Best Shopify Product Labels and Badges Apps

Best Shopify Product Labels and Badges Apps
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If lately you’ve been scratching your head for new conversion rate optimization ideas, Shopify product labels could be your answer.

As with all Shopify apps we suggest, we carefully analyzed what’s available on the Shopify app store and we’re happy to present 9 best Shopify labels and badges apps. Every single one has outstanding reviews, label presets, powerful customization possibilities and much more.

Let’s see which one can do the most for your products, shall we?

What are product labels on a Shopify store?

Shopify product labels and badges are visual elements you can add to your product photo collection listing to highlight offers and important information. 

The most commonly used Shopify product labels and badges are:

  • Sale and discount labels - easy way to show value and influence purchasing decisions.
  • Scarcity labels - seeing a low stock or limited edition product creates a sense of urgency.
  • Social proof labels - seeing that a product is a bestseller, was recently bought or won an award builds trust.
  • Icons - trust, navigational or illustration badges placed on a product page to increase trust and make customer journey more intuitive.

Many Shopify apps out there claim that they’re the one true conversion tool to help you unlock product label potential.

However, the best Shopify product labels and badges app doesn’t just offer ready-made labels you can attach to a chosen product. It also allows you to customize and animate those product labels, turn your own images into labels, automate and schedule label assignment, display multiple labels on one product and much more.

Let’s take a look at which Shopify labels and badges apps tick most of these boxes.

Top 9 Shopify product labels and badges apps in 2022: overview

For starters, here is a shortlist of 5 Shopify badges and labels apps that deserve extra attention:

  • TinyICONS - a new release from our partners that will help you build trust across the whole store.
  • Product Labels and Badges by BSS Commerce - overall best product labels and badges app on the Shopify app store.
  • Product Badges Stickers Labels - app with the most creative presets and animated product labels.
  • Flair - lightning-fast app with advanced label display automation.
  • DECO - the only app with label text automation feature.

Now let’s take a look at detailed reviews of all 9 best Shopify product labels and badges apps with tips and recommendations.

1. TinyICONS - a new trust and navigation badge app from our partners

tinyICONS trust badge shopify app

Shopify rating




Free plan


Shopify app store

TinyICONS is a new addition to the Shopify app store from one of our trusted partners. And it’s an amazing one! 

This app lets you add customizable designer icons and trust badges on any page of your store to capture attention and increase customer trust. We tested the app ourselves plus it’s been getting only positive reviews from all the new users. So, we’re confidently suggesting you give it a shot. 

Who should use TinyICONS?

Stores that want to improve conversion rates and customer trust, strengthen brand memorability and make customer journey more intuitive.

Why TinyICONS is great:

  • Completely free
  • Thousands of designer icons
  • Ability to freely customize and adapt icons to your brand
  • Option to upload your own icons
  • Unlimited icon placement on any page of the store
  • Real time previews

TinyICONS areas for improvement:

  • Does not offer product labels on images

What does the final result with TinyICONS look like?

Take a look at a demo collection page revamped with icons from TinyICONS:

Free Shipping, Online Support an Money Guarantee trust badges created with TinyICONS

2. Product Labels and Badges by BSS Commerce - best overall Shopify app for product labels and badges

product labels and badges by bss commerce shopify app banner

Shopify rating



Free - $20/mo

Free plan


Shopify app store

With 570+ 5-star reviews, 2 years of experience under their belt and competitive pricing, Product Labels and Badges have found the golden middle when it comes to product labels. They offer powerful automation and label customization but don’t overcomplicate the process. Plus, they’re the only app with a design tool that allows you to create a label from scratch. 

Who should use Product Labels and Badges?

Shopify sellers looking for solid middle ground - a reliable Shopify labels and badges app with sufficient features and competitive price range.

Why Product Labels and Badges is great:

  • Place labels on top of product images or on the side
  • Customize label size, text and other properties
  • Upload your own image as a label
  • Use powerful label design tool to create your own product labels
  • Assign label priority
  • Use customer tags, product discount, country and other categories for smart label display (with Advanced and Platinum plans only)
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Free fix if the app is incompatible with your theme

Product Labels and Badges areas for improvement:

  • Limited badges and product amount for free plan
  • Quite complicated plan feature setup
  • Reported clashes with other apps (e.g. PageFly)

What does the final result with Product Labels and Badges look like?

This could be your collection page with product labels created using Product Labels and Badges Shopify app:

Product Labels and Badges demo store collection page with Best Price and 30% off product labels

3. Product Badges Stickers Labels - best Shopify app with creative and animated labels

product badges stickers labels shopify app banner

Shopify rating



Free - $20/mo

Free plan


Product Badges Stickers Labels is a great product labels app all around, but especially stands out because of its huge premade label library and labels with motion effects. Make your collection pages as flashy as they get!

