DropGenius review

DropGenius review
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DropGenius makes launching a profitable dropshipping store in next to no time at all easy to achieve. By harnessing the power of AI to customize your dropshipping e-store and import trending products, you can have your dropshipping site ready to launch in a matter of minutes.

Before we dive into what you need to know about DropGenius, let’s rewind a moment. Dropshipping - for those who aren’t familiar with it - is an alternative retail model that is associated with minimal start up costs and low overheads.

As such, dropshipping is fast-becoming a go-to for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business. And why not? With AI-powered tools like DropGenius, it’s got to be an easy win right?

Let’s find out.

DropGenius app overview

💻 App name DropGenius
⭐ Notable features AI Generated Store Themes, Business Name Generator, 1 million products
🛠️ Ease of use Suitable for beginners and experts
💵 Pricing Free Trial, paid plans from $1.99/month
📥 Install app Install DropGenius

What is DropGenius?

DropGenius is an AI tool that enables you to set up a dropshipping platform in next to no time at all. If you want access to products that are trending right now and dropshipping suppliers you can trust, this could be for you. As the brainchild of dropshipping platform Spocket, all its suppliers have undergone rigorous checks to ensure they are reliable. This gives dropshippers access to USPs such as fast shipping and products that align with EU and US regulations which can otherwise be hard to come by.

DropGenius Pros and Cons

DropGenius Pros DropGenius Cons
✔️ Learning Guides to help you unravel ➖ Shopify Store Costs Apply
✔️ Verified Suppliers ➖ No cancellation before 1-month
✔️ Fast Shipping
✔️ Free Trial
✔️ Over 1 million products
✔️ Smooth performance
✔️ 24/7 customer support

Here are some of the main advantages to using DropGenius:

  • Learning Tools – At DropGenius, you’ll find a myriad of informative blog posts, how-to guides, and customer testimonials.
  • Supplier Verification – DropGenius puts all dropshipping suppliers through rigorous tests to ensure that they can offer efficient delivery services, maintain open communication, maintain an order success rate of 95% or above.
  • Fast shipping – DropGenius only partners with suppliers that can guarantee efficient shipping services.
  • Rolling monthly subscription fees – As all of the DropGenius tiers operate on a rolling monthly payment schedule, changing or canceling your subscription is easy.
  • Quality products – DropGenius has removed the risks associated with the quality of dropshipping products by ensuring that all of its suppliers are able deliver items that meet rigorous EU and US expected standards.
  • Customer support – With access to 24/7 customer support, you’ll be able to get the answers you need there and then at any time of the day or night.
  • Product insights – DropGenius has been designed to help dropshippers choose winning products.
  • Free trial – Take advantage of the 14-day free trial to try out the services at DropGenius before committing to paying.

As always, there are a few downsides to using DropGenius you need to know about before signing up. These are:

  • Shopify store costs also apply – When taking out a subscription, you’ll also have to pay US$1.99 up front for your customized dropshipping storefront on Shopify.
  • Refunds are not possible – Once you have paid your monthly subscription fee, you will unlock the services offered by your chosen tier for a one-month period.

DropGenius features

Now onto some of the key features boasted by the DropGenius platform.

We’ve broken the key features down by category to make it clear just where in the running of your business they can be of use.

Store Management:

When it comes to managing your store, there are a couple of DropGenius features that could sweeten the deal. Here they are:

  1. Store Builder: The store builder makes building an online dropshipping space easy - even for those with little to no coding experience. Its intuitive interface is easy to use and allows dropshippers to customize their store too.
  2. Product Management: Allow AI to add new products, edit existing ones, and even manage product information efficiently and effectively.
  3. Inventory Management: Keep tabs on inventory levels of your dropshipping products and wherever possible, you’ll even receive automatic supply updates from suppliers.
  4. Order Tracking: DropGenius allows you to monitor the status of customer orders without having to go back and forth between suppliers. This handy feature will help you streamline the customer service aspect of running your dropshipping store.

Product Sourcing and Integration:

Next, let’s look at the product sourcing and integration features boasted by the DropGenius platform:

  1. Product Library: Access more than 1 million dropshipping products instantly.
  2. US/EU Suppliers: With access to US and EU based suppliers, you can deliver faster shipping times to your customers while ensuring higher product quality that aligns with both EU and US expectations.
  3. Variant Mapping: Whereby you have product variations such as a choice of sizes or colors, you can map them within your backend efficiently.

