Shopify speed optimization apps

Shopify speed optimization apps
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Your online store’s loading speed affects your customer engagement and overall website performance. Optimizing your store manually can take much time and effort. Fortunately, Shopify speed optimization apps can do most of the work for you.

The image size is one of the key factors leading to slow speeds. Therefore, reliable Shopify apps increase your page’s speed by compressing website images and optimizing your store following up-to-date SEO trends.

To help you choose a reputable speed optimizer, we have tested and selected the 10 best Shopify apps for speed optimization today in terms of performance, features, price, and more. So, read on and let us guide you through!

Best apps to speed up your Shopify store: overview

  1. TinyIMG – the best speed optimization app for your Shopify store
  2. AVADA  – advanced SEO to speeding up the Shopify store
  3. Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed – feature-packed Shopify page speed optimization app
  4. Booster: Page Speed Optimizer – a free, one-click speed booster for your Shopify store
  5. - Image Optimizer – Shopify speed optimizer with advanced image compression

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Now, let’s go more in depth into each Shopify page speed optimization app reviewing their Shopify store rating, price, key features, and the summary of user reviews.

1. TinyIMG – best app to optimize your Shopify store speed

TinyIMG - app banner

Shopify rating


Plans and pricing

From Free to $39.99/month


Image compressing, app script control, page speed audit

Shopify App Store

TinyIMG helps boost your Shopify store’s loading speed by compressing website images and controlling third-party app scripts.

Everyone wants the images to be the highest possible quality, but if they’re not optimized, they can negatively impact speed. That leads to a bad user experience and a drop in search engine rankings. But don’t worry about image quality – even after optimization TinyIMG will keep the product photos beautiful and sharp.

A unique TinyIMG app script control functionality allows you to control how and where third-party apps load on your page. This is incredibly important because third-party apps are one of the leading causes of slow site speed. And that’s only bits of what TinyIMG offers.

TinyIMG highlights:

  • JSON-LD, meta tag generator, and script control
  • Page audit
  • Broken link detection
  • Alt text generator
  • 404 redirect feature

2.  AVADA – use advanced SEO settings to reach better page loading speed

Shopify rating

4.9/5 (384 reviews)

Plans and pricing

4 plans, from Free to $9.99


Image and SEO optimization, page speed reports, broken link detection

Ease of use


AVADA is a tool to speed up your Shopify’s page loading time by optimizing images. It also helps you improve your position in the Google search engine with multiple SEO tools, such as SEO Analysis, plugin SEO, and more.

One of the key features that can help you improve your site performance is the Instant Page, which preloads only an HTM until a customer decided to visit the page. This way, your customer’s server bandwidth and CPU aren’t overloaded. Nevertheless, there are more to benefit from:

AVADA highlights:

  • Unlimited image and ALT optimization
  • Meta tags
  • Free SEO checklist
  • SEO doctor
  • Mobile speed optimizer

There are both free and paid versions to use. With the free AVADA plan, you receive unlimited Alt optimization, free SEO checklist, an HTML sitemap, and more. However, there’s no additional speed optimizer feature that comes with a premium version or other advanced SEO tools.

3. Hyperspeed – utilize several tools for rapid speed improvement

Hyperspeed - app banner

Shopify rating


Plans and pricing

$39/month (includes a 7-day free trial)


Image compressing, JS & CSS minification, third-party app monitoring

Shopify App Store

Hyperspeed helps improve your Shopify store’s speed by utilizing several tactics. For example, compressing images, making your site’s size as small as possible (with JS and CSS minification), and by caching third-party apps that have a negative impact on loading speed.

The app also implements a functionality called LazyLoad that allows the site to only load images when visitors are about to see them. This way the unseen images cannot have a negative impact on the speed.

Not to mention the rest of the features that come along.

Hyperspeed highlights:

  • JS and CSS minification
  • App caching
  • HyperScripts
  • Critical CSS inlining
  • Unlimited image compressing

Even though Hyperspeed doesn’t have a forever-free version to use, it’s 7-day free trial is fairly enough to test the service before fully comitting to it. After all, you can use each available feature to feel the waters.

