How to Export Images from Shopify Store

How to Export Images from Shopify Store
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How to export images from Shopify store can be a confusing question to answer. Shopify doesn’t have a convenient native feature for exporting images in bulk, so we have to turn to external tools.

We’ve tested several effective ways to handle Shopify image export.

In this article, we’ll walk you through four effective ways to export Shopify store images:

  1. Export images from Shopify store with a Chrome extension (bulk)
  2. Use a Shopify app for image export (bulk)
  3. Run Javascript code to export your Shopify images and files (bulk)
  4. Export Shopify images from admin (individual)

In this guide, we’ll cover each method step by step with screenshots and additional resources.

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1. Export images in bulk using Chrome extension

  • Export type: Bulk
  • Cost: Free
  • Difficulty: Moderate

With +90k users and overall positive reviews, Tab Save Chrome extension is the recommended Chrome extension for Shopify image export.

Step by step instructions to export Shopify images with Tab Save:

1. Install Tab Save extension from Chrome Web Store.

2. Log into your Shopify admin page.

3. Select all the products you want to export and click the Export button at the top of the page.

Shopify admin with three products selected and highlighted export button

4. Choose the CSV format and click Export products.

5. Open the CSV file, find the Image Src column and copy information from all the cells.

csv file Image Src column example

6. Open a new tab in Chrome, click on the Tab Save icon and then on the pencil icon to open the link download section.

tab save extension first page

7. Paste your URLs into the Enter your download links field and click the download icon.

Tab Save Chrome extension for Shopify image export page

2. Export images with a Shopify app

  • Export type: Bulk
  • Cost: Free- $199.99/mo
  • Difficulty: Easy

If you find yourself exporting images from your Shopify store frequently, it’s a good idea to invest into a Shopify app for image export.

Our top recommendation is Filey - Files, Backup & Export. This app zips your chosen files - images, PDFs and even videos - and downloads them in one click. You get to keep the file names and conveniently reuse your images for other purposes or keep as backup.

Best part - it’s completely free.

If Filey wasn’t what you were looking for, Mega Image Exporter is a solid alternative. Their free plan allows exporting images for up to 10 products. Anything over that, and you have to upgrade to one of the paid plans, which start at $29.99/mo.

3. Use Javascript code to export images

  • Export type: Bulk
  • Cost: Free
  • Difficulty: Advanced

If you like to dabble in code, you can handle Shopify image export yourself with Javascript.

Follow these steps to export Shopify images using Javascript:

  1. Open admin/settings/files
  2. Open Chrome Dev tools
  3. Paste in Javascript code and press enter.

Your browser will take it from here.

You can find an amazing GitHub thread with ready-made Javascript code for Shopify image export alongside some troubleshooting for issues you might run into.

Note that depending on what browser you’re using, you might need to convert .webp image files into .jpg or .png.

4. Download images from Shopify admin

  • Export type: Individual
  • Cost: Free
  • Difficulty: Easy

If you only need to export a couple of product images from your store, you might as well use native Shopify image download functionality. However, you will have download all of your Shopify images one by one.

Follow these steps to export individual images from your Shopify store:

1. Open Shopify admin -> Products.

2. Click on your selected product page and scroll down to the Media section.

product media in shopify

3. Click on your chosen image, then click on the Download icon.

download option for product image in shopify

4. Save the image on your computer and that’s it!

Tip: If you’re not happy with the lack of native bulk image export feature on Shopify, you’re not alone. Keep an eye on this thread for any updates from Shopify regarding bulk image export implementation and alternative solutions from other merchants.


There you go - now you can export Shopify images using a Chrome extension, Shopify apps, Javascript or straight from the Shopify admin.

Take your pick and let’s get started!

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