How to benefit from ChatGPT as a Shopify merchant

How to benefit from ChatGPT as a Shopify merchant
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I’m sure you’ve heard of ChatGPT already, it’s all the hype. Ever since the time it went live in November 2022, it reformed the way we search for information, create content, and streamline processes.

Shopify merchants also have a benefit or two to gain from ChatGPT. We ironed out 7 distinct ways you can integrate ChatGPT into your daily workflows and facilitate Shopify business growth with the power of AI.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

What is ChatGPT and what can you do with it?

ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses natural language processing to provide you with information you ask for. The AI brain behind it is powerful to say the least; it was developed using a deep learning model to understand relationships between words, context, and tone.

The developers fed ChatGPT a lot of information - scientific articles, social media posts, marketing books just to name a few examples. You can look at it as a massive database of text-based information you can chat with. While it’s wildly smart, the model is constantly learning, meaning you have to give a careful look to the answers it provides.

While it is a fairly recent development in the realm of AI, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. From marketing campaign idea generation to writing code to creating cover letters, it has eased the manual (and sometimes even creative!) labour of many professionals and enabled teams with limited resources.

So what about Shopify and ChatGPT in particular? Let’s discover together how you can benefit from ChatGPT as a Shopify business owner.

9 ways to benefit from ChatGPT as a Shopify merchant

The power of AI is almost limitless, as long as you know how to use it. This is how you can leverage it with the help of ChatGPT and elevate your Shopify store:

1. ChatGPT can help with idea generation for your Shopify store

ChatGPT knows about many successful Shopify marketing campaigns, business plans, sales strategies, and a lot more.

Tap into its knowledge base by sending ChatGPT a simple query based on the problem you’re facing, e.g. “what’s a good social media strategy for an electronics company?” or “suggest some ideas for marketing campaigns for clothing stores”.

Example of ChatGPT when asked to suggest marketing campaign ideas


By default, ChatGTP will provide you with a short introduction and an ordered list followed by a conclusion. Select answers from the list you find the most valuable for your business and ask ChatGPT to be more specific, e.g. “how do I showcase products properly on social media as an electronics company?”.

Keep refining your follow-up questions and you’ll end up with gems you likely wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

Remember, it’s all about the prompts. To get good ideas for your Shopify business from ChatGPT, you need to provide your business type, specific problem you’re facing, any limitations you have and so on. It’s easier if you imagine that you’re talking to an intelligent human consultant who knows about your industry but not about your business needs.

2. Make use of Shopify apps empowered by ChatGPT

Many Shopify apps are scaling their services with AI or even building their entire product model around ChatGPT.

For example, ChatGPT Product Description AI is a fully ChatGPT-powered app that will generate creative product descriptions and liven up your product pages.

ChatGPT hasn’t been around for that long, so naturally, all apps based on it are new to the Shopify app store. As such, most of them are free and have few reviews, so test and use them cautiously.

How TinyIMG implemented ChatGPT

As soon as ChatGPT saw the light of day, we at TinyIMG put our heads together and started crafting AI-driven TinyIMG feature improvements.

Here is what we’ve come up with so far:

1. AI metadata generator. It’s a beta version of a generator that will automate your meta title and meta description writing.

Empty ChatGPT-based metadata generator fields


Provide key features and directions for the most accurate result and the duo of ChatGPT and TinyIMG will do the rest!

Meta title generated by TinyIMG with the help of ChatGPT


2. AI Keyword Generator. Another next-gen beta feature from TinyIMG you can find under the “Improve SEO” section. You can get keyword suggestions based on topics you want to write about. Super handy for field experts who know what their audience would benefit from but aren’t sure how to optimize these topics for SEO.

AI-driven keyword suggestion tool available with TinyIMG

Start using TinyIMG today and enjoy effortless SEO and speed optimization of your Shopify store

Install TinyIMG now

3. Recommend products individually with Shop powered by ChatGPT

Basically, Shopify has introduced a ChatGPT-based shopping assistant into its Shop app.

It works as any smart chatbot would - it will walk the customers through the purchasing journey using witty questions and help them land on exactly what they’re looking for, even if they don’t yet know what it is!

Here is a feature launch tweet with an introductory video so you can decide if you want to give it a shot.

