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SEO, Speed and Image Optimization

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SEO, Speed and Image Optimization
SEO, Speed and Image Optimization

Improve your store’s SEO and site speed with images optimized for performance

Our features

Features designed to help you conquer search result pages and convert

Advanced image reduction.

Reduce page size by optimizing images

Reduce the file size of your images as much as possible, without sacrificing quality, so your page load times remain low.
Standard image reduction.

Page audit and SEO reports

Find problems quickly, understand priorities and implement changes that will bring noticeable results.
Improve image-related SEO.

Generate Metadata with AI

Generate SEO-friendly product metadata using ChatGPT's integrated AI functionality.
30-day backup available.

Reduce javascript with 3rd party script control

Significantly improve loading times! If you don't need third party apps to load on certain pages, disable them.
30-day backup available.

Help google understand you with JSON LD

Set up JSON LD to deliver more easily indexable content to search crawlers like Googlebot.
No technical expertise needed.

Reduce initial loading times with Lazy loading

Increase store loading speed by loading images only when needed.
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