write a blog (or financial resources to outsource it)

How to make the most of your Shopify blog?

What you do with your Shopify blogs depends on a lot of factors but there is some general advice we can give you. Try the following tips:

  1. Create a topic list. We suggest planning ahead so you don’t run out of topics and leave your blog empty. Plan your topics by brainstorming, reading user reviews, and snooping on your competition.
  2. Do keyword research. There are countless tools (even free ones) that allow you to research the topic in your niche and find relevant keywords that you can target in your blog.
  3. Write useful content. The most successful articles are the ones written for humans – not search engine bots. Be relatable, presentable, and write what people really want to read.
  4. Don’t overlook readability. Structure your articles well, include lists, images, bold text, and, in general, make use of all formatting tools.
  5. Post regularly. Regular posting gives signals to search engines that your websites should be crawled more often which will give you more chances at ranking higher.
  6. Promote your posts. Use social media to your advantage and promote your articles. Even if it’s not successful everytime, this little task can help you get more visibility.

What types of articles work best for Shopify blogs?

There are a variety of blog post types that can make your blogging experience enjoyable. Also, keeping things fresh will positively impact your target audience. Here are some of the best article types that work well for Shopify store blogs:

  • Lists – Easy to read and easy to share posts. List-style articles are quick to read for people who don’t have time. For example, 15 Celebrity Man Buns We're Currently Loving
  • How-to Guides – Show your authority over your niche by providing solutions to problems that your audience may encounter. For example: How to use shave soap
  • Interviews – The sharing potential is high with interviews, and the traffic to your blog is doubled quickly.
  • News – Audiences love to be the first to know information. Fresh news on your blog brings in new traffic and retains your loyal base. For example, Apple's global smartphone market share surges 20% YoY, leaving competitors behind
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