Best Shopify lookbook apps: our top recommendations

Best Shopify lookbook apps: our top recommendations
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Shopify lookbook app is an effective tool for bringing your products to the forefront and compelling your customers. The most reputable app helps you build shoppable galleries, ensuring your buyers can comfortably and quickly add products to the cart.

Nevertheless, choosing a plugin for lookbooks, like other essential Shopify applications, can be complicated, as not every app ensures the preferred quality.

Hence, we have tested and listed the best 7 Shopify lookbook apps that ensure rich sets of features, reliable performance, and intuitive user interfaces. Here, you will find each top application reviewed and you will also learn how to pick the right option for your store.

What is a Shopify lookbook app and why do you need one?

You may wonder why you need a Shopify lookbook app if you can choose a lookbook-friendly Shopify theme that will let you plug your photos into existing templates. Simply put, the Shopify lookbook app is a tool for ensuring proper product image presentation. With this app, you can display your product images in gallery format or as a slideshow.

The biggest perk of lookbook apps is that they make your Shopify image galleries shoppable, interactive, and creative. With an app, you can give your gallery a flip-book look, tag products for a direct Add to Cart option, introduce a “like” button, and much more.

All of a sudden simple visual display becomes an interactive feature that encourages visitors to make an informed purchase.

How we selected top Shopify lookbook apps for our list

For an app to end up on our best Shopify lookbook apps list, it had to meet these basic criteria:

  • Features. To help you get the most out of a lookbook app, we looked for the providers with the most features. Such as a direct add-to-cart system, various customization options, and more.
  • Different gallery layouts. When testing Shopify lookbook applications, we made sure the top providers supported several gallery layouts, including Collage, Slideshow, Carousel, Masonry, and Grid, among others.
  • Mobile responsiveness. To help you increase sales, we prioritized lookbook apps that were mobile responsive. This way, your customers will have a more engaging shopping experience on all screens.
  • Ease of use. Shopify apps are for optimizing your tasks and not for complicating them. Therefore, we picked the lookbook apps that had intuitive user interfaces suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
  • Pricing. Ensuring you use apps with good price-to-quality ratios always matters to us. Applications for creating lookbooks were no exception, and we selected providers with the best pricing conditions.

Top 7 lookbook apps for Shopify for 2024: reviews

Without further ado, here is the list of Shopify lookbook apps that every store could benefit from:

  1. Enorm - the best Shopify lookbook app overall
  2. EVM Lookbook - beginner-friendly app for shoppable galleries
  3. XO Gallery - cross-platform lookbook application
  4. Lookbook - Shopify lookbook app for small businesses
  5. Shop The Look - lookbook and upsell app in one
  6. Lookbookify - the cheapest Shopify app for lookbooks
  7. POWR - Shopify lookbook app with the most features

Top three are our ultimate recommendations, while the rest are here as viable alternatives if you can’t find a feature you’re looking for.

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Now let’s take a look at in-depth reviews of all of them.

1. Enorm – the best Shopify lookbook app of 2024




448 reviews
enorm banner
Free – $12.99/month
Customizable image or video galleries
Shopify App Store

Enorm is the best Shopify app for building SEO-optimized lookbooks using either images or videos. With this application, you can create parent galleries and link to child galleries through them, guiding your customers to the website locations that need attention.

Here, you will find a vast selection of gallery layouts, including options, like Masonry, Grid, Square, Landscape, and more. You can upload your videos from YouTube or Vimeo, customize them, and optimize them for SEO, just like images, using ALT texts and titles.

Enorm pros

  • Offers an extensive selection of gallery layouts
  • Allows building lookbooks from images and videos
  • Improves SEO by adding ALT tags, titles, and more
  • Has a lazy loading feature that can speed up your pages
  • Allows linking to child lookbooks through the main lookbooks

Enorm cons

  • The free plan allows creating one image and one video gallery

As the best lookbook app for Shopify, Enorm can be the right option for any merchant who wants to improve their product presentation strategy. With its free plan, you can build one image and one video gallery, using the majority of premium features, except for lazy loading and premium CDN delivery. To unlock the latter features and create more lookbooks, you’d need to get a paid plan, starting from $1.99/month and going to $12.99/month.

2. EVM Lookbook – the top shoppable galleries app

EVM Lookbook



213 reviews
evm lookbook banner
Free – $29.99/month
Product tagging, direct buy system
Shopify App Store

The Shopify lookbook app by EVM is the best solution if you’re looking for a way to sell your product straight from the gallery. This top shoppable galleries app not only allows you to tag products on the images but also integrates the direct “Add to Cart” system.

