Loox vs Yotpo: Which is the best Reviews App?

Loox vs Yotpo: Which is the best Reviews App?
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Shopify social proof apps play an essential role in influencing customers' purchase decisions by leveraging the power of reviews and other user-generated content.

With numerous Shopify review apps available in the market, businesses can enhance their online reputation, improve customer engagement, and drive conversions.

Among the popular Shopify review apps are Loox and Yotpo, both with unique features and functionalities that make them valuable to businesses.

In this blog, we will compare Loox vs Yotpo, focusing on critical aspects such as features, integration, pricing, and more. By examining these factors, we hope to help businesses find the best Shopify review app that aligns with their specific needs and goals.

Loox vs Yotpo: Overview

💻 App name Loox Yotpo
📥 Best for Smaller businesses Larger businesses and enterprises
🛠️ Notable features Photo reviews, multi-platform review collection, referral system, automated emails Customizable review system, rich snippets for SEO, photo/video reviews, loyalty and referral program
💵 Pricing Starting from $9.99/month Free plan + other paid plans (starting from $15/month)
⭐ Overall score 9/10 9.5/10

Key features

Both Loox and Yotpo offer a range of features that can benefit businesses seeking to optimize their review management and build consumer trust.

Loox puts emphasis on user-generated content and its integration with Shopify, offering features such as easily customizable review widgets, automated review requests, and photo reviews.

Yotpo, on the other hand, offers a wider spectrum of features, such as advanced analytics and insights, marketing tools, social integrations, and user-generated photos and videos.

Exploring the distinct offerings of these two apps can help businesses choose the most suitable review management platform for their specific needs and goals.


Loox reviews app dashboard


  • Photo reviews: With Loox's photo reviews, customers can upload pictures along with their product reviews, providing visual proof of their purchase experience. This feature adds authenticity and credibility to the reviews, helping to build trust among potential customers. Additionally, Loox's one-click upsells feature allows businesses to offer additional products or upgrades to customers with just a single click, maximizing the value of each purchase and increasing revenue.
  • Capture reviews from customers across multiple platforms: With Loox, businesses can gather reviews through various channels such as email, web push notifications, and even Facebook Messenger. This multi-channel approach allows for greater reach and engagement, ensuring that businesses can collect valuable feedback and user-generated content from their customers in a way that is most convenient for them.
  • Referral system: Loox offers a referral system that rewards customers for sharing their reviews, leading to a higher level of engagement. By encouraging more user-generated content, Loox helps to create a buzzing community around the product.
  • Automated emails: Loox sends automated emails to customers, reminding them to create a review. This increased the possibility of more review generation, which in turn contributes to social proof that encourages future sales.


Yotpo reviews app dashboard


  • Customizable review system: Yotpo's review questions are highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the review process to their specific needs. This customization enables businesses to choose the most effective review format to maximize engagement and boost sales.
  • Email and SMS requests: With Yotpo, businesses can send review requests directly to customers' inboxes through in-mail technology, which simplifies the review process, resulting in an increased response rate. Additionally, Yotpo's SMS review collection feature allows businesses to send review requests to customers via text message, which prompts a quick response from the customers.
  • Rich snippets for SEO: Yotpo offers rich snippets, which provide a more detailed summary of a review, including product images, ratings, and review text, among others. These rich snippets help to increase visibility in search results, driving higher click-through rates and traffic to the website.
  • Visual marketing: Yotpo's visual marketing feature gathers user-generated photos and videos from reviews or social media. Businesses can leverage this rich content to create compelling marketing campaigns and social proof on their website, driving further engagement and sales.
  • Loyalty and referral program: Yotpo’s loyalty and referrals program encourages repeat purchases and new customer acquisition by incentivizing customers with rewards. This program helps to build customer loyalty, increase customer retention, and generate new sales with the power of referrals.

Pricing comparison: Loox vs Yotpo

Consideration of pricing is paramount when selecting the most suitable Shopify app to integrate with; let's examine the pricing structures of both Loox and Yotpo.


Loox offers three main plans -

Loox reviews app pricing


While Loox doesn’t have any free plan, they do offer a 14-day free trial period for all the plans.


Yotpo offers two main plans -

Yotpo reviews app pricing

Yotpo also offers a free plan. Furthermore, Yotpo also provides customizable plans for larger enterprises.

While both the apps have plans suited for different scales of businesses, Loox has a more budget-friendly pricing if you’re just getting started.

If you’re looking for simplified billing as you scale, you can choose Yotpo, but if you’re unsure of your growth trajectory, opting for the pay as you go model of Loox is more beneficial.


Having strong integration capabilities is crucial for any Shopify app to optimize business processes. Let's explore the integration options provided by Loox and Yotpo.


Loox integrates effortlessly with leading e-commerce platforms and Shopify apps, making it easy for businesses to leverage its powerful features. Some of its integrations include -

  • Google Shopping
  • Shopify Flow
  • Ominisend
  • Klaviyo
  • Halothemes
  • PageFly
  • Boost Commerce
  • PushOwl
  • Firepush, etc. among many others.

Take a look at Loox’s complete list of integration capabilities here.


Yotpo seamlessly integrates with popular e-commerce platforms and Shopify apps, facilitating businesses to harness its extensive capabilities. Its wide range of integrations includes -

  • Google
  • Klaviyo
  • Mailchimp
  • Gorgias
  • Zendesk
  • Buy with Prime
  • Little Data
  • Wonderment
  • ExpertVoice, among many others.

Take a look at Yotpo’s complete list of integration capabilities here.

Which one to choose: Loox or Yotpo?

In conclusion, both Yotpo and Loox provide powerful tools for collecting reviews and creating an outstanding customer experience.

Considering the variety of advanced features offered by Yotpo, it is well-suited for larger businesses looking to scale their operations.

On the other hand, the simplicity of Loox makes it an ideal choice for smaller businesses or beginners who are just starting with review management.

Ultimately, it is essential to choose a solution that best aligns with your business goals and objectives.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, both Loox and Yotpo have been built to help Shopify merchants run their stores smoothly.

Yes, Yotpo is worth the money for businesses that value powerful features, seamless integrations with e-commerce platforms, and a robust review management system. Its comprehensive suite of tools helps businesses enhance their online reputation, increase customer engagement, and drive sales. The value provided by Yotpo's features and integrations makes it a worthwhile investment for businesses looking to leverage customer feedback and reviews for growth and success.

Yes, Loox is worth it for businesses that prioritize simplicity and ease of use. Loox offers a user-friendly platform that allows businesses to collect and display customer reviews seamlessly. With its intuitive features and simple integration with Shopify, Loox provides an efficient solution for businesses that want to incorporate social proof into their marketing strategy. The value Loox brings in terms of streamlining the review collection process and enhancing customer trust makes it a worthwhile investment, especially for smaller businesses or beginners in the e-commerce industry.

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