Best Shopify shipping apps

Best Shopify shipping apps
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A functional Shopify shipping app is essential for your business to enhance customer experience and increase profits. Some of the best applications will not only help you automate the shipping processes but also let you and your customers track their orders conveniently, not to mention additional features.

Nevertheless, similarly to other crucial Shopify apps, each shipping app comes with different features and quality, making it complicated to find the right fit for your store. Hence, in this article, we will walk you through the list of the best 10 Shopify shipping apps that have been tested in terms of features, performance, ease of use, and price.

What does a Shopify shipping app do?

A Shopify shipping application does several things that can help you improve your e-commerce business:

  • Connects you to carriers. Some Shopify shipping apps integrate with popular shipping carriers, helping merchants choose the ones with the best price-to-quality ratios.
  • Automates order processing. Shipping apps for Shopify automate critical shipping processing tasks, including label generation, order importation, and tracking updates.
  • Calculates real-time shipping rates. The best Shopify shipping apps offer real-time shipping rate calculations at checkout, preventing your customers from bumping into unexpected expenses.
  • Simplifies international shipping. Shipping applications can also help Shopify merchants sell on global markets by automatically proceeding with customs documentation, converting the prices to different currencies, and more.
  • Helps to track orders. A Shopify shipping app enables tracking of orders by providing real-time updates on the status and location of packages for you and your customers.

Top Shopify shipping apps: our shortlist

  1. Parcel Panel – the best order tracking app for dropshipping business
  2. Track123 – the best Shopify order tracking app
  3. ShipZip – the best Shopify shipping app overall
  4. Shipeasy – the top app for calculating shipping rates
  5. AfterShip –  AI-driven order tracking app

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10 Best shipping apps for Shopify: detailed overview

We have thoroughly tested nearly 50 Shopify shipping apps that had a rating of over 4.6 stars. To root out dysfunctional or weak apps, we looked into their features, performance, ease of use, and overall price-to-quality ratio.

Below, you will find a list of the best 10 shipping apps for Shopify that could fulfill our criteria the best.

1. Parcel Panel – the best order tracking app for dropshipping businesses

Parcel Panel



3394 reviews
parcel panel banner
Free – $399/month
Real-time tracking, smart upsell system
Shopify App Store

If you’re tired of wasting time on repeated customer inquiries regarding their order shipment, then Parcel Panel is the right app for you. The app allows you to build a branded order lookup page and automatically notifies your customers about their order status. Moreover, the app is great for anyone selling without inventory, as it helps you hide all Chinese product origins.

Parcel Panel pros

  • Includes detailed analytics
  • Responsive order tracking page designs
  • Access to over 1100 carriers
  • Integrates with Klaviyo, Omnisend, Gorgias, Zendesk, and PayPal

Parcel Panel cons

  • Free users can have only up to 20 monthly orders

Parcel Panel comes with a variety of advanced features, making it a better choice for Shopify users with at least minimal experience. The free plan works with up to 20 monthly orders and allows the use of the smart dashboard and basic analytics, among crucial features. The prices start from $9 to $399/month, increasing the number of monthly orders and unlocking premium features.

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2. Track123 – The best Shopify app for order tracking in 2024




2839 reviews
track123 banner
Free – $399/month
Real-time tracking, analytics, upsells
Shopify App Store

Track123 is the best Shopify app for improving your customer experience by integrating a powerful order tracking system. With it, you receive built-in smart analytics for keeping on track with the shipping details as well as the marketing side of the business. Plus, the app includes extra features for upselling your items at the checkout, so it’s also an AOV booster.

Track123 pros

  • Intuitive and branded order tracking page
  • Built-in smart analytics and Google Analytics integration
  • Real-time order shipping process tracking
  • Works with over 1500 carriers
  • Decent free plan

Track123 cons

  • Each plan has its own limit of monthly orders

Track123 is a powerful and intuitive Shopify order tracking app for small to large businesses. You can test it using either a 7-day free trial or a forever free version, which allows up to 100 monthly orders but doesn’t give access to analytics and upsell features. To work with more orders and unlock advanced features, you’d need to go premium starting from $9 to $399/month.

3. ShipZip – The best shipping app for Shopify




333 reviews
shipzip banner
Free – $19.99/month
Shipping rates, local delivery & store pickup, multiple conditions
Shopify App Store

ShipZip is the ultimate Shopify shipping app for both international and local businesses. You can use the app for all three types of order shipping, such as local delivery and store pickup. Additionally, the app allows you to calculate shipping rates based on multiple conditions. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with various shipping providers including Canada Post, Australia Post, GoPeople, and ShipRocket.