4. Use ChatGPT to create email marketing campaigns

True, email marketing is powerful, but it’s also time consuming. Email copy needs to be personal, on-point, succinct, and compelling. These are big shoes to fill if you don’t have in-house writing staff or can’t afford experienced freelancers.

If you ask correctly, ChatGPT can become that email copywriter you’re looking for (well, at least partially).

The key here is to be very specific and clearly outline every detail.

Let’s say you want to create a Black Friday email for your Shopify store that sells blankets. You want to specify:

  • Your store type
  • What discount you’re going to offer
  • How long those discounts will be available
  • How long the email should be
  • Whether ChatGPT should include emojis, slang, or anything else that’s specific to your brand.

Here is an example: “Write a promotional Black Friday email for my store that sells blankets. The email should be 100 words long, feature a 24-hour 15% discount on all fleece blankets, and have a creative subject line”.

Example of email for Black Friday generated with ChatGPT

Don’t particularly love what came out? Don’t get discouraged! Remember, ChatGPT is trained to learn. You can always follow up with an additional request (or 20) until the final result is right to your liking.

Include CTAs, make discounts stand out by bolding them and you should be good to go!

5. Write paid ad copy with ChatGPT

Paid ads are notoriously annoying for creatives. For starters, to target all those selected audiences effectively, you need a separate ad for each. Second, they usually have super low character counts for text, making creative expression that much difficult.

Why not try ChatGPT instead?

To generate paid ad copy with ChatGPT, try a prompt that identifies:

  • What you sell
  • What audience you’re targeting
  • Propose a tone
  • How many variations you want
  • Include character count just in case
  • If a visual goes together with the text, describe it

Here is an example for a request you could craft for Google Ads campaign: “Can you write copy for 10 different Google ad headlines for a sneaker company that wants to target young males with its campaign. Be brave and risky with your tone. Each headline should not surpass 30 characters.”

10 headlines for Google Ads created with ChatGPT


Let’s be honest, “Rev Up Your Swagger” might not be the punchline you’re looking for, but overall these are a good starting point. And remember, you can finetune your results, just send additional requests ChatGPT’s way right afterwards.

6. Automate and streamline your marketing workflows

Ever heard of Zapier? If you haven’t, now’s your chance, because together with ChatGPT they will revolutionize the way you manage your Shopify store.

Basically, Zapier is one of the better known marketing automation platforms. Combine it with the state-of-the-art AI language model, and your entire team can seamlessly move information between thousands of tools and apps, from Google Sheets to Zoom.

Your ChatGPT integration will remember your conversations and requests. That way you can build what’s called Zaps - automated workflows you can train and refine by making simple requests.

You’ll need your organization ID and an API key to connect Zapier with ChatGPT and we promise, your marketing task management will never be a tedious, manual job again.

You will likely need a more thorough walkthrough and Zapier has you covered with their tutorials.

7. Hire a professional to refine your Shopify workflow with ChatGPT

If you’re not one to always keep on top of AI advancements and have no desire to figure ChatGPT out yourself, a bunch of excited specialists will do it for you!

Fiverr’s AI Integrations section has a lot of developers offering every ChatGPT-related service imaginable. Some deal with very specific business aspects, others promise an all-in-one ChatGPT integration that will serve as customer support, sales assistant, management tool and more.

Even if you yourself can’t name what exactly you want from ChatGPT, a seasoned professional will be able to show you the benefits.

Things we wouldn’t recommend ChatGPT for

As powerful as ChatGPT is, some things are better left for capable human hands.

Use ChatGPT with extra caution if you’re planning to write:

  • T&C or Privacy Policy. While ChatGPT is exceptional for generating repetitive and tedious content, anything that can but your business at risk should be written and reviewed by professionals.
  • Fact-rich texts. Never ask ChatGPT to write a case study or research paper. While it might do a decent job, if someone finds out your research is not original, the damage to your brand will be irreversible.
  • Blog posts. This one’s a little less controversial, but still worth noting. ChatGPT can serve as a good base to research your long-form content, but if you have it write your whole Shopify blog, eventually people will be able to tell.


7 whole ways to transform your Shopify business with ChatGPT. Can you imagine how much time you’ll save and what you can achieve with all this potential?

Replace expensive customer support apps, optimize inefficient workflows and write texts, all with this one tool that has changed the world.

We hope you test at least a few things out, AI-driven success is yours if you want it!

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