Shopify Image Resizer Apps

Shopify Image Resizer Apps
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Shopify image resizer apps are crucial for fast and effective image optimization. The right image file size is one of the most important criteria for a fast-loading website, and this is only one of many reasons why image resizers are there for you.

Aside from making your Shopify store faster, apps for resizing images can help you maintain consistent aesthetics throughout the website, ensuring all pictures have the same dimensions. This way, not only do you make the store look more appealing, but your website also becomes compatible with different screens.

You have probably already figured that the image resizer should be another app on your must-have Shopify app list. To help you pick the right option, we have tested several dozen providers and compiled a list of the best 6 Shopify image resizer apps. Here, you will find them reviewed and ready for your final decision.

6 best Shopify image resizing apps: shortlist

  1. TinyIMG - overall the best Shopify image resizer
  2. Pixc - Shopify app for bulk photo resizes
  3. Hextom - all-in-one photo resizer for getting a professional look
  4. Avada - image optimization and advanced analytics
  5. Crush pics - app for minimizing images and speeding up your store
  6. LoyaltyHarbour - the best image optimization choice for beginners

Best Shopify image resizers - detailed overview

From first sight, optimizing images for Shopify products may seem like real science, but we have gathered all the information you need into a convenient Shopify image size guide. Once you’re familiar with that, all you need is an image resizer app that automates all the hard work.

Here, you will find a list of our hand-picked top 6 Shopify image resizers that ensure you receive all essential features, an intuitive user interface, and a good price-to-quality ratio. Read on and choose the tool for your store.

1. TinyIMG – Shopify image resizer & SEO tool




2002 reviews
tinyimg banner
Free – $19.99/month
Image resizing and optimization, lazy loading
Shopify App Store

TinyIMG is the best Shopify image resizer overall, as it automatically does all the work for you without affecting the image quality or asking a fortune for it. With it, not only your images will have uniform dimensions but, due to powerful image compression, the files will also be lighter.

TinyIMG isn’t only about the quality of images, it also strongly focuses on improving your SEO. Therefore, you also receive features like lazy loading that can improve your overall website performance, or you can use the ALT text generator to make your image files well-optimized for SEO.

TinyIMG pros

  • Resizes and compresses images without a noticeable impact on quality
  • Automatically generates ALT texts optimized for SEO
  • Includes the lazy loading feature that can speed up your website
  • Runs SEO audits and identifies issues that need to be solved
  • Converts JPG and PNG files to WebP

TinyIMG cons

  • Free plan optimizes only up to 50 monthly images

TinyIMG is an image resizer for any level Shopify merchant, whether you sell physical items, services, or anything else. The free plan you receive lets you optimize up to 50 images per month and backs up your original photos for 30 days. Monthly subscriptions come with a larger image optimization number and some additional features like page audits, broken links detection, and metadata editing, among others. The prices start from $4.99/month and reach $19.99/month.

Try TinyIMG for free today with 50 free image optimizations

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2. Pixc – analyze & automatically bulk resize photos




2000 reviews
pixc shopify app banner
Free – $79/month
Bulk image resizer, automatic photo analyzer
Shopify App Store

A Shopify photo resizer – Pixc – is an ultimate helper in optimizing your images for better user experience, faster speeds, and improved web store performance.

The app analyzes all images on your website and automatically identifies the ones that need the resizing to be done according to Shopify’s design guidelines. You can change your image aspect ratio to square, portrait, or landscape mode. Best of all, if you change your mind, you can restore your original photos at any time.

Pixc pros

  • Automatically analyzes your product images and detects the ones that need to be resized
  • Offers 3 aspect ratio settings, including square, portrait, and landscape
  • Allows restoring photos to the original version
  • Resizes images in bulk

Pixc cons

  • Only the priciest plan doesn’t limit the number of images that can be optimized
  • Free users get their images backed up only for up to 7 days

Pixc is a powerful image resizer for Shopify users who are in a rush and need to optimize a lot of images simultaneously. There’s a free plan suitable for a tryout. With it, you can resize up to the first 50 images to a square ratio. To unlock advanced resizing options and larger image quantity margins, you’d need to go premium, starting from $4 to $79/month.