Aside from shoppable galleries, EVM helps you build eye-catching lookbooks, using 5 different display formats, including Collage, Slideshow, Carousel, Masonry, and Grid. And to save your precious time, the app allows you to upload images in bulk.

EVM Lookbook pros

  • Provides you with fully customizable layouts (with custom CSS option)
  • There’s the direct “Add to Cart” system
  • You can create shoppable hotspots
  • The app is fully mobile-responsive
  • The free plan gives you access to all premium features

EVM Lookbook cons

  • No extra features for improving the website performance
  • Free users can build only one gallery

EVM Lookbook is a beginner-friendly, yet powerful Shopify app for building shoppable galleries – it’s a good fit for anyone who needs to boost their sales. You can test the app using a free plan, which allows you to build one gallery using all in-app features. To build more shoppable galleries, you’d need to go premium, starting from $4.99 to $29.99/month.

3. XO Gallery – customizable lookbooks for all devices

XO Gallery



191 reviews
xo gallery banner
Free – $14.95/month
Product tagging, unlimited galleries
Shopify App Store

XO Gallery is one of a few Shopify apps that allows building unlimited lookbooks with unlimited images and videos. It provides incredible customization opportunities and should be the go-to app for all those who want to control every detail.

On top of the usual gallery functionalities, such as product tags, bulk image uploads, and drag-and-drop layout customization, XO Gallery offers a variety of minor perks. For instance, you can enable the lazy loading feature, so your customers don’t quit over lagging pages.

XO Gallery pros

  • Allows building unlimited image and video galleries
  • Supports Grid, Masonry, Stack, Justified, Carousel, and Slider layouts
  • Enhances customer experience with lazy loading, zoom-in lightbox, and more
  • Allows tagging products in lookbooks

XO Gallery cons

  • Free users don’t receive any advanced features
  • Customer support team needs to improve

XO Gallery is a powerful app for building Shopify lookbooks, and since it offers unlimited galleries with unlimited items, it’s a great match for large stores. To feel the app first, you can use the free plan, which allows you to build one gallery of 12 images. The paid plans cost either $5.95/month or $14.95/month, unlocking limitless galleries and premium features, like product tagging.

4. Lookbook – top lookbook app for small Shopify stores




131 reviews
lookbook banner
Free – $19.99/month
Product tagging, shoppable galleries
Shopify App Store

Lookbook is a simple but reliable Shopify lookbook application for small businesses. Although the provider includes all essential features, the allowance of lookbooks per user makes it less attractive than previous apps.

With it, you can choose from Slider, Masonry, Grid, or List gallery layouts, and add images to them using the drag-and-drop uploader. One of the Lookbook’s strengths is that it allows you to make your galleries shoppable by implementing the direct “Add to Cart” system.

Lookbook pros

  • Make your lookbooks shoppable with the direct “Add to Cart” feature
  • Selection of multiple popular gallery layouts
  • Supports bulk image uploads
  • Allows adding hyperlinks to images

Lookbook cons

  • No additional features for SEO
  • The maximum allowance for lookbooks is only 20
  • Customer support can be unresponsive

Lookbook is a simple Shopify app that can help small stores enhance their businesses with shoppable galleries. To test the app, you can either use a 7-day free trial or a free plan, which allows you to build one lookbook of up to 10 images. To create shoppable lookbooks, you’d need to get a paid plan from $4.99 to $19.99/month. The main difference between premium subscriptions is how many lookbooks you can build – it’s up to 4, 8, or 20.

5. Shop The Look – Shopify lookbooks for upselling

Shop The Look



104 reviews
shop the look banner
Free – $39/month
upselling, shoppable galleries, pre-made templates
Shopify App Store

Shop The Look is a great app for increasing your conversion rate through lookbooks and upselling. With it, not only can you build eye-catching galleries but also offer your customers complementary products on the product page, across collections, or the cart page.

If you’re a beginner or simply short on time, you can choose already pre-made lookbook templates from the Shop The Look library and customize them according to your needs. Another perk is that you can make shoppable lookbooks so your customers can add the whole look to the cart within a click.

Shop The Look pros

  • The app allows building unlimited lookbooks
  • There are features for upselling products
  • Customers can purchase the looks straight from the checkout page
  • Premium customer support options

Shop The Look cons

  • Unclear features in the free plan
  • Premium plans are pricier than in other apps on the list

Shop The Look is a versatile Shopify app for improving your conversion rate. Yet, the price of the service makes it a better choice for already thriving businesses. That said, the paid plans cost either $11.97/month or $39/month, though the latter is available only for the Shopify Plus Stores. In terms of the free plan, only newly created or stores with no orders in the past can claim it by contacting customer support.