4. Booster – hassle-free Shopify speed optimization app

Booster - app banner

Shopify rating


Plans and pricing



one-click speed booster, no coding required, 24/7 live chat support

Shopify App Store

The simplicity Booster app offers is its main characteristic. It speeds up your Shopify store by adding one line of code to the script. You don’t have to do anything technical - one click and the app is set.

Even better, the app strongly focuses on slower devices and mobiles as well, meaning there will be no customer having to experience buffering to enjoy your store. But there’s more to enhance the customer’s engagement and have more clicks.

Booster highlights:

  • Natively-built Shopify app ensures great performance
  • Preloading in the background
  • Boosted page speed even on older devices
  • 24/7 customer support

Booster is completely free to use so it’s great for new and smaller Shopify stores that don’t want to instantly invest in expensive Shopify page speed optimization.

5. – speed up your Shopify store with advanced image compression - app banner

Shopify rating


Plans and pricing

From $4.99/month (includes a free plan)


Image compression, full automation, asset image optimization

Shopify App Store offers advanced image compression with three settings to choose from: balanced (reduces your image size significantly with minimal reduction in quality), conservative (reduces your image size moderately with no reduction in quality), and custom (allows you to choose compression level for each image manually).

The application also helps you to match your images with SEO requirements to reach the heights in the Google search by renaming your images, optimizing Alt texts, and more. highlights:

  • Automatic and manual image compression
  • SEO and Alt renaming
  • Customizable image compression algorithms
  • Product and asset images
  • Improves the page loading time

As the app offers a free version, there are also things that you  can do without paying a penny. Such as, uploading 25MB of images, optimizing product images (no asset images), compressing images manually (no automation available on the free plan), and using their 30-day image backup policy.

6. SearchPie  – beginner-friendly for better site speed and Google visibility

Shopify rating


Plans and pricing

from free to $79/month


image compression, Instant page, JSON-LD, SEO reports

Shopify app store

SearchPie is an intuitive and feature-packed SEO and speed optimizer that can help you become a real Shopify pro. With up-to-date SEO reports, you are always notified regarding any performance gap that needs to be fixed. And auto-rich snippets JSON-LD will put your store in leading positions on Google.

Without a doubt, this tool also focuses on improving your Shopify store’s page loading time. It offers a functional Image compressing feature that delivers smooth quality and eases the site loading. Not to mention the rest of the tools that help you to reach more clicks.

SearchPie highlights:

  • Sitemap auto update
  • Quick speed boost
  • Advanced snippets
  • Long URL handle

Unfortunately, free users receive a dull selection of features. Those include SEO reports, SEO tag updates in bulk, basic speed optimization, sitemap submission, and 24/7 customer support.

7. Page Speed Booster - an easy-to-use Shopify page speed optimizer

Page Speed Booster - app banner

Shopify rating


Plans and pricing



No coding requirement, works with all customized themes

Shopify App Store

Page Speed Booster boosts up your Shopify store’s speed by foreseeing the site visitor’s next step. This all might sound complicated, but Page Speed Booster does all of it as soon as you install the app. You don’t need to have any prior coding skills to use the app.

For example, if a potential customer is on the home page, they will most likely click on a product detail page next. So what the app does is it retrieves the contents of the page while the visitor is still thinking. And here’s what to keep in mind about the app overall:

Page Speed Booster highlights:

  • Works with all themes 
  • Reduces the page latency
  • Easy to use

Page Speed Booster is a completely free application to use. However, you can also use some of the advanced functions in order to be a bit more flexible with your Shopify store.

8. LoyaltyHarbour  – simple image optimization tool for better loading speeds

Shopify rating:


Plans and pricing:

from free to $19.99/month


image compression, Alt text and filename optimization

Shopify app store:

LoyaltyHarbour mainly focuses on image optimization so your Shopify store would deliver the best loading speed. The app regularly scans your store for new images to optimize, therefore, you’re constantly on track to improving the customer experience as well.