Who should use Product Badges Stickers Labels?

Shopify stores interested in highly creative labels with motion effects. 

Why Product Badges Stickers Labels is great:

  • Animated icons with motion effects
  • Big variety of image labels, you can upload your own images
  • Very intuitive badge creation process
  • Advanced display automation 
  • Ability to display multiple labels on one product
  • Supports label text in any language and emojis
  • Effective geotargeting 
  • Very competitive pricing

Product Badges Stickers Labels areas for improvement:

  • No demo store available on Shopify app store
  • No live support

4. Flair Product Badges + Labels - app with advanced Shopify label display automation

flair product badges shopify app banner

Shopify rating




Free plan

14-day free trial available

Shopify app store

Flair is on the pricier end, but it lives up to the expectations. Premade labels are categorized not only by label type, but also other convenient sections, such as occasion (Christmas, Black Friday). Plus, Flair’s label display automation and scheduling are true lifesavers for stores with hundreds of products because it streamlines label publishing.

Who should use Flair?

Shopify stores that want to set up complex product label strategies without worrying it will slow down their store. 

Why Flair is great:

  • Promotional labels and banners can be scheduled to appear and disappear at a specific time
  • Advanced label automation (stock level, price, collection, product tag, discount, and many more)
  • Countdown timers and social proof badges
  • You can add emojis to labels
  • Ready-made holiday and BFCM badges
  • Runs natively inside Shopify, meaning has no negative impact on your store speed
  • No negative reviews over the past year

Flair areas for improvement:

  • One of the most expensive apps
  • No free plan option
  • Plan features need to be explained better (for example, the difference between SuperFlair and MegaFlair)

What does the final result with Flair look like?

Here is an example of a collection page with scarcity and sale labels generated by Flair:

Collection page with discount and scarcity badges create with Flair Shopify label and badge app

5. DECO - the only app with label text automation

deco product badges and labels shopify app banner

Shopify rating



Free - $69.99/mo

Free plan

Yes, plus 7-day free trial on paid plans

Shopify app store

If you boast thousands of products on your Shopify store, manually inserting correct label text could be a huge hassle. DECO is the only app with a solution. They offer label text automation based on price, discount percentage, amount and more. They also accept customization requests from Premium plan holders. 

That paired with great label display automation features means you almost never have to think about your labels, the app does the work for you.

The app’s biggest downfall is the limited amount of labels unless you’re paying for the Premium plan ($69.99/mo). 

Who should use DECO?

Huge stores interested in automating nearly everything regarding label creation and management.

Why DECO is great:

  • Automated label text based on price, discount amount or percentage
  • You can upload an image to use as a label
  • Unique trending labels
  • Fully compatible with most Shopify themes and responsive
  • Guaranteed support within 24 hours, great reviews related to customer support
  • No negative reviews in the past year

DECO areas for improvement:

  • Unlimited labels come only with the Premium plan ($69.99/mo)
  • Plans don’t scale as well as in other apps
  • Could include label scheduling for fully streamlined label management across the year
  • Overall one of the most expensive options

What does the final result with DECO look like?

Here is what automated discount amount labels look like on Shopify collection page:

Automated discount text label generated by DECO Shopify product label app

6. ModeMagic - powerful all-in-one conversion app with labels and badges

modemagic badges and labels shopify app banner

Shopify rating



Free - $299/mo

Free plan


Shopify app store

If product labels are just one step to revamp your conversion strategy, ModeMagic might be what you’re looking for. It’s designed to help you grow your store with automated sales campaigns, detailed analytics and conversion boosters, such as product labels.

While it covers a lot of other bases, it’s lacking in some aspects when it comes specifically to labels. For example, it does not support label customization.

Who should use ModeMagic?

Shopify stores that are looking for a powerful all-in-one conversions app with a built-in labels and badges feature.

Why ModeMagic is great:

  • Sales schedules and automations
  • Trust badges
  • Labels and badges customized based on industry (for example, “Organic” label will look different for food and clothing stores)
  • Powerful analytics

ModeMagic areas for improvement:

  • Expensive and complicated pricing model, charges a monthly fee + based on total store orders
  • Limited badge customization

What does the final result with ModeMagic look like?