ShipZip pros

  • Works for store pickup, local delivery, and international shipping
  • Multiple conditions for calculating shipping rate
  • Shipping by zip codes and postcodes
  • Distance-based shipping rates

ShipZip cons

  • Works with Canadian, Australian, and Indian carriers only

ShipZip is a user-friendly Shopify shipping app for store owners based in Canada, Australia, or India. There’s a free version, but it works for Shopify stores in development mode only. The pricing starts from $9.99/month and reaches $19.99/month. You can test the premium version risk-free for 30 days.

4. Shipeasy – The top Shopify shipping calculator




790 reviews
shipeasy banner
Free – $24.99/month
Flexible shipping rates, customer-specific rates
Shopify App Store

Shipeasy is the top pick for calculating your Shopify shipping rates. The app uses over 30 parameters to find the most cost-effective shipping options. You can also expand your business internationally with Shipeasy's zone-based calculation feature. Additionally, the app allows you to set shipping rules based on a product, cart, or cart-specific conditions.

Shipeasy pros

  • Integrates with Fedex, Canada Post, UPS, USPS, Sendle, Australia Post
  • Rate calculations using zip code, postal code, and distance
  • Allows custom shipping rules
  • Intuitive application with seamless integration

Shipeasy cons

  • Free version works in testing mode only

Shipeasy can be the right fit for both beginners and advanced Shopify merchants. Although you can use the free plan in testing mode only, a 14-day free trial will let you try out all the premium features to the fullest extent. The prices start from $9.99 to $24.99/month.

5. AfterShip – Advanced Shopify order tracking app




4572 reviews
aftership banner
Free – $119/month
AI-driven estimated delivery dates, centralized shipment dashboard
Shopify App Store

AfterShip is an advanced Shopify app for tracking orders and calculating delivery estimates. Speaking of estimates, the app uses AI to provide your customers with the most accurate due dates. It also calms down your users by sending SMS and email notifications. And you can build branded tracking pages where upselling is also integrated.

AfterShip pros

  • AI-powered estimated order delivery dates
  • Live shipment updates via order tracking page, SMS, or email
  • Built-in analytics to monitor the shipping process quality
  • Decent free plan

AfterShip cons

  • Tight monthly shipment limits
  • Customer support can be slow to answer

AfterShip is an excellent order tracking app for advanced Shopify merchants, as it uses numerous state-of-the-art features. The app offers a free plan with up to 50 monthly orders, yet, without built-in analytics. To track more orders, you’d need to get a paid plan from $11 to $119/month.

6. ShippingEasy – Shopify shipping app for UPS deliveries




601 reviews
shipping easy banner
Free – $49.99/month
Discounted USPS and UPS shipping rates, shipping rules and presets
Shopify App Store

ShippingEasy is an all-around Shopify shipping app for merchants who want to use UPS and USPS as their carriers. The app made sure your customers received the best shipping prices by pre-negotiating discounted USPS and UPS shipping rates. Moreover, ShippingEasy helps you increase sales through product recommendations and reviews, among other marketing strategies.

ShippingEasy pros

  • Discounted UPS and USPS shipping rates
  • Multichannel shipping (works with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more)
  • Extra marketing features, like product recommendations
  • Free version is great for beginners

ShippingEasy cons

  • Works with USPS and UPS only
  • Only up to 200 monthly orders with a $19.99 subscription

ShippingEasy is a simple but powerful Shopify shipping app for small to mid-size businesses. The free plan allows up to 25 monthly orders and gives you access to shipping automation features, as well as discounted USPS and UPS rates. To have more monthly orders, you’d need to pay from $19.99 to $49.99/month.

7. PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label – Feature-packed shipping app

PH Multicarrier Shipping Label



439 reviews
ph multicarrier banner
$9 – $99/month
Label printing in bulk, real-time shipping rates, order tracking
Shopify App Store

PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label is an all-in-one Shopify shipping solution that not only prints shipment labels in bulk but also integrates order tracking. With it, you will not have to take care of the shipping documents, as the app generates them all automatically. Additionally, your customers will receive notifications regarding their order delivery status via email.

PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label pros

  • Sends order tracking notifications
  • Prints numerous shipping labels simultaneously
  • Automatically generates export documents, packing slips, and other essential docs
  • Works with reputable carriers, like DHL, UPS, EasyPost, Royal Mail

PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label cons

  • Doesn’t have a free version
  • Technical glitches are possible

Although PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label doesn’t have a free version, it’s still an excellent choice for all sizes of Shopify businesses, as there’s a 14-day free trial and the starting price is only $9/month, allowing you to use all the features and have 100 monthly orders.

