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Why does it take so long to optimize all images?

TinyIMG goes through several processes to optimize your images. Firstly, the app requests your images from Shopify which takes just 1 second for each one. Downloading each image takes 2-3 seconds depending on your image size. So if you have 1000 images, it could take up to 3000 seconds to load your images to the TinyIMG system. After that, the system starts the optimization process, which takes 1-2 seconds per image, Uploading the images back to your store takes 1 second per image. So, it might take another 3000 seconds to optimize and upload all of your images. All in all, if 1000 images need optimizing, it could take between 6000 - 7000 seconds (1hr 40 minutes to around 2 hrs). But don't worry, you don't need to keep the TinyIMG app open. The processes work in the background and we'll inform you when optimization is complete.