3. Hextom – give your site a professional look with uniform image sizing




2234 reviews
hextom shopify app banner
Free – $49.99/month
Bulk image resizing and editing, watermark
Shopify App Store

Hextom offers bulk image edit by resizing your images to keep them consistent across the whole website. You can bulk square, resize, crop, rotate, frame, trim, and watermark your images to protect them from stealing.

Aside from adjusting your images’ sizes and layouts, Hextom also helps you generate SEO-optimized ALT texts and filenames. You can add sale stickers to your images or even link to product variants through them for better selling chances.

Hextom pros

  • Allows resizing and editing images either in bulk or one by one
  • Improves your ALT texts for better SEO ranks
  • Reshapes images to 1:1, 2:3, or 3:4 ratios
  • Helps you safeguard your images from plagiarism by applying watermarks

Hextom cons

  • Each subscription plan limits the number of images you can edit
  • Quite expensive compared to other leading image resizers

Hextom is a reliable Shopify app for resizing images, yet, it’s a better fit for small or mid-size stores, as it allows editing only up to 10000 monthly images with the most exclusive subscription plan. The free plan allows carrying out 50 image edits per month, optimizing ALT texts, and converting from PNG to JPG. Premium pricing starts from $9.99 to $49.99/month, unlocking features, like watermarks, different ratios resizing, cropping, and extended backup period.

4. Avada – photo resizer for large stores




6639 reviews
avada banner
Free – $99/month
Image optimization, lazy loading, ALT optimization
Shopify App Store

Avada offers easy image resizing for all of your Shopify store’s images, including product photos. Just by resizing images, you can greatly improve site speed which not only improves user experience but also helps with search engine rankings.

Similarly to other top apps on the list, Avada not only resizes your images, but also compresses them to improve your website loading speed. With it, you can also enhance your SEO strategy, as the provider applies lazy loading, optimizes unlimited ALT texts, and runs automated SEO audits for premium users.

Avada pros

  • Resizes and compresses images while barely affecting the image quality
  • Optimizes your images’ ALT texts for improved SEO ranks
  • Speeds up your Shopify store
  • 24/7 customer support even for free users

Avada cons

  • There are no advanced image editing functionalities
  • The service is pricier than most of the image optimizers

Avada is a good image resizing application, but its exclusive price makes it a better option for already thriving businesses. That said, you can get the premium plan starting from $34.95 to $99/month and enjoy features, like page speed up, lazy loading, script manager, and unlimited image optimization. Meanwhile, the free version allows resizing only up to 50 product images per month, not to mention the lack of advanced features.

5. Crush pics – boost site speed & SEO with image optimization

Crush pics



1050 reviews
crush pics banner
Free – $19.99/month
Automatic and manual image compression
Shopify App Store

Unlike other apps on the list, Crush pics doesn’t actually offer the resizing feature, yet, it reduces the image size by compressing it. This way, not only you can uniform sizes of images around the shop but also improve your website speed.

Crush pics allows you to select between Balanced and Conservative compression levels, you may also customize the settings on your own. The application also helps search engines to categorize your product images better by generating well-optimized ALT texts and filenames

Crush pics pros

  • Automatically compresses all images
  • Has different compression levels: Balanced, Conservative, custom
  • Generates SEO-optimized filenames and ALT texts
  • Backs up your images for up to 30 days

Crush pics cons

  • No image resizing feature
  • Free users can compress only up to 25 MB of product images

Crush pics is an image compression application that can be a suitable option for beginners due to its affordable pricing and intuitive user interface. The app offers a free plan that allows optimizing 25MB of images. Paid plans have significantly more features, such as SEO and ALT tag renaming, automatic and manual image compression, and product and asset image optimization. Monthly plans cost from $4.99 to $19.99 a month.

6. LoyaltyHarbour – image optimizer with automatic scans




775 reviews
loyalty harbour banner
Free – $39.99/month
Image compression, ALT tag renaming
Shopify App Store

Similarly to Crush pics, LoyaltyHarbour reduces the sizes of your images through compression. The app regularly automatically scans for new images to optimize, so you won’t have any undesirable pictures.

