How to convert WebP to JPG

How to convert WebP to JPG
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There are different ways to convert WebP images to a JPG format:

  • using and online WebP to JPG converter,
  • using built-in programs like Paint (for Windows) or Preview app (for Mac),
  • using installed third-party image editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

Google developed the WebP image format to provide a superior image compression technology to replace the widely used JPEG, GIF, and PNG image formats. While boasting a small file size and maintaining the quality of the image, WebP is quickly becoming a favorite format with web developers

If you need to change WebP images to JPG or some other image format for any reason, you can easily do so. Just pick one of the ways outlined in this article.

Use an online WebP converter

While several online tools can convert WebP images to JPG image files, the TinyIMG WebP conversion tool is one of the most popular WebP converters. Using the simple drag and drop method, TinyIMG converts WebP files to JPG. Here are the steps to perform:

1. Open the TinyIMG online WebP converter on your browser

TinyIMG Online WebP Converter – Opens on any browser

2. Drag and Drop WebP image files into the online converter window

TinyIMG Online WebP Converter – Drag and drop WebP images

3. The images are converted and ready for download

TinyIMG Online WebP Converter – Images are converted to JPG

The file size of the original WebP image file was 17KB. The same image file in the JPG format is 86.14KB. Nevertheless, the quality of the image was acceptable, and differences were barely noticeable.

Convert WebP to JPG on Windows

One of the easiest ways to change WebP image to JPG on your Windows computer is changing the file name extension from ".webp" to ".jpg". Although we advise editing a copy of the image in case something goes wrong.

You can also convert a WebP image file to JPG with Windows's default MS Paint app:

1. Click the Start menu, then find and open the Paint app 

Windows Paint WebP Converting – Open Paint on Windows OS

2. Open the WebP image you want to convert (find it in File > Open or drag the file into the Paint window)

Windows Paint WebP Converting – Open the WebP images to convert

3. Choose File > Save As > JPEG picture to save the file as a JPG. Then indicate a folder to save your converted image to.

Windows Paint WebP Converting – Save the image as a JPEG Picture

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Convert WebP to JPG on Mac

Conveniently Mac computers love WebP images. Therefore, converting a WebP file to JPG on a Mac is easy with the Mac Preview default software. Here are the steps to convert WebP images to JPG images on Mac:

1. Open the Finder on your Mac and choose the WebP file

Mac Preview WebP Converting – Choose the WebP file

2. Double-click the image file to open it by default in the Preview app.

Mac Preview WebP Converting – Open the file in Preview on Mac

3. Choose File > Export

Mac Preview WebP Converting – Export the image file

4. In the export menu settings, choose Format > JPEG

Mac Preview WebP Converting – Choose the format for export as JPEG

5. Save the image in the desired location under the desired name.

Other ways to change WebP to JPG format

You can use other not-so-conventional ways to convert image files in WebP to JPG format. These methods work across different devices and are simple to use too. You can use these methods on any operating system too.

Take a screenshot of a WebP image

While this is not the cleanest method of converting a WebP image file, it works. The resolution of the image may be impacted. However, you may be able to use the image for references and basic requirements. To take a screenshot, you can hit the screenshot key on your keyboard or use a screenshot application on your system.

Use Chrome extensions

Chrome extensions are great little plugins that cater to different uses, including saving WebP image files to other formats. With the extensions installed and activated, users can save a WebP image file as a JPG, PNG, or other formats when they use a Chrome browser. Here are some extensions that are perfect for WebP image conversion.

  • Save image as Type
  • WebP / Avif image converter

Use browsers that don't support WebP

Only around 79% of browsers support the WebP format. When you download an image from the web and it is a WebP file, you can download the same image as a JPG from other browsers that do not support WebP. Here are some of the browsers that you can use:

  • Internet Explorer 6 - 11
  • KaiOS 2.5
  • Opera 10.1

Install desktop image converters

Desktop image converters are great tools to convert images into any desired file format. In addition, image converters have additional capabilities to enhance the color and quality of the images. Here are some of the most popular desktop image converters to convert WebP to JPG image files:

  • XnConvert
  • Flipext
  • PixConverter

Change image URL

Changing the image URL when saving WebP images from Google Play is an easy manual method of converting WebP to JPG. Here is how to do it:

1. Right-click on the WebP image file and choose Copy Image Address from the side menu

Change Image URL for WebP Converting – Copy the image address

2. Paste the image address into a new browser tab

Change Image URL for WebP Converting – paste image address in a new browser

3. Remove the last three characters from the address. For example, remove -rw and press enter. The alternate file format is loaded automatically.

Change Image URL for WebP Converting – remove “-rw” in the image URL

4. Right-click on the image and choose Save Image As to save the image file as a JPG.

Change Image URL for WebP Converting – Save the image as a JPEG


WebP is a modern image file format that is quickly becoming popular for its exceptional compression quality, perfect for websites and online stores. However, not all browsers and platforms can display WebP images. Even many default image viewer programs cannot display inherited or saved WebP images. This limitation can only be solved by converting existing WebP image files to JPG, at least for now.

The tools and methods outlined above are great solutions to converting WebP to JPG files. Of all the methods listed, using an online image converter like TinyIMG is quick and easy to use as it only requires a stable internet connection from any device. On top of that, you can convert WebP images in bulk. For those behind firewalls, using MS Paint or Mac Preview are the best ways to convert WebP to JPG.

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Frequently asked questions

Using Photoshop 23.2, users can open WebP files. These files can also be edited, created, and exported as a JPG without any additional plugin.

The best and easiest way to convert a WebP image to JPG is with an online WebP converter like TinyIMG.There is no need to use any extra app or software and you can convert several WebP image files to JPG in a matter of seconds.

You can use MS Paint (Windows), Preview (MAC), some online image converters, and other methods outlined above to change a WebP file to a PNG image file. Ensure you select the conversion output format as PNG instead of JPG.

TinyIMG online WebP converter is one of the best bulk conversion tools for converting WebP files to JPG. Drag and drop up to 10 WebP image files of 3MB each into the online WebP image converter and instantly convert them to JPG format.

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