8. Packlink PRO – Shopify shipping app with the major carriers

Packlink PRO



927 reviews
packlink pro banner
There’s no fee, you only pay for what you ship
Pre-negotiated carrier rates, shipping labels
Shopify App Store

Packlink PRO is the top option if you’re selling worldwide, as it works with over 30 popular carriers. Even better, the app offers pre-negotiated carrier rates, ensuring your customers have the best delivery prices. With Packlink PRO, you can monitor and manage all shipments from a single dashboard, as well as order shipping labels from there.

Packlink PRO pros

  • Works with UPS, DPD, DHL, TNT, GLS, Evri, and more
  • Offers pre-negotiated rates for national and international carriers
  • Various types of delivery are available
  • Prints shipping labels

Packlink PRO cons

  • No extra features
  • Unclear shipment fees

Whether you’re just beginning with your Shopify store or already thriving, Packlink PRO can be a good option. The app is initially free, and you must pay for what you ship only. However, the price of a shipment isn’t stated clearly.

9. Shipping Rates Calculator Plus – Cheap shipping rate calculator

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus



404 reviews
shipping rates calculator plus banner
Geo-based shipping rates, real-time shipping rates

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus is the most affordable yet powerful Shopify app, that can help you and your customers find the best shipping options. The app integrates with major carriers, like Canada Post, USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Moreover, you get to increase customer engagement with the help of a ‘free shipping’ bar.

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus pros

  • Calculates shipping rates based on geolocation
  • Works with FedEx, UPS, USPS, Canada Post, and more
  • Customizable shipping widgets
  • Has a bar for free shipping

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus cons

  • No additional features
  • No free version of the app

Shipping Rates Calculator Plus is a straightforward shipping calculator for any experience-level Shopify merchant. There’s no free version, but you can test the app using a 30-day free trial. There’s only one subscription plan, costing as little as $4.99/month.

10. Intuitive Shipping – Flexible Shopify shipping application

Intuitive Shipping



432 reviews
intuitive shipping banner
Free – $300/month
SmartBoxing, 40 delivery conditions
Shopify App Store

Intuitive Shipping is a Shopify shipping app for merchants who want to share control over order delivery processing with professionals. That said, the app offers plenty of automation, such as connecting you to various carriers or calculating shipping rates. However, it also leaves a lot of control in your hands by letting you mix and match over 40 shipping rate conditions.

Intuitive Shipping pros

  • 40+ conditions to control what rates appear at checkout
  • SmartBoxing feature for reducing excess packaging usage
  • Branded checkout page

Intuitive Shipping cons

  • Pricier than most apps on the list
  • You can have only 500 orders by paying $70/month

Intuitive Shipping is a feature-packed but considerably expensive Shopify shipping app; hence, it’s a better option for stores with flexible budgets. The free version allows only to set up the store using the app without the ability to enable them for users. The prices start from $70 to $300/month, with each plan increasing the amount of monthly orders.

How did we select the shipping apps on the list?

These are the aspects we considered when compiling a list of the best Shopify shipping apps:

  • Supported carriers. To ensure you can ship your products to the furthest corners of the world and do that with the best price-to-quality ratio, we picked the shipping apps that worked with the top global carriers, such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, and more.
  • Shipping rates in real-time. To help your customers know the exact amount they are spending on their orders, we selected the Shopify shipping apps that provide real-time shipping rates.
  • Automated order processing. Streamlined shipping processes, such as label generation, order importation, and others ensure your customers receive the package quicker. Therefore, we chose shipping apps that included automated order processing.
  • Order tracking. We picked Shopify shipping apps that offered real-time order tracking. This way, your customers can monitor their package location and status.
  • Extra features. We looked for shipping apps that included additional features for upselling, cross-selling, and more, so you can increase your income more effectively.
  • Compatibility. To ensure seamless app integration, one of our top priorities was to find Shipping apps that were compatible with a variety of Shopify themes and other third-party applications.
  • Customer support. Flawless order shipping is one of the most critical parts of a successful Shopify business. Therefore, we have picked shipping apps that have a helpful customer team.


Choosing the best Shopify shipping app is crucial for improving customer experience, streamlining operations, and ultimately increasing profits for your business. The top shipping apps, like Parcel Panel or Track123, not only automate order processing and provide real-time shipping rates but also offer additional features like order tracking, analytics, and upselling capabilities.

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