Just like the hassle of image optimization falls off, the same applies to SEO. LoyaltyHarbour makes you more visible in the search engine by optimizing Alt text and filenames. Nevertheless, there are more features to help you out:

LoyaltyHarbour highlights:

  • Auto and manual image compression
  • Conversion from PNG to JPG
  • 30-day backup
  • Alt text optimization
  • Filename optimization

Among paid plans, there’s also a free one to use. And the best part is that free users receive a fully-fledged suite of features. The only difference is the number of images that can be optimized per month. While a free user gets only 50 images, the premium one up to 5000.

9. StoreYa  – use SEO audits and reports to speed up the page loading time

Shopify rating:




Free plan:

image optimization, SEO site audit and report

Shopify app store:

No time to understand SEO in-depths? With StoreYa, it’s okay. It offers thorough site audits and reports to boost your Shopify store’s speed, reduce bounce rates, and more.

StoreYa doesn’t allow you to go for basic goals only, it’s looking forward to putting you next to the successful 7 & 8 figures stores by filling all the gaps in marketing, business, and technical areas. Here’s how it does that:

StoreYa highlights:

  • Image optimization
  • Page speed up
  • Audit and ranking for SEO, marketing, business, and techincal segments

The app is completely free, so whether you’re only beginning to get in tact with Shopify or wanting to fill in the gaps for a better visibility in Google – StoreYa can be a great choice!

10. Swift  – increase your store scored in Google PageSpeed Insights

Shopify rating:



From free to $19/month

Free plan:

Preload, image and video compression, site speed analysis

Shopify app store:

Swift is for anyone who’s not comfortable enough to dive into the technical side of Shopify to have better site loading speeds. And not only, as the app also helps you to elevate your online shop to the leading search engine positions.

Indeed, coding isn’t for every second person that wants to sell online. Fortunately, Swift does all the coding for you and, consequently, makes your store’s code lighter for it to load faster. Here’s what you don’t need to worry about with this app:

What else can you do to boost Shopify store speed?

We’ve talked about which Shopify apps can help you with slow websites and how. But there is more you can do to improve your Shopify store’s loading speed and make sure potential customers don’t bounce from your website. Some of those include:

  1. Avoid landing page redirects. Redirecting can be incredibly useful for when you don’t need some specific page anymore, but cannot delete it because it hurts your SEO efforts. However, too many redirects can have a negative impact on your site speed.
  2. Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It’s an open standard framework designed to improve page loading speed on mobile devices.
  3. Download a fast theme for your store. The theme is one of the most important factors in page speed, so make sure it’s fast and responsive before installing.
  4. Reduce installed apps. The more apps you install, the more overcrowded your Shopify store becomes, thus reducing the loading speed.
  5. Reduce HTTP requests. There are tools you can use to check how many HTTP requests your page makes.

We hope those speed boosting techniques help you improve your Shopify store’s performance and increase sales!


Great page speed is one of the key aspects to staying on top of the search engine’s results. And with a never-stopping growth of online shopping via various devices, customers expect your Shopify store to load sooner than later.

Shopify page speed optimizer apps, like TinyIMG, can help you improve your store’s loading speed effortlessly. The app decreases bounce rates and increases user engagement by compressing your images and optimizing your page following leading SEO insights.

So, we hope that this article helps you choose the best speed optimizer specifically for you and make your store rank better than ever before.

Frequently asked questions

The best speed optimizer for Shopify is TinyIMG. It optimizes the images on your website without ruining their quality and has powerful script control functionality. Inexpensive and advanced, TinyIMG app is a great choice both for smaller shops and bigger Shopify stores.

Yes, depending on the app's functionality, one app can be enough to significantly improve your Shopify store speed. However, in some cases, you might need a couple of different apps to reach the best performance results for your store.

Google recommends that your Shopify store loads in under one second. However, anything under three seconds is also an impressive speed. If the loading speed is higher than that, it can increase the bounce rate which results in losing potential customers.

You can use Google Lighthouse to check how fast your website loads to your potential customers. It scores your page in a scale from 1 to 100, the latter being the highest score your Shopify store can get.

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