6. Lookbookify – most affordable Shopify lookbook app




34 reviews
lookbookify banner
Free – $6.90/month
Analytics, product tagging, unlimited lookbooks
Shopify App Store

Lookbookify is the cheapest Shopify lookbook app on the list and it ensures a fantastic price-to-quality ratio. Among basic features to build lookbooks, this application has the "Shop the Look" promotion feature, built-in analytics, and more.

The provider introduces a rather unique feature, which is the Customer Lookbook. With it, your customers get the opportunity to create public galleries on your store, making them feel like fashion gurus. Moreover, both free and paying users receive built-in analytics for tracking the performance results of your implemented lookbooks.

Lookbookify pros

  • Premium users can build unlimited lookbooks using unlimited images
  • Allows customers shopping the whole look
  • The Customer Lookbook feature improves buyers' engagement
  • Has an excellent free version

Lookbookify cons

  • No features for improving the site speed or SEO
  • No customer support

Lookbookify might be one of the best lookbook apps for beginning merchants due to its fantastic free subscription and cheap premium plan. If you go for a free version, you get to build up to three lookbooks with 10 images, and you can also use built-in analytics to stay aware of how everything goes. The rest of the features and unlimited lookbooks come for as low as $6.90/month.

7. POWR – feature-packed Shopify lookbook app




340 reviews
powr banner
Free – $89.99/month
Lookbooks, search bar, social sharing
Shopify App Store

POWR is, as the name suggests, a powerful Shopify application that’s filled with a variety of features, starting from the possibility of creating lookbooks. With it, you can arrange galleries not only in a lookbook style but also in Grid, Pic collage, or Slide.

Aside from showcasing your products, this app helps you attract a new customer base by allowing your current buyers to share your products on social media platforms. You may also enhance your customer’s experience by enabling an open-text keyword search field in your image gallery.

POWR pros

  • An open-text keyword search field in a photo gallery helps your customers to better navigate
  • You can add social share buttons around the website
  • Build galleries using the Lookbook, Grid, Pic collage, or Slide layouts

POWR cons

  • Free version allows uploading only 5 images to a gallery
  • The Starter plan is very limited
  • No option to make shoppable galleries

Due to versatile features, POWR is a better option for users with at least minimal Shopify experience. The provider offers a free plan, but it’s far from what you’re getting with other free apps, as all you can do is build a gallery of up to 5 images. The pricing starts from $5.49/month. Yet, the cheapest plan only increases the number of allowed images. For more features, you get to choose between $13.49 and $89.99/month plans.

How to choose the best lookbook app for your Shopify store

Hopefully, all of these reviews and information helped, but how do you make the final decision?

We suggest considering these factors before committing to one specific Shopify lookbook app:

  • Customization vs convenience. Often, apps with numerous customization features take a lot of work to set up and navigate. If your goal is to publish two simple galleries, go with apps that offer more straightforward options. However, if you’re a fashion store looking to build your brand around numerous galleries, investing time and finances in a more complex app is not a bad idea.
  • Amount of galleries. If you’re just trying things out, pick an app with a free plan. Usually, those have a couple of galleries and limited features. Once you see how it’s coming together, you can always upgrade to more galleries. Do check whether the app’s plans scale well and will suit your future needs.
  • Price range. More often than not, a lookbook is a good-to-have store feature rather than an essential. Decide how much you want to spend on it and then look at the options available. That way you won’t end up overspending.
  • Specific needs. Do you know exactly what you want from your galleries but can’t find it in any of the feature descriptions? Drop a message or email to your chosen app’s support and they will likely tell you whether you can achieve what you’re looking for with their app.

And remember, every app on our list has a free trial. If you don’t think your first choice is working out, there are many more!


Adding lookbooks to your online store is an effective way to improve your conversion rate. With a dedicated Shopify lookbook application, you can make your galleries shoppable, helping your customers purchase multiple products simultaneously easier.

After testing over 50 potential applications, we found that Enorm is the best Shopify lookbook app overall, as it allows building lookbooks using both images and videos, not to mention other essential features.

If you’re looking for a free Shopify lookbook application, we recommend choosing Lookbookify. With it, you can build three lookbooks and also use in-app analytics.

Frequently asked questions

Lookbook gallery is a marketing tool that helps you create stories around your products. With careful visual presentation and interactive features, lookbook galleries are designed to improve conversions.

Not exactly. Product galleries are more simplistic and include only the products themselves. Shopify lookbooks are meant to create narratives around products, so they involve more creative presentation, combination suggestions, and more.

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