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TinyIMG is an intelligent image compression and optimization tool for Shopify stores.

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We just saved you
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Which one of these images has been optimized?

Can you tell? The image on the left below is in its original format with a file size of 57 kB. The one on the right has been optimized by TinyIMG - Image Optimizer, reducing the size to just 15 kB. As you can see, there’s very little difference between the two!


Original: 3 MB


WebP: 371KB


JPG: 539.0 KB


Advanced image reduction

Advanced image reduction

TinyIMG can significantly reduce your image sizes by almost three quarters while retaining excellent visual quality. Changes are usually not noticeable to the human eye.
Standard image reduction

Standard image reduction

Don’t want to reduce your image sizes too much? Optimize your images by almost a third without sacrificing any quality whatsoever.
Improve image-related SEO

Improve image-related SEO

TinyIMG automatically generates ALT tags and titles for your images to boost your SEO efforts.
Best image file format analysis

Best image file format analysis

Optimise your store with a few clicks without the need of technical knowledge.
30-day backup available

30-day backup available

You can restore your images to their original format within 30 days in case you change your mind (providing the app hasn’t been uninstalled).
No technical expertise needed

No technical expertise needed

TinyIMG is incredibly easy to install and set up, so you won’t need any technical knowledge to use the app. We’re on hand 24/7 if you have any queries.

Why worry about your image sizes?

High-quality images look great, but they can massively slow down your Shopify store, especially if you have lots of them. By optimizing your images, you can greatly speed up your page loading times.
Optimizer image 1

How does TinyIMG - Image Optimizer work?

Once installed, TinyIMG automatically optimizes your images and uploads the optimized version to your Shopify store. You can optimize your images manually if you wish, and restore images to their original state within 30 days.
Optimizer image 2
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Many Shopify stores are already seeing an improvement in their site speed and
SEO efforts after optimizing their images with TinyIMG. Will you join them?

Picnic in the yard?

I love the fact that TinyIMG works in the background without disturbing me when I am working in my shop. It is important that the pictures aren´t to big. It makes the uploading of the shop slow.

Fitness Fam

We love the compression of images. It allows our site to load much faster, giving our customers a better user experience.


Great app to reduce file sizes. Also, you can reduce manually for the files that shopify doesn't allow to accewss via API.

Simple T-Shirt

A very useful tool with file rename for SEO. Customer service is over the top. The pricing is fair. 100% recommended.