Loox Review 2024: Is It Good for Product Reviews?

Loox Review 2024: Is It Good for Product Reviews?
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Loox is the most popular product review app in the Shopify ecosystem. This app lets you collect, monitor, and reply to customer reviews without much friction. It supports multiple review formats including star rating, text, photo, video, and much more.

If you are unsure about choosing this app, we tested this app thoroughly to uncover if the hype is worth it. We also compared it to other market leaders, to outline its pros, cons, and competitive advantage, to help you make the right choice.

Loox app overview

💻 App name Loox
⭐ Notable features 14-day free trial; no free plan
🛠️ Ease of use Suitable for beginners
💵 Pricing Starts at $9.99/month
📥 Install app Install Loox

What is Loox?

Loox is a Shopify product review app that enables brands to collect customer reviews with photos & videos automatically.

The app also allows users to display these reviews on a storefront. It supports customizing review widgets, importing reviews from popular sources, integrating with Google Shopping, and more.

With Loox, Shopify merchants can reach new customers with one-click referrals. This is an app that is specifically built for the Shopify ecosystem and hence it is compatible with all themes. It also supports multiple languages and offers 24/7 customer support.

With a 4.9/5.0 rating on the Shopify App Store, it sure has some great fans.

loox app customer review


Loox pros and cons

Loox Pros Loox Cons
✔️ Automation ➖ No free plan
✔️ Email marketing ➖ Selective discounts
✔️ Discounts ➖Expensive
✔️ Import data from other sources
✔️ Different review formats
✔️ Powerful integrations

Pros of Using the Loox

There are a number of things we really liked about Loox:

  • Collects and automatically publishes reviews
  • Sends review request emails
  • Customizable email templates
  • Generates discounts in exchange for reviews
  • Imports reviews from AliExpress
  • Displays reviews in different forms, such as stars, sidebar widgets, and homepage carousels
  • Offers referral program functionality
  • Supports integration with Google Shopping, Twitter, Facebook Pixel, and more (available on the growth plan)

Cons of Using the Loox

We were really impressed with Loox, but it does have some shortcomings:

  • No free version available
  • Discounts provided only for customers who submit a photo/video review
  • The price may seem high based on the desired functionality

Loox features

Loox comes packed with features to boost collection of credible social proof. Let’s take a look at these features.

1. Photo/Video Reviews

display photo and video reviews with loox app

This is the era of visual content. Social proof and user-generated content (UGC) are no different.

In fact, videos featuring user testimonials and real-life experiences can boost purchasing intent by up to 30%.

Loox allows your customers to share their experiences through photo and video reviews. These visual testimonials not only provide social proof but also add a personal touch that resonates with potential buyers.

2. Import Reviews

One of our favorite features of Loox is its capability to import reviews from various sources, including AliExpress, Amazon, and other platforms.

This functionality is particularly useful for new businesses without any existing product reviews on their site. By importing customers' reviews from external sources, these new businesses can kickstart their stores while establishing credibility from the outset.

Loox also provides a solution for importing reviews from any website using a spreadsheet format. This will let you leverage testimonials and user-generated content easily.

3. Email Communication

With Loox, you can send out email reminders asking your customers to add reviews.

You can customize the email template and content, and schedule it for automated review collection.

This is super great because email is still one of the most powerful communication channels between brands and consumers today. And Loox claims to have an amazing 48% open rate for its review collection emails.

4. Built for Shopify

Loox is built exclusively for Shopify, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility with all Shopify themes and extensions.

It seamlessly integrates into your store, and the review widgets are optimized for mobile devices, providing an impeccable user experience across all platforms.

5. Various Review Formats

Loox lets you display reviews in various formats to maximize their impact.

Choose from options such as badges, carousels, filtering, grid layout, media galleries, photo reviews, product grouping, rich snippets, star ratings, tabs or sidebars, testimonials, top reviews, or video reviews.

This gives you the ability to display the ‘right’ kind of reviews for better contextual social proof throughout your Shopify store.

6. Review Replies and Monitoring

With Loox, whenever a customer leaves a review, you can easily respond and thank the customer for the positive feedback. These responses will be visible to all, so this becomes a great opportunity to showcase your gratitude towards your customers.

The Loox app also gives you the ability to choose which reviews you want to show on your Shopify storefront and which ones you want to hide.

For instance, if a person leaves a nasty and offensive review that could affect your reputation, you can easily go to the admin panel and choose not to show it.

7. Discounts

Although most consumers make it a point to always check for reviews when shopping online, ironically, a majority of them are reluctant to add reviews themselves.

And hence, many customers need to be nudged to write reviews. This could be something as simple as giving something in return for their reviews.

Loox lets you do this. When customers leave feedback, you can give them discounts for their next purchases. Loox will automatically identify good video reviews and provide a discount voucher that can be used for the next purchase.

This is also a great motivator to return to the store for another purchase to use the discount codes.

However, note that as of now, this feature is only applicable for video reviews.

Pricing and plans

Loox offers 3 main plans: Beginner, Scale and Unlimited . These plans start at $9.99 per month for the beginner plan and go up to $299.99 for the unlimited plan. It also offers a 14-day free trial. However, there is no free plan offered by Loox as of now.

Each plan has its own unique set of features.

Loox app pricing plan

Video reviews are available starting from the Scale plan, which is priced at $34.99 per month. The Unlimited plan, priced at $299.99 per month, includes unlimited reviews, a homepage carousel feature for displaying reviews, and more.

Additionally, you can add the Loox Referrals feature to any plan for an additional cost of $5.

Is Loox good and worth getting?

Loox is definitely worth getting if you are looking to enhance your website with customer reviews.

What sets Loox apart is its versatility in utilizing reviews; not only can you import reviews from AliExpress, but you can also leverage reviews from your manufacturer, ensuring that you have a collection of reviews right from day one. Loox is a great solution, even if you haven't had your first order yet, particularly if you are involved in Shopify dropshipping.

Furthermore, the support provided by Loox is truly world-class, and the product is incredibly user-friendly. For this reason, Loox has proven to be a profitable investment for many businesses.

With Loox, you not only gain the flexibility and customization of your brand and product reviews, but you also contribute to transparency by including user-generated content on your site. All of this is available at a competitive price, bundled with the essential features that a business needs.

Loox compared to other Shopify review apps

loox app review comparison


When evaluating Loox against other Shopify review apps, several standout features separate it from the competition:

  • Visual Impact: Loox stands out with its emphasis on visual testimonials such as photo and video reviews, creating a more engaging and authentic experience for customers.
  • Seamless Integration: Unlike other Shopify review apps, Loox is specifically designed for Shopify, ensuring seamless integration with your store and compatibility with Shopify themes and extensions.
  • Import Flexibility: Loox allows users to import reviews from a variety of sources, making it easy to kickstart your review collection process even if you have no existing reviews on your site.
  • Customization: With Loox, you can customize review widgets to match your brand's aesthetics, creating a cohesive and professional look that sets you apart from competitors.
  • Analytics and Monitoring: Loox offers robust analytics and review monitoring tools, allowing you to track performance metrics, respond to feedback, and proactively engage with customers to build trust and loyalty.

Frequently asked questions

Loox is a Shopify product review app. It enables brands to collect and publish customer reviews with photos & videos automatically.

Yes, Loox lets you import reviews from Amazon, AliExpress, and other sources.

This is an app that is specifically built for the Shopify ecosystem and hence it is compatible only with Shopify stores.

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