Marketing and Customer Support:

You’ll also benefit from a range of marketing and customer support features that can help streamline your day-to-day operations. Learn more below:

  1. Social Media Integration: Link your store with all of your major social media platforms to expand the reach of your brand.
  2. Branded Invoicing: For those interested in building brand awareness, branded customer invoices are ideal. Stamp your brand’s logo at the top of each and every invoice sent to your customers.
  3. 24/7 Live Chat Support: With access to round the clock customer care, you can rely on DropGenius to provide the answers you need right there and then.

Additional Features:

And finally, some additional features which may also pique your interest:

  1. AI-powered Recommendations: If you’re looking for new products, why not lean on the power of AI to help you out? DropGenius makes product suggestions based on current trends and backed up by thorough data analysis.
  2. Reporting and Analytics: Get the insights you need into how your store is performing, monitor the effectiveness of your tactics, and make informed adjustments with data in the form of reports and key metrics.
  3. Multiple Language Support: For those dreaming of world domination, this function enables you to a wider audience without alienating your existing customer base. By offering your store in various languages, you’ll assert yourself as an inclusive brand too.

Pricing and plans

If you want to launch your AI-generated dropshipping store with DropGenius, paid membership is the only option. But, there are several different tiers to choose from to open a DropGenius store while DropGenius being priced at a flat monthly fee; each being tailored to the different needs and experience levels of different dropshipping entrepreneurs. Learn more about each of the tiers below.

Dropgenius Trial Pay As You Go
Price 14 day Free Trial From $1,99/month*
Full shopify store customization No Yes
All features Yes Yes
24/7 live chat support Yes Yes

How to set up DropGenius on your Shopify Store

DropGenius makes building your dropshipping store from scratch really simple. DropGenius is an app that uses AI to help you set up a dropshipping store. Dropshipping lets you sell products online without having to hold any inventory yourself. DropGenius helps you with tasks like choosing a product niche, designing your store, and finding dropshipping suppliers. With just 4 steps to the process, you can have a new online space up and running in seconds - provided you’re clear on your niche and your vision for your brand.

Step 1: Choosing a color scheme

choosing a color scheme in dropgenius shopify app

Personalize your dropshipping store’s color scheme by choosing between the cool, warm, earthy, or neutral palettes. The key thing here is thinking about what would best fit with your brand’s ethos.

Step 2: Choose a niche

choosing a category in dropgenius shopify app

Select your preferred niche or all DropGenius to choose a niche for you based on what’s trending right now. This is handy for people who are undecided on a niche for their dropshipping store. But, there are also downsides to allowing AI to choose a niche for you. For starters, you could wind up with a niche you know absolutely nothing about. This will make asserting yourself as an authoritative voice on the

Step 3: Choose your dropshipping store’s personality

choosing dropshipping store's personality in dropgenius shopify app

Now it’s time to choose your dropshipping store’s personality. Here, it’s crucial to envision your target audience. What appeals to them? If you’re not completely sure which personality to go with, it would be well worth doing some market research to see which of the personalities best-aligns with both your brand and your target audience.

Step 4: Choose your business location

choosing business location in dropgenius shopify app

Finally, it’s time to choose your intended location of operation. This will ensure you’re linked up with reliable dropshippers that can offer efficient delivery to your target customer base.

Is DropGenius good and worth getting?

DropGenius is a really useful tool for anyone who is put off dropshipping due to the mammoth tasks of designing their online store, compiling product research, and vetting dropshipping suppliers. If you prefer a low-risk business model with minimal upfront costs, DropGenius is likely to be a great fit for you.

With its rolling monthly memberships, scaling up your store or scaling back on costs is only ever a month away. The sky’s the limit.

DropGenius is not for you if you thought you could run a dropshipping business while asleep at the wheel. If you want to succeed, time and effort will be non-negotiable.

And if you had dreams of huge profit margins, again DropGenius - or indeed dropshipping in general - probably isn’t the right fit. Dropshipping generally comes with lower profit margins given that you won’t get access to bulk buy discounts that traditional retailers enjoy.

Dropgenius compared to other Shopify dropshipping apps

DropGenius stands out among other Shopify dropshipping apps by:

  • Rigorously testing suppliers to ensure fast and reliable delivery.
  • Using AI for store customization and trend-based product recommendations.
  • Offering a flexible subscription model starting at $1.99/month.
  • Providing 24/7 support and extensive learning resources for users.

While alternatives may offer lower prices, DropGenius prioritizes a blend of technology and quality service, setting a high standard in supplier reliability and user experience.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, DropGenius is absolutely legit. It is the brainchild of Spocket, the well-known dropshipping platform. It is a legitimate and legal AI dropshipping store provider.

Yes, dropshipping with DropGenius can be profitable. That said, it will require you to be proactive and open to changing your strategies if you want to maintain profitability. Given that the majority of dropshipping products are low ticket items, generally profit margins are lower in dropshipping in general.