SEO audit feature for Shopify

All successful SEO projects always begin with a comprehensive SEO audit. Think of it as a detailed process that helps to find issues that prevent your website from ranking high on search engines like Google.

You can start getting there today. Use the TinyIMG SEO audit, and ensure high rankings in search results!

Our new feature can help you to identify the weak spots of your Shopify store. TinyIMG SEO audit will:

What is Shopify SEO? 

Shopify SEO done right helps your potential customers to find your store organically.

In other words, if your Shopify store is optimized for search engines like Google, you can get targeted traffic for free! Your potential shoppers can find you according to their search queries (keywords). 

Search engines use various ranking factors to list websites according to keywords people use. For instance, if you’re selling shoes on your Shopify store, you optimize your site for all the possible queries related to buying shoes. 

But good SEO isn’t just about placing keywords in the right places. It also entails:

  • the number of links leading to your store from other websites;
  • the domain authority of your store;
  • your website’s structure and content.

To know where to start improving your Shopify SEO, you first need to analyze your online store’s overall performance. This is where an SEO audit becomes extremely useful.

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TinyIMG Shopify  SEO page audit feature

TinyIMG will find all SEO errors and warnings on your Shopify store and list them in easy-to-understand reports. 

In those reports, you’ll also find recommended actions to solve listed SEO issues. You’ll be able to fix all technical problems right in our dashboard. It’s super easy and convenient!

We also provide tips and tutorials on how to improve SEO on your Shopify store.


JSON-LD is a lightweight Linked Data format

Why is an SEO audit important to your website?

No matter how great your products are, if your website doesn’t function properly, everything else is meaningless. You won’t rank on Google, you’ll lose traffic and, eventually, sales. To prevent this from happening, you need to carry out an SEO audit.

A website SEO audit can help you to:

  • Find the technical problems that prevent search engines from crawling your website (finding new and updated content).
  • Analyze links on your site (are there any broken links that affect your ranking?).
  • Find what your top Shopify competitors are doing with their SEO and identify ranking gaps.
  • Analyze your meta tags.
  • Ensure your product images and descriptions are optimized, and much more!

By carrying out regular SEO audits, you’ll be able to identify your website’s weaknesses and implement necessary changes on time!

Fix your Shopify SEO with TinyIMG!

Want to be found by your customers but don’t know where to start?

With our SEO audit feature, you can improve your rankings in search engines. You can drive more traffic to your Shopify store, even if you don’t have any SEO knowledge.