The products on this collection page include product feature badges and sales labels generated by ModeMagic:

Clothing collection page with product feature badges and sales labels from ModeMagic Shopify app

7. Easy:Stock Product Labels

easy stock product labels shopify app banner

Shopify rating




Free plan

7-day free trial available

Shopify app store

Scarcity labels can do wonders for stores with low order value products and huge product turnover rate. If that’s you, take a careful look at Easy:Stock Product Labels. Although it's a niche product labels app, it excels at what it does.

Who should use Easy:Stock Product Labels?

Shopify stores interested in showing scarcity and inventory badges only. 

Why Easy:Stock Product Labels is great:

  • Great product label and widget design (for example, color coded counter widgets)
  • You can customize widget text, threshold for color switch and more
  • Outstanding support reviews

Easy:Stock Product Labels areas for improvement:

  • No demo store on Shopify app store
  • Very niche app. If eventually you want more variety, such as trust badges, you’ll need another one.

8. Elegantsy Product Labels

elegantsy product labels shopify app banner

Shopify rating




Free plan

25-day free trial available

Shopify app store

Elegantsy is a solid alternative if you haven’t yet found what you’re looking for. While most features fall somewhat short in comparison to what the other apps offer, their image label template variety is vast. Plus, their very long free trial ensures you know the app inside out before you commit to a paid plan.

Who should use Elegantsy?

All sellers interested in long free trials to test all features of the app thoroughly.

Why Elegantsy is great:

  • Ability to upload your own images
  • 150+ image label templates
  • Very long free trial
  • Exceptional customer support reviews

Elegantsy areas for improvement:

  • Limited label automation (only by name and collection)
  • Requires manual syncing of collection labels when you add new products
  • Reported bugs

What does the final result with Elegantsy look like?

A variety of discount, stock and social proof product labels you can create using Elegantsy:

8 products with different product labels created using Elegantsy Shopify app

9. Product Labels & Badges by iSenseLabs

product labels and badges by isenselabs shopify app banner

Shopify rating




Free plan

7-day free trial

Shopify app store

Shopify rating: 4.8

Pricing: $9.99/mo

Free plan: 7-day free trial.

Shopify app store: Try Product Labels & Badges

Product Labels & Badges is on the best Shopify badges and labels apps list as an affordable and reliable alternative. However, their label design is quite outdated and the multiple label feature is still in beta, so we wouldn’t recommend it unless you’ve already given other apps on this list a shot.

Who should use Product Labels & Badges?

Stores looking for a straightforward and simplistic product label solution.

Why Product Labels & Badges is great:

  • Upload your own image to use as a label
  • Supports numerous labels on one product (beta)
  • Label preview feature
  • Label priority feature
  • 120+ different label fonts

Product Labels & Badges areas for improvement:

  • Label preset design isn’t the greatest
  • Too few label preset styles
  • Adds strings to your image alt text

What does the final result with Product Labels & Badges look like?

A winter sports collection page using Product Labels & Badges to display various labels:

Collection page of winter sports products with various product labels created with Product Labels & Badges app

How to choose the best product labels app for Shopify

Are you still struggling to settle on one option?

Consider these aspects to come out with a Shopify product labels and badges app that’s perfect for you:

  • Understand the scope. Is your main goal to highlight occasional sales you run? Pick a straightforward app like Product Badges Stickers Labels or Elegantsy. Or perhaps you’re looking to build advanced product label strategies? Product Labels and Badges, Flair or DECO is your best shot. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an app that will transform your CRO and labels are just a small part of it, look no further than ModeMagic.
  • Consider customization. If you like to control every detail of visuals that end up on your store’s pages, you want an app like Product Labels and Badges. However, if you’re adopting labels as a secondary means to improve conversions and don’t care about design, Product Labels & Badges might as well be a sufficient option for you.
  • Decide on time investment. Are you willing to do a lot of work by hand and save in the process? Go with Elegantsy. Alternatively, if you want a solution that runs on its own and don’t mind paying for it, go with DECO.

Final thoughts

Every store could benefit from Shopify product labels and badges that match their brand. 

And we wanted to make it easy for you! Now you know what to look for in a Shopify product labels and badges app and which ones offer the most value for money. 

Regardless of what type of Shopify store you run, at this point we hope you have a clear idea what’s an ideal Shopify product labels and badges app for you.

Frequently asked questions

No, you can’t customize default Shopify product labels and badges. However, with one of the Shopify product labels and badges apps from our list you can customize your product labels freely and even create your own.

Yes, most apps on this list allow you to add product labels to collection images (either on top of the image or underneath it).

Yes, Shopify has a default product label selection. However, they are quite basic and you can’t customize them, so you’d get a lot more done with a dedicated Shopify product labels app.

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