Aside from making your image files lighter, the app also helps you rank better in search engine result pages by renaming your ALT tags and filenames. Moreover, you can convert your PNG files to JPG ones straight from the app.

LoyaltyHarbour pros

  • Allows choosing between automatic and manual image compression
  • Automatically scans your Shopify store for new images to compress
  • Converts PNG files to JPG
  • Free plan includes all the possible features

LoyaltyHarbour cons

  • Doesn’t resize or edit your images
  • Only up to 50 images are compressed for free

LoyaltyHarbour is a simple but reliable app to improve your images and save time using its automatic scans. The free plan includes image optimization for up to 50 images a month, auto or manual compression, ALT text and filename optimization, PNG to JPG conversion, and a 30-day backup. Paid plans start from $9.99 to $39.99/month and offer all the same features, yet they allow optimizing more images.

How did we select the Shopify image resizers on the list?

Compiling a list of reputable Shopify apps for image resizing required us to evaluate numerous apps following certain criteria as described below:

  • Set of features. Naturally, we were looking for apps that could change your image’s size either by minimizing the dimensions or compressing the image. Additionally, we prioritized apps that could generate ALT tags and filenames, improve SEO, as well as the website loading speed.
  • Performance. First of all, we ensured the Shopify image resizer could actually decrease the image size so there are positive impact on your web store’s performance. But no less important was to see if the app didn’t noticeably affect the image quality.
  • Ease of use. As Shopify itself is praised for its user-friendliness, we aimed for image resizers that could provide you with just as intuitive a user interface. Hence, we personally installed each app and evaluated both the setup process and further ease of use.
  • Customer support. Product images are one of the most important parts of an online business and resizing them may not always go as planned. Therefore, we ensured each selected app had a helpful customer support team.
  • Pricing. No matter what type of Shopify app we are evaluating, we always consider a fair price-to-quality ratio. Additionally, we choose apps that have free plans or free trials so you can test the app yourself in the first place.

Why should you resize images for Shopify?

Correctly resizing and optimizing images is one of the core parts of SEO. And it’s especially important for eCommerce sites such as Shopify stores because shops usually have tons of product images. So here’s why you should resize images:

  • Improved site speed & SEO. The larger the image file size, the longer it takes for the page to load. It worsens user experience and harms your chances of ranking well on search engines. That’s because as people quickly leave your slow-loading store, the bounce rate increases.
  • Improved consistency. When images (especially product images) on your site are the same size, it builds trust and looks more professional. For example, Shopify image size recommendations for square images are 2048 x 2048 pixels.

Shopify image resizing apps: final thoughts

Resizing Shopify images is essential if you want an aesthetic look on your store, rank better in search engine result pages, and make the website load faster. To avoid lots of manual work and unsuccessful image optimization, it’s best to use a dedicated Shopify image resizing application.

After testing nearly a 100 of apps, we found that TinyIMG is the best Shopify app to resize photos. With it, you can optimize your images to make them lighter and improve your website's SEO. Additionally, the provider offers up to 50 free image optimizations per month, so you can try out the service without any risk.

Other Shopify apps you might be interested in:

Frequently asked questions

To resize images for Shopify you can use Shopify’s online image resizer which allows you to optimize 6 photos at a time. Alternatively, for automatic and bulk image resizing, you could try out an image optimization app like. We recommend TinyIMG app, which automatically resizes images to the correct size as soon as you upload them.

Shopify experts recommend sizing your pictures at 2048 x 2048 pixels for square product images. For more suggestions, check out the Shopify image size guide.

Yes, Shopify has size parameters for your images, and will resize the images that don’t meet their requirements.

Your product images could be different sizes because of the different aspect ratios. You can resize your images to the same aspect ratio by hand before uploading them to the store or you can use image resize apps that do the job for you automatically.

Yes, image resizing slightly decreases the photo quality but the difference is so small you can not see it with a naked eye. As current cameras - even phone cameras - produce insanely high-quality photos, your store visitors will not notice simple image resizing and optimization.

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