Answering questions about pricing

Do you have a free plan?

Yes, If you have less than 50 images. No, if you have more. TinyIMG "Pay as you go" plan offers 50 free image optimizations per month and if free image optimization limit is exceeded extra charges will imply - 0.03$ per extra image (3$ = 100 image optimizations)

Why did I get charged for 30 USD when I'm using a 23.76 USD plan?

24 months plan 23.76$ has 3000 free image optimizations. If the free image optimization limit is exceeded extra charge will imply - 0.01$ per extra image (3$ = 300 image optimizations).

How to cancel the plan?

We hope you’ll find TinyIMG - Image Optimizer so useful that you won’t want to cancel! But if you do, that’s no problem. Simply uninstall the app if you want to end your subscription. If you want to change your subscription plan, just go to our settings page and you will find a section called "Subscription plan". Just hit the Upgrade button and choose the best plan for you.

Can I use only 50 images on the “Pay as you go” plan option every month ?

Yes, we can disable recharge for your account and limit your optimizations to the plan monthly limit. For this to happen, you will need to message our support and request such functionality.

I’ve picked a paid plan, but still got charged usage charges. Why ?

If you first picked the “Pay as you go” plan and optimized the images and then picked a paid plan, you will be charged for the optimizations on both plans, TinyIMG does not do refunds automatically. But you can always message our support and we would be glad to refund you.

Why have I been charged 6 USD using a free plan?

TinyIMG does not have a free plan, It has a “Pay as you go” plan where you get 50 free optimizations per month. If you exceed the optimization limit, you get charged extra.

How can I upgrade my plan ?

You can upgrade your plan by going to the Settings section of TinyIMG dashboard and at the bottom of the page you find “Subscription plan” and button “Change plan”. Once you click It, you can select